How chatbots can help improve user experience and drive engagement

April 8, 2023 | Digital Marketing

The way that businesses engage with their clients online has been changed by chatbots. Chatbots are becoming an essential tool for providing a seamless and customized user experience thanks to developments in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Chatbots can assist websites in driving engagement, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing conversions by offering immediate, round-the-clock service. 

In this blog, we’ll look at the numerous ways chatbots can improve the user experience and offer tips on how to incorporate them into your website so you can profit from them. Chatbots offer a potent solution that’s affordable for businesses of all kinds, whether you’re wanting to improve customer service, offer personalised recommendations, or simply make it simpler for visitors to locate what they’re searching for. 

Reasons how chatbots improve user experience and drive engagement on a website. 

Generating high quality leads 

Chatbots learn more about clients and where they stand in regard to your business through chats with them, such as whether they are qualified leads or simply interested prospects. 

Chatbots can help you in this regard to improve the user experience by collecting information about leads and figuring out their level of interest in what you have to offer. You can provide them with additional business materials that speak to their needs after you are aware of their circumstance.

Using conversational technologies has enhanced their flow of high-quality leads, according to 54.8% of B2B professionals surveyed by Drift from a range of industries. 

Offering quick responses to simple questions 

When customers contact support teams with straightforward questions, they want a prompt answer. However, due to the high volume of requests that many support teams receive, it’s not always possible to respond to queries right away, no matter how straightforward they may seem. 

Chatbots are the solution to this issue because they can handle multiple conversations at once and respond rapidly to all queries, including simple ones. 

For instance, a WhatsApp chat bot can provide your open hours instantly in place of having to phone your company and wait on line to ask how long you’re open. The chatbot would also be able to effectively redirect a customer’s question to a staffed agent if they needed hands-on assistance from a live person. 

Reducing customer wait time 

Long wait time are a well-known source of customer dissatisfaction since customers prefer immediate assistance over having to wait on hold or for an email response. 

Chatbots aid in enhancing this facet of the client experience. Regardless of the query, a chatbot may be there to aid clients right away when they contact you, whether it’s to offer a quick fix or connect them to a real employee who can be of more assistance.

59% of poll participants said they want a response from chatbots in 5 seconds or less, which is a high bar for a person to reach. As a result, implementing chatbots will assist you in addressing this client request. 

Obtain useful information regarding the performance of your company

Chatbots can help you produce high-quality leads, but they can also give you vital information about how your company is doing in the eyes of your clients. 

You can use this information to update FAQ pages, product instructions, knowledge bases, or train chatbots to address these questions if you notice a pattern in similar issues. This will help your customers experience fewer problems 

Additionally, you’ll discover how customers talk about and debate your goods, giving you important insight into how people view what you have to offer. Using language that your clients use and can easily relate to will help you personalise your business products, like marketing content. 

Relieving customer service pressures

Support workers are relieved of burden associated with managing low-touch issues and higher-priority issues that require more attention when chatbots are trained to respond to typical client questions and offer quick solutions. In fact, 43% of companies claim to have implemented chatbots in order to automate customer care and save time. 

Instead, while chatbots respond to common queries like stating your company’s hours of operation, reps can concentrate on high-impact, time-sensitive issues. 

Providing constant customer service

By offering 24/7, always-on customer care, chatbots can also improve the consumer experience. In fact, 64% of users cite chatbots’ round-the-clock service as their preferred feature. 

A chatbot is constantly ready to answer questions, so customers don’t have to wait until your business reopens to get a response. If a customer had an urgent question when your live support personnel wasn’t accessible, a chatbot might even give them an approximate wait time. Without a chatbot, the customer may be forced to wait while unclear whether their query has been answered. 

Provide personalization 

By customising the conversation to the user’s precise needs, chatbots enhance the user experience. With personalisation, chatbots can offer clients offers based on their buyer’s journey, propose items based on their queries, and even suggest the best course of action based on their needs. 

Providing customer support 

By merely adding more channels for customer service, chatbots most significantly enhance the user experience. Customers now have another way to get in touch with your company outside the phone, email, or physical location by using chatbots. 

Having another choice promotes convenience because most chatbots are accessible from a computer or mobile device, allowing customers to find solutions from any location as long as they have a suitable device 

Final thoughts 

Undoubtedly, chatbots are a new and developing technology, and some website users will object because they are not yet prepared for it. However, the bulk of consumers will gradually become used to this new manner of interacting with websites. To prevent people who don’t want chatbots from leaving your website as a result, you should always provide a simple mechanism for them to opt out or block them. However, provide a simple method for them to opt back in at any moment so that, when they’re ready, your chatbot will be there to assist them.

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