How to Use Trending Topics for Keyword Research?

September 21, 2022 | Keyword Research

Trending Topics for Keyword Research

Have you ever wondered upon how you can amalgamate the latest trending topics and keywords together? Well, there are ways to do that in a pretty awesome way.

This, not only will help you with better rankings but also with a better engagement rate.  

Though it is not as easy an art it may sound like.

It is a matter of concern to find trending topics and keywords, no matter how great blogger you are, it is always a challenge to create a well written catchy content which can keep the readers engaged.

So as you are here and about to start a successful blog which can capture leads and will increase traffic along with converting your readers into customers, all you need is to get some healthy tips for getting the trending topics and keywords bring on the fresh and popular topics for your visitors.

Google or any search engine uses the keyword or phrases that we type in the search box to find the match type we are looking for and ranking of the keywords decides the relevancy of the content.

For attracting the target audience to your blog or website it is advisable to use the trending topics and for choosing the trending topics Keyword research is a must!

We are here to guide you with how to use trending topics for keyword research so as to drive better traffic. Check them out-

Google Trends

Talking about Keywords and not making Google trends on the top list will be of no use for all. As there are millions of search performed in the Google every week and to check your target audience behavior and interest Google Trend is a great tool available for you. It works in sync with Google and provides all the data requested for google search, which can be helpful to get a conjunction of topics and keywords for your blog. Once when you get used with Google Trends you hardly go somewhere else in search of “How to use trending topics for keyword research” as it filters the search options according to your keywords and your targeted audience location.

Keyword Research


The best Question and Answer community site that is widely used in all location makes this social media site the second best place for keyword research in our list. You can never come empty without any great idea for your blog from Quora, you will always find some trending and interesting topics for your blog from here. Select the topics of your interest and things you are concern about during your Quora account registration and get ready to find all sort of questions and their answers in your post.

Keyword Research

The best way to attract the audience on Quora is by getting involved in by answering someone else’s question. And why not, that has worked wonders for a lot!

Google Alerts

Google Alert, yes it is 3rd in our list of ways to use trending topics for Keyword research. As it sends a direct message to inform the search users for any updates about the set search terms when found online. If lots of people are focusing and writing about some same topic, it becomes easier to find what is in trend via Google Alert by receiving alerts of the search topics and keywords.

SMS & Newsletters

Newsletters are in! Well, they so are. If you have been wondering about how to use trending topics for keyword research, newsletters can be quite helpful.

Keyword Research

It may take a little effort of course but once this thing works, you’ll have a usual machinery for the latest trending topics for yourself. Just stay in contact by subscribing to your trusted and favorite blogging site, so that you can receive the emails and SMS as soon as something latest and new things get posted on their site. By this way, you can have a quick notification about their content post and you will roll out another post for you in a couple of time and publish it on your blog. For this amazing idea, SMS and Emails are in the top 4th position of our Topics and Keyword search.


Every social media platform is full of hashtags and checking in terms of search criteria, all the trending topics and news are associated with another hashtag. Be it Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, hashtags are everywhere. This very fact makes it a powerful and in trend search aid? Because of this much popularity of 5th rank goes to #hashtags.

Keyword Research

The first thing that you learn while optimizing your blog SEO is Keyword, and reading this post gives the confirmation that you are a blogger in search of great topics and confused about how to use trending topics for Keyword Research. Well, keywords are the approach to pull your audience towards your blog post and Keyword Research is a great tool for finding that trending topic you were looking for.

Keyword Research

By just putting your keyword in the google search bar will give you all the latest updates about your topic. There’s another part to it with long tail keywords that tell you more about the interest of your audience.


Alexa says that Reddit is one of the best websites globally & we couldn’t differ much. For getting content idea and findings way to use trending topics for Keyword research a social media cum news curation website is very useful. As Reddit is a platform where the clients can put up their content and submit it either in text form or any live link format and then users will vote up for the post accordingly like up & down for comparing the posts altogether for getting the better one. So by monitoring the posts, you can easily find out the hot topics that people are looking for and want to know about. Here you can easily ask questions and can receive peoples answer and that’s why it is proven to be the amazing platform of content and topic generating ideas.

Blog Comments

The comment section of any popular blog posts or the post similar to the trending topics you are looking for is the place where you can see and get what people are discussing and sharing.

Keyword Research

People not only leave questions, feedbacks and appreciations in the comment section but also there are lots of trending topics can be used as your keyword for your next blog post. So always keep an eye on the blog comments and know people discussion point and get ready to find some really interesting and trending topics for your next keyword.


Of course, there are a number of ways to ensure that the best trends are inculcated in your blogs. But it is necessary that your blog contains some knowledgeable information about the topic so that people will stay and read and don’t go somewhere else in search. It’s not just about locating what’s new and trending, it’s about how quick and easy your website contents are and for that you need to improve your SEO skills.

If your Keywording is done along with the right SEO, the traffic of your blog will automatically raise and can put your online blog on the top. Hence, apply a cleaver approach and use your topics for researching your keywords along with taking care of your blog SEO.

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