The Best Techniques For Hotel Content Writing

April 5, 2024 | Content Marketing

How many of you know someone who does not like traveling?

Even if you know such a rare personality, that person also needs to travel for professional reasons.

Now, think of your last travel experience and try to remember how you booked hotels for your trip.

Most likely, you booked your hotels online. 

We have used the word ‘most’ on the above line because the online travel industry generated a whopping $667.55 billion in revenue alone in the year 2023. 

It is predicted that the industry will grow at a 12% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between 2023 and 2030 and generate revenue of $1569.25 billion by then.

Those massive stats show that online booking has become the most convenient choice for most travelers, especially after the pandemic.

Another thing the hotel website owners are worried about is the intermediary booking websites. They bag a chunk of online booking revenue nowadays, and hotels need to over-depend on those sites and offer commissions from their profits.

If you own a hotel website, you must have understood the importance of your online presence by now.

And your website can only rank higher if it offers top-notch hotel content.

This article shall cover the importance of content writing for hotels, the best ways to optimize your hotel content, and many more.

So stay tuned!

Why Is Hotel Content Writing Important?

Content writing for hotels needs subject matter expertise, and top-notch hotel content writing is essential to engage online searchers looking for a travel booking.

Hotel content writing

The following are the two most essential areas of hotel content writing you must start optimizing for,

  1. Website Content
  2. Blog Content

How To Optimize Content For Hotel Websites?

Research shows that a hotel’s website is the third most influential factor for users searching for an online booking.

Hence, your hotel content writing must be descriptive and engaging to connect with your prospective customers emotionally.

Following are a few essential things to consider for content optimization for hotel websites,

Set The Right Tone For Your Target Audience

Setting the right tone in your website content for the target audience is essential. Unless they feel associated and engaged with your content, they won’t be interested in booking your hotel facilities.

However, the right tone for hotel content writing depends on the type and category of facilities offered by your hotel.

Setting the right tone for your hotel content writing is essential

For example, if your hotel offers a budget-friendly stay in the hills and is in a serene location that requires hiking to reach your property, chances are high that young tourists will be more inclined to book your hotel. 

Hence, your hotel content must target that group of people, being less formal and enticing.

Personalize Your Web Pages

Personalization has become essential for every wing of digital marketing, and hotel content writing is no exception.

Unless your hotel targets specific audiences like the above example, you must make sure that your web pages offer personalized content targeting different segments of the audience.

Personalize your web page content

For example, your hotel website may offer different web pages targeting young couples, solo travelers, and corporate clients.

Avoid Writing Lengthy Content

Attractive visual content plays the most essential role in a hotel website for attracting new customers.

Searchers are more inclined to know about the views from your hotel rooms, how well-decorated the rooms are, what kind of facilities your hotel offers, etc. They won’t be interested in reading blocks of content.

Hence, your hotel content writing must offer short and crisp descriptions. The visual content like virtual tours, videos, and pictures should do the actual job.

Picture of a plush hotel room with an attached swimming pool

For example, the above picture of a plush hotel room with an attached swimming pool can easily attract tourists to spend a cozy weekend at your property during the summer.

Make Your USPs Prominent

Ensure your hotel content writing loudly displays your unique selling propositions to stand out from the competition.

It can be the location of your hotel, situated in the heart of the city or close to a famous tourist destination.

There can be some unique facilities your hotel offers, like huge conference rooms for corporate meetings or a happening restaurant bar for young crowds.

Unique selling propositions for hotels

It can also be something that makes your hotel emotionally special like maybe your hotel is constructed in a historical property that offers a lifetime memory for tourists.  

Place CTAs Above The Fold

You must ensure that the web page layout offers the call-to-action (CTA) buttons at the most convenient places.

Make sure that the CTA buttons are placed above the fold.

Placing CTA buttons above the fold

For example, the searcher should not have any difficulty finding the ‘book now’ button on your room booking pages or the ‘subscribe’ button on your offer pages.

