How to Use SEO IQ by RankWatch

July 6, 2023 | Advanced SEO

What is SEO IQ?

The Rank Tracking tool by RankWatch uses SEO IQ to evaluate the impact of your target keyword’s landing page in response to its top SERP competitors.

An aggregated SEO IQ score is given to your target keyword after analyzing 40+ on-page parameters of its landing page, which is later compared with websites acquiring the top SERP positions for the same keyword.

RankWatch SEO IQ score represents the passed and failed metrics along with recommendations. However, the compound score is calculated based on the passed parameters and their criticality.

Note: SEO IQ score can change every time your SERP competitors change.

How do you know if the score is good or bad?

Since the score is calculated out of 100 determining, whether it is good or bad can be decided based on how close and far your SEO IQ score is from 100.

A lower score implies that you must work on your page’s SEO to compete with your top SERP competitors. However, as the score increases, the rankings of your landing page also increase (to the extent of outranking your competitors).

How to use SEO IQ?

Where Can You Find SEO IQ on the RankWatch Dashboard?

After adding a project on RankWatch, go to RankWatch Dashboard Rank Tracking Dashboard SEO IQ.

Every keyword is given a score; click on it to open the SEO IQ dashboard.

Understanding the SEO IQ Dashboard

The SEO IQ dashboard has a very simplistic design. You can access massive amounts of data with ease and review it in a heartbeat.

Keyword Information

Segment 1: Target Keyword and Calculating SEO IQ of New Keyword

Keyword: Your target keyword for which the SEO IQ is calculated will be highlighted here.

Search Keyword: If you want to review the SEO IQ and analyze the landing of your any other target keyword, search and select it in the SEO IQ search bar. Next to the keywords, the SEO IQ score of its landing page is recorded as well.

Note: You can only measure the SEO IQ of one keyword at a time. Also, you will only be able to review the score of the keywords that you are tracking already. If you want to generate an SEO IQ of a new keyword, you must add it to your project.

Segment 2: Target URL and Title


Page: Each of your target keywords has a landing page which SEO IQ analyzes. The URL of that landing page is highlighted for convenient access.

Title: Apart from the URL, the landing page’s title is also recorded in the dashboard.

Segment 3: Competitors and Power to Re-evaluate the Score on Command

Your Top Competitors: SEO IQ analyzes your target keyword’s top SERP competitors to collect data and produce an actionable report. Each competitor that we compared your landing page with is listed in the dropdown accompanied by crucial information including their SERP position and URL.

Removing Competitors: If you don’t find it necessary to compare your landing page with any of the listed competitors, you can check or uncheck them as per your discretion.

Note: SEO IQ analyzes and runs a one-on-one comparison of your landing page with your organic SERP competitors.

Date: Websites tweak their SEO strategies constantly to rank on top of the SERPs. And SEO IQ changes whenever a new domain acquires the top position; therefore, user needs to rerun and recheck SEO IQ score after every optimization user makes in content.

Re-Run: You can update the report on command as well. Click on re-run, and within minutes, our tool will gather data on your top competitors, compare it with your landing page, and produce a 100% actionable report.

Summary Report

The Two Sections

Purpose of the SEO IQ is to ensure that your SERP performance improves exponentially; therefore we have divided the report into two broad sections.

Improvement Ideas: After closely comparing the landing pages of you and your competitors, a comprehensive and actionable SEO report is produced. It will tell you EXACTLY what you must do to acquire and secure the top SERP position.

Content Recommendation: In this section, you will find actionable and data-driven keyword recommendations based on you and your top SERP competitors’ target keywords. It tells you the EXACT number of times you should add a keyword to increase your chances of ranking on top SERP.

Segment 1: Your SEO IQ

As mentioned earlier, the SEO IQ score of your landing page is measured based on the passed factors and their criticality. The score is accompanied by a total number of failed and passed factors (identified on a page) along with some recommendations.

Segment 2: SEO IQ Analyzing Factors

RankWatch analyzes 40+ on-page parameters bifurcated into 6 broad categories. Based on these development parameters, it runs the comparison and prepares a report.

Segment 3: Passed vs Failed

The collected data is represented like this to describe the condition of your landing page’s performance visually.

Detailed Report

All the SEO IQ analyzing factors are listed separately, allowing you to address and handle each problem with ease.

Next to each parameter of every category, you will find colour coded statements.

  1. Green represents passed: Factors with optimum optimization that require no changes or improvements.
  2. Red represents failed: Factors that are over and under-optimized compared to your competitors.

Yellow represents recommendations: Factors that none of your competitors is optimizing. By working on the recommendations, you can ensure a higher SERP position and dominate it.

Three statements are produced for each parameter:

  1. The top one is strictly prohibited to your page and its status for any given parameter.
  2. The middle one is an action statement informing you what must be done to outrank the competition.
  3. The bottom statement tells you about the advisable range for the factor and the number of competitors that fall under the range.

Here’s an example of each statement:

For passed factors:

For failed factors:

For recommendations:

Except for recommendations, every other factor is equipped with a graph that appears when you click on ‘Show Details’.

This is a bar graph representing the suggested range and where you and your competitors fall. The suggested range is calculated based on your competitors’ SEO tactics.

Segment 1: Page Elements

Every SEO meta tag is included in this segment from Heading tags and alt tags to missing meta description and title tag.

Segment 2: Words/Characters

The purpose of this segment is to analyze the word count of your content body and heading tags, etc. Plus, the character count of URL and meta description, etc.

Segment 3: Exact Keyword

Learn about how your competitors are optimizing the on-page elements of their landing page for the given exact keyword.

Segment 4: Broad Keyword

Identify the total number of broad matches of your target keyword that your competitor’s have optimized for but you haven’t.

Segment 5: Speed and Page Size

Page loading speed and page size are crucial SEO components and must never be neglected. The RankWatch SEO IQ studies the page speed and page size of your top competitors and formulates ways to succeed in this field as well.

Are you ready to dominate the top SERPs and outrank the competition? Create a project now and start using SEO IQ to secure the #1 position.

For any queries related to SEO IQ, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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