How to Format Your Blog Post for Better Online Visibility?

August 3, 2023 | Content Marketing

Writing is a sheer art, but to write for the purpose of content marketing also needs a high degree of technical accomplishment. There has to be a balance with style, format for blog writing, information delivered, keywords used, captions, CTAs, images, and, most importantly, structure. 

Apart from an impressive structure, there should be a great deal of information that centers around the core topic. Basically, the solution resides in end-to-end blog formatting. 

Hence, in this blog, we are going to discuss the best techniques of blog writing format, how to use these methods for better website SEO, and how blog format brings unimaginable online visibility to your website.

Let’s proceed forward!

What is Blog Formatting? What is the Significance of Formatting Blog Posts?

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Blog Formatting or blog writing format is the process of structuring the article in such a way that it delivers clear and comprehensive information and improves the reader’s experience from header to footer. It includes streamlining the flow of information, mapping out the header, optimizing the body, images, snippets, and captions, and maintaining a consistent style across the whole blog. 

It also involves highlighting the key elements of the blog so that the message gets clearly delivered to the readers visiting your web  page. 

So, let us first list the significance of Blog Format and the competitive benefits that it brings to your website. 

Better Visitors Engagement

To witness the best version of visitor engagement, you need to format the flow of the blog. The better the elements are intact across the blog post format, the higher will be the time frame of readers getting engaged with it. It has also been found that a well-formatted blog potentially brings a high degree of conversion ratio comparatively.

Interactive Blog Flow

A well-designed blog post format is interactive and has a high scale of proximity with the readers. The more the elements placed intellectually across the blog post format, the higher will be its interactive forte as per Google search engine. 

Higher SERP Ranking

Multiple researchers have proven that a well-defined blog format is directly proportional to the SERP ranking of the website. If every blog of a website is formatted to improve the user experience, the Google search ranking of the domain is sure to be improved. 

Know How to Format Blog Writing: 7 Effective Methods

Post Knowing the importance of getting the best blog writing format, one must analyze the practical methods that can help you to format the blog and gain all the cutting-edge benefits. 

Let’s put them down.

Understand the Search Intent

Understanding the search intent of the reader is the primary responsibility for a better blog writing format. To make this possible, you can make use of the Rank Tracking section of RankWatch, where you get the insights like “Top Keywords,” “Top Landing Pages,” and “Top tags.” These insights will help you to analyze the search intent of maximum visitors and format the blog accordingly.

RankWatch’s ranking dashboard

Make a Clear & Firm Outline

Another important step in a better blog writing format is to construct a clear outline. If you preserve a clear blueprint of the blog, it will make you stick to the core essence of the topic. Since the outline has already been drafted, you will not diverge the information too much. 

To make a crisp and clear outline, you can use the SEO IQ feature of RankWatch, which comes up with insights like word count, heading, readability, optimization status, keyword relevancy, and much more. This information can help you to frame a clear outline for the respective blog post format.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ

Develop Comprehensive Titles

After making the outline, you need to develop the title of the blog post format. In order to do so, you can use the keyword research section of RankWatch. It would help you to find out the right and relevant keywords and use them in the blog title. 

Using the right keywords in the title would boost the page ranking and popularity of the website. Thus, keyword research is an essential part of the blog format. 

With the RankWatch keyword research tool, you get insights like location-wise organic keywords, search volume, CPC, competition, and a lot more.

RankWatch’s keyword research

Further, you also get insights on question-based keywords, including who, what, when, which, where, why, and how. These relevant keywords directly support you in formulating impressive content titles for higher ranking and audience engagement.

RankWatch’s question based keywords

Do Text Formatting

Text formatting is another essential part of blog post formatting. It encapsulates the task of optimizing headings and subheadings, breaking down the content into paragraphs, shortening sentences, incorporating pointers and bullets, using bold emphasis wherever required, proper right, left, and center alignment, etc. 

Include Table of Contents (TOC)

The table of content is indeed the most vital component of blog post formatting that gives a short and brief picture to the readers about the information contained in the blog. There are many visitors who don’t want to spend too much time on a particular webpage. To satisfy their rush and make them stick to the blog a little longer than usual, TOC is a much-required element. 

Make Precise H1, H2, & H3

Placing proper H1, H2, and H3 is also an important part of a blog format. You need to make sure that the headings and subheadings are promising and comprise enough actionable insights. This will also improve visitor engagement and the possibility of a conversion ratio. 

Place Call-to-Action

CTA, or call-to-action, is another integral aspect of blog formats that directly calls out the readers to use the product and services. It not only makes the information vivid but also adds up to the revenue generation of the brand. Websites with a higher density of call-to-action have always shown good business in the respective marketplace. 

Meanwhile, the brands with low CTAs have always witnessed a much lesser conversion rate. Thus, CTAs often serve as a lifeboat for blog entry format. 

Final Thoughts

Well, this blog is an effective guide to the best blog post formatting methods, their holistic benefits, and ways to implement them while constructing blogs for your website. Although manual procedures have reigned the market for a long time, now you need to have a proper AI-driven digital marketing tool to get the vision accomplished. 

Without a hint of doubt, RankWatch is best for this business! The best part is that it offers a boutique of best free SEO tools that are charged by most of the service providers of the global market. 

Hope this blog has significantly offered you a great deal of awareness on blog formats. 

See You Soon.

Happy Reading!

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