It would be best to run A/B testing methods to identify the ideal web page layout for your hotel.

Optimize Your On-Page SEO

Optimizing the on-page SEO of your hotel website is not only limited to your blog pages. Instead, you must ensure that each of your web pages is well-optimized for on-page SEO.

You must choose an on-page SEO checker like RankWatch to ensure all the on-page SEO factors are in place.

RankWatch on-page SEO checker tool

How To Optimize Content For Hotel Blogs?

Offering interactive and engaging blog content on your hotel website can be the most effective way to emotionally connect with your readers.

The following are a few tips to get maximum out of your website blogs,

Tell Your Customers Who You Are

Your hotel content writing must tell your readers who you are through your blogs. It will help them get involved with your brand emotionally.

For example, if you own an eco-friendly hotel, you can share your hotel’s consciousness about the environment or some tips on how to plan eco-friendly trips through your hotel content writing.

You can personalize your blogs by sharing interactive sessions with your staff members and discussing more internal elements. For example, your main chef can speak about using special spices that are only available locally to enhance local cuisines.

Get close to your customers using your hotel content writing

Connecting your brand with your customers at a personal level provides you with the opportunity to let them realize that they are precisely looking for the experience your hotel offers.

Boost Your Online Visibility

Blogs allow you to boost your online visibility by tapping a broader audience.

You should not choose topics that only directly relate to your hotel facilities. 

Instead, your hotel content writing must target creating blog content on topics that tell enticing stories to your target audience and then subtly introduce them to your hotel offerings within the content.

The importance of blogging in hotel content writing

For example, if you own a beach resort on the French Riviera, your hotel content writing can include a blog topic like ‘The most serene beaches in the French Riviera’.

Share Your Latest Developments

It would be great if you could develop blog content that describes your hotel’s latest trends and developments.

It could be about introducing a budget-friendly cafeteria in your hotel premises that offers exceptional discounts for students, installing solar panels to manage your power requirements in a more carbon-friendly way, or offering the latest smart features in your hotel.

Sports and wellness facilities offered by Revivo resort in Bali

For example, the Revivo resort in Bali showcases its sports and wellness facilities, which attracts travelers who are fitness enthusiasts.

Write About Locale Attractions

Try to create blogs that speak about the local attractions around the location of your hotel. It will encourage tourists to visit your location and book rooms in your hotel.

If any special event or local festival occurs at a particular time of the year, you need to write enticing blog content on the same and share well in advance.

You can also suggest the best activities that tourists can plan while visiting your hotel during the specific time of the year.

The best local activities in Edinburgh, Scotland for tourists during the spring

For example, The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland, describes the best local experiences tourists can enjoy while staying on their property during spring.

Leverage Your Social Media

Social media platforms are great for promoting your hotel and offers. They allow you to engage with your existing customers and attract new ones.

Promote your hotel on social media

Depending on your target audience, you can share your blog posts on social media and repurpose your blog content to create audiovisual content for various platforms.

Other Web Pages You Need To Optimize For Hotel Content

Once you finish optimizing your website and blog content, you must concentrate on optimizing the following web page content of your hotel website,


The homepage content of your hotel website must be dominated by visual content. You must design your homepage content keeping in mind the concept of “less text = more.”

The content should be short purposeful, and describe the visuals using minimum words.

The main aim should be to place your readers at the center of the story your visuals are telling. They must feel the experience of staying in your property from the stunning visuals you offer.

Homepage of ‘The Langham’ hotel

For example, the homepage of the famous hotel ‘The Langham’ in New York, United States, barely offers text content, and their homepages are dominated by stunning visuals of the property.

About Us Page

The ‘About Us’ page of your hotel website provides the maximum opportunity to tell your hotel’s story to visitors.

No matter what kind of hotel property you own, the page allows you to share your identity and specialties with your prospective clients.

The ‘About Us’ page of Hyatt Grand Central hotel in New York

For example, the ‘About Us’ page of Hyatt Grand Central Hotel in New York tells about their commitment to caring for people using audio-visual content accompanied by text content. 

