10 Ways Marketing Automation Can Make You Invincible

July 17, 2023 | Digital Marketing

marketing automation

Marketing has evolved over the years. This is so as to allow for businesses to remain actively providing goods and services to the customers. In order for each company to distinguish itself from the others, they have had to come up with marketing strategies that are rigorous. This has led to the use of marketing automation. Marketing automation is a way in which you can increase leads, sales and return on investment. According to wikipedia.org, it refers to software platforms in which businesses can effectively market online and avoid repetitive tasks. It has many benefits including:

Successful marketing

Marketing automation has helped to ensure successful marketing. This is made possible by the fact that you can reach your potential customers through posting across all your online platforms. This increases your advertising rate making it easier for a potential customer to come across your product and want to know more about your product. It is better suited for marketing online and it helps you to match our clients’ needs across the borders without repetitive tasks. This way you can generate more leads which you can follow up on at a later time. it is a form of marketing at the end goal of every marketing strategy is to provide awaken the desire for the client to buy your product.

Save costs and time

Marketing automation software is there to help you identify potential leads automatically and group them before handing the list over to your staff for them to follow up on. This has reduced the amount of time and money it would cost to hire people to make lists by hand depending on the traffic that is on your site. Furthermore, it has reduced the frustration your workers would go through when sorting out the traffic on your site how you want it. Marketing atomization software can collect vital contact information, understand leads, nurture the leads and even compile a history of your leads. They can organize the data according to your liking. Your staff can just focus on how to convert the leads to customers.

Identify all leads

When manually combing through the traffic of your site for leads, you may miss a few thanks to a large amount of traffic. However, with the marketing automation software, you are able to identify all leads. In fact, you have the option of classifying the leads according to intent. The software can help you to identify leads that were just browsing, intending on buying or just doing research. This is important because it helps you to prioritize. For example, you can focus most of your energy on leads that had an intention to buy before moving on to the others. This will save you time in dealing with rejections from those that were not potential customers.

Levels playing field

Marketing automation plays an important role in startups because it helps to level the playing field. Most business owners that are new to the field perform all manner of tasks, from human resource to management of daily business activities. This can be quite tedious as they also have to take time to evaluate and vet potential clients. This is because they have a small worker base and have to perform most duties themselves. Furthermore, in order to set up the best foundation for the business, they need to monitor all activities closely in the beginning stages. Marketing automation software has made it easier as it has taken some responsibilities off their shoulders. All they need to do is follow up the leads provided. The leads are generated based on the business owners set specifications.

Large database

Marketing automation is an effective tool that can help you to create a large, useful database for you to work with. Apart from collecting data to do with contacts of potential customers, marketing automation helps you to collect information that ensures you make better decisions for your business moving forward. Some of the data include which customers are likely to respond to a certain marketing technique and which ones are likely to like a certain product.

marketing automation

It also helps you to know which clients are in a better position to buy online and which ones are most likely to go shopping. Above all, it can also show you which clients are most likely to abandon their online shopping before finishing and the reasons behind it. You can use this information to customize your marketing to suit the various groups. If the database gets too much to handle, you can hire a company to do it for you. Remote DBA is one such company. They have all the information on their website remoteDBA.com.

Biggest customer potential

Depending on the marketing automation software you choose, you can do a lot with it. One of the major things is to identify your biggest customer potentials. These are the clients that just need a little incentive in order to buy. Some automation software will also provide you with what it takes to seal the deal. With all that information, you can put your effort towards converting them into paying customers. You just need to identify the group first. This is more effectively done using a software than if you were to do so manually. You can focus on keeping your repeat customers satisfied and even get the group that is willing to give great recommendations about you.

Customer engagement

Marketing automation readily provides you with all the contact information you need of the leads it gives you. You can reach out to these people via e-mail and start a conversation. Through this correspondence, you can get to know more about them and what they like more. It allows you to build an intimate relationship with the potential customers. Thanks to social media, you can communicate to them through other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and even SMS. It doesn’t limit you to a certain communication method. Instead, it allows you to make your products known throughout your platforms. Most of these apps have the auto upload feature such that you can upload one post to all platforms at the same time. People are likely to buy from you if they feel like they know you.


Every business has those loyal customers that are repeat buyers. Marketing automation software can help you to figure out who those are. In order to keep them around, you can strike up a friendship with them. These are the customers that are willing to stick with you through thick and thin.

marketing automation

They are important because you know that they will be honest with you regarding your products and services. You can use them to improve and become better. Their opinion is valued because they are the reason why you have been able to make sales thus far. If you need people to sample a new product, these are the people to go to. Making them feel appreciated will ensure they stay as your clients longer.


The tools that are incorporated into marketing automation make it easier to know what your leads respond to better in order to become your best clients. Using this information, you can come up with advertisements that are suited to them. They should be able to appeal to them directly. This is more likely to earn you a response than an advertisement tailored to fit all. Through correspondence with your leads, you can establish what they are looking for and why they have not been appealed to by your products so far. Using what they have told you, you can set up something specifically meant for them. Chances are that the advertisement would apply to more than just one client. The customized advertisements can also apply to clients based on their purchasing habits. It can be about what they purchase most or spend most time researching on.


Market automation is just like any other cloud-based service. The more your customers increase, the more likely you are to need a larger cloud space. Therefore, you can pay for your cloud space depending on your usage. This is good because you can expand only when you need to. As you grow, the service grows with you. You don’t need to pay huge amounts for database storage or cloud-based services that you will not use.


Marketing automation is a tool that should be integrated into all business marketing strategies to help them become more successful. Forbes.com agrees that marketing automation is taking over businesses, both big and small. The article states that they make it easier to schedule e-mails, manage your contacts and monitor your customer lifecycle. It has helped to streamline marketing in a way that has rapidly increased sales. Through it, many leads can be turned into customers. In order to fully use it to your advantage, you need to understand what it is about and what it entails.

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  1. I’ve already started implementing some of these strategies, and I can already see a positive impact on my marketing efforts. Thank you for breaking down such a complex topic into easy to follow steps. This is a game changer for anyone looking to enhance their marketing game & become invincible in today’s competitive landscape.

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