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September 28, 2022 | Social Media

generate leads from facebook

With 2.19 billion monthly active users, Facebook is an asset worth exploring for B2B and B2C lead generation. Facebook, the biggest social media network has 88% of users aged 18-29, 84% of users aged 30-49. And, everyone’s grandma is on Facebook too. People spend 35-55 minutes every day on Facebook, so why not leverage it to maximize your leads and expand your business.

Not only just leads, you can also use the social media giant for driving traffic to your website, increasing your brand awareness, conversions, video views, engagement, app installs, promotion, product catalog sales, reach, etc for a local, national as well as international business.

Here’s how you should use Facebook to find more relevant leads for your business:

Make a page

You can use your individual account to generate leads too but it’s best to create a page for your business and use it for growing your audience.

Promote it (Brand Awareness)

Big brands generally have it easy and hardly have to make a content strategy. A brand like Victoria’s Secrets gets millions of views, likes, and comments without even trying. However, as a small or new business, you can’t expect the same kind of response from the audience. So, it’s best to promote your services and products with personalized offers, events, bookings, online sales, coupon codes, etc. Create engaging posts and promote them to connect with the existing audience and find a new one.

Boost your Post

You can promote your posts on Facebook and Instagram to become more discoverable and get more followers, likes, engagement, and prospects.

Generate Leads with Facebook Ads

The number of people who like your business page is not a factor in influencing how many leads you earn on Facebook. You can try free methods like engaging with the audience looking for businesses like you in groups and individually to generate leads but the Facebook advertising offers a more successful model for generating relevant and maximum leads.

Use these methods to generate leads on Facebook:

generate leads from facebook

1. Advertise your business

Create an irresistible copy introducing your business and mention how you can help your targeted audience. Also, mention your USP and connect the ad with your website’s main landing page. Use attractive, relevant visuals along with the post text/copy.

2. Promote your content

Your business page needs content that people can connect with. Post updates that create brand awareness and resonate with people so you keep expanding your audience. Promote your posts and make sure that you add a landing page to help collect leads. You can link your blog with your Facebook and run advertisements to drive more traffic and get more email subscribers.

3. Create Offers

Attract leads by making exciting offer posts like ongoing sales, heavy discounts, limited edition sales, early-bird discounts, seasonal offers, etc for a limited period. Your selected audience will be reminded of the offers if they save it before the offers get expired. You can make online as well as in-store offers.

4. Get Bookings

You can direct the visitors to your bookings page by using this call to action advertisement and include a captivating offer to get maximum bookings.

5. Get Phone Calls

With this ad type, you can generate leads via the call to action “call now” by connecting your business contact with the post. Make a post that compels your visitors to call your business immediately.

6. Get Messages

“Get Messages” Facebook ads will help you get maximum messages from your visitors through Facebook messenger. Create a super-irresistible copy to get people to drop your messages.

7. Create an Event

Create an event to bring more people to visit your business, grow your brand awareness, and get more leads. Make sure that you mention all the necessary details such as location, date, time, entry fee, dress code, ticket link, etc. You can even use Event ads to generate and analyze interest among the audience targeted.

generate leads from facebook

8. Help People find your business

Make an engaging post, complete with the necessary visuals and help people find your business by using the inbuilt directions option. This ad will help your audience and Facebook users locate your business physically.

Simple tips for strengthening your Facebook Adverts

Simply running an advertisement on Facebook is not enough. You’ll need to keep these in mind to get active leads too:

1. Make a compelling, exciting offer

A boring offer that doesn’t excite your visitor/viewer is the death sentence you need to rescue your ads from. One reason why your ads may not be getting any leads is that you are not making an irresistible, exciting offer. Boring offers are all over the internet. Offer something more. Make an offer that your targeted audience can’t refuse.

2. Use creative formats

Add creative and attractive media to your ads like photos and videos. Photos and videos drive more traffic and get a higher response. Focus on using bright pictures in colors other than blue and white. Simple, less detailed images of happy people attract more views.

3. Don’t mislead people

Facebook ads do a great job at getting your ad content/post-sufficient views but you need to offer them value. A misleading offer will win you a high bounce rate and no leads.

4. Use a Landing Page

Landing pages are designed primarily for conversions so include a best-performing landing page to get maximum leads and conversions.

5. Don’t make assumptions about your audience

Unless you have factual data about your audience, don’t make assumptions. Lead generation and marketing is a testing game of a sort. You need to keep reading the behavior of your visitors and determining if you are using the right filters to reach the right audience.

6. Define and customize your audience

If you have an ideal customer persona in mind, you can use age, gender, location, language, demographics, connections, interests, etc to design your core audience, contact lists, website visitors, app user-data for custom audiences and other data for lookalike audiences.


Facebook has an impressive monthly user base of 2.6 billion people so consider designing a Facebook-specific strategy to get more people to visit your website.

You can earn more leads by running specific “call to action”  ads like Book now (Get Bookings), Get Directions (Help people find your business), Call Now (Get Phone Calls), Message Now (Get Messages), etc. Promote an ongoing sales or early bird discount offer through the offer ad, boost your ticket sales events to get more ticket sales and convert people who have shown interest in your previous events and reach more people based solely on their language, hobbies, interests, liked pages, preferences, gender, age, etc.

Keep checking analytics to measure your posts and improve based on the engagement metrics for maximizing your leads.

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