The page also offers other tabs, such as stories, corporate responsibility, history, and more, to inform readers about Hyatt’s identity and profile.

Room/ Service Descriptions Page

The homepage lets you offer interesting visual content to hook your audiences, and the ‘About Us’ page allows you to describe your values and identity. Room/ service descriptions pages are the key pages that fulfill your ultimate goal: generate sales.

You must aim for the following things while optimizing those pages of your hotel website,

  1. You must inform readers about every facility your hotel offers. You can also create separate tabs for various staying options.
  2. You must place the most essential information above the fold and ensure the web page content is easy to navigate.
  3. You must avoid using superlative statements like ‘ The best 5-star hotel in New York’.
  4. You should never mislead readers by providing exaggerated or deceptive information to attract sales. That will surely upset your guests on arrival and create a poor brand image for your hotel.

The ‘Rooms’ tab of Hyatt Grand Central hotel in New York

For example, the ‘Rooms’ tab of Hyatt Grand Central Hotel in New York offers separate links for various types of rooms.

The anchor texts describing the facilities and views to expect.

The anchor texts for those links clearly describe the facilities and views to expect.

Showcase Positive Reviews And Testimonials

Readers find your hotel services more reliable if they can view positive reviews and testimonials on your hotel website.

Hence, showcasing positive reviews with good ratings from previous tourists helps attract new visitors.

Positive reviews about Hyatt Grand Central hotel in New York

Hyatt Grand Central Hotel in New York did the same to attract new travelers.

If your hotel hosts events such as corporate conferences, weddings, business meetings, etc., you must mention them on your website. 

For example, the famous hotel Marriott Bonvoy hosts wedding ceremonies, and the website mentions that so aesthetically.

Hotel Marriott Bonvoy hosts wedding ceremonies

You should also showcase the features your hotel offers if someone selects your property for hosting those events.

Hotel Marriott Bonvoy displays the wedding features and various destinations for weddings.

For example, Marriott Bonvoy displays the wedding features and various destinations they offer for weddings.

How To Communicate Directly With Your Customers?

Email marketing campaigns provide you with the opportunity to nurture leads. It helps you stay in touch with your existing customers and build relationships with new ones.

You need to focus on the following two kinds of email campaigns for your hotel website.

Solicited Emails

Once visitors complete booking with your hotel, they start feeling excited about their upcoming travel.

They won’t miss any emails sent to them between the day they confirm their bookings and the actual stay.

It would help if you utilized that as an opportunity to let them know about various other facilities they can choose while staying in your confirmation email.

Example of a solicited email confirming hotel booking

The solicited email should be written warmly, showing your excitement about getting them as your guests. 

Moreover, you must show that you are always open to addressing their special requests and available for further assistance.

Unsolicited Emails

You can use your email campaigns to send special discounts and other exciting offers to your existing customers.

However, you must be aware that they do not feel like spamming. You can send unsolicited emails during the festive seasons to avoid becoming spammy and get better responses.

Example of an unsolicited email offering discount during the christmas

The tone of those unsolicited emails should be exciting, with a touch of festive mood, offering some extra benefits.

Find Writers For Content Writing For Hotels

If your hotel is a veteran in the industry, chances are high that you have an in-house content marketing team with capable writers to create top-notch hotel content regularly.

However, it would be best for small hotel owners to hire freelance copywriters to create hotel content. 

You can also find a few strategies to scale up your content generation here.

Final Thoughts

Most travelers prefer booking their hotels online nowadays, and the boom in the online travel industry reflects this.

Hence, offering top-notch hotel content on your website is essential for engaging searchers and generating conversions.

However, hotels often do not receive those online bookings directly. Instead, searchers book hotels online using intermediary booking sites.

As a result, the hotel owners need to share a part of their profits with those booking sites as commissions.

That makes hotel content writing even more essential.

You must follow all the tips provided in this article to create hotel content that actually drives traffic and boosts your sales.

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