4 Challenges For The Digital Marketing Industry in 2022

July 7, 2023 | Digital Marketing

Challenges For The Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing is an industry that never stands still.

To experience the maximum possible levels of success as we enter the new decade, marketers and search engine optimizers of every type need to be aware of the key trends to stay on top of. 

If you’re a marketer looking to maximize your levels of success in 2022, here are four industry challenges to be aware of, and actionable ideas to apply them to your business. 

Improving User Experience


User experience impacts every area of digital content. If users are frustrated by the experience they receive, they are very likely to simply leave and look for a solution elsewhere. Aside from qualitative factors, user experience aspects such as page load time impact the technical side of marketing, having been shown to be a ranking factor for Google

So what are some key user experience concerns for marketing organizations in 2022?

  1. 5G Ready Performance. 5G mobile data is spreading far and wide in 2022, and it represents both an opportunity and a challenge in terms of user experience. On the plus side, digital marketers can be confident that video content and other demanding formats will be accessible by more people than ever. At the same time, users will demand speed and seamless experiences like never before.
  2. Intelligent Chatbots. Many organizations can benefit from the advances and capabilities of chatbots. No matter if you’re in the B2B or B2C space, chatbots can provide consistent, useful interaction around the clock. This can simultaneously reduce your customer costs will boosting user experience.
  3. Offering Dark Mode. The dark mode is a UX trend that many organizations made the most of in 2019, including Gmail, Whatsapp, and Viber. Many users report a more enjoyable experience in dark mode and one that is better for eye health. It can also protect battery times on devices. Consider whether your organization could make the most of the dark mode trend in 2022. 

Focusing on user experience in 2022 is a key win/win for both organizations and users. 

Protecting Against Evolving Security Threat


Protecting Against Evolving Security Threats

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of security within the world of digital marketing.

Security breaches can result in massive costs, both tangible and intangible. Aside from financial losses, the reputational damage can be severe and difficult to repair.

What are some security concerns to keep in mind in 2022?

  1. Secure Communications. Too many organizations fail to protect their communication through proper policy and technology. This can lead to damaging leaks, a loss of trust among stakeholders, and costly inefficiencies. Selecting a specialist, secure communications platform helps to address this issue in 2022 and beyond.
  2. Biometrics. The biometrics capabilities of everyday devices are improving all the time. Consider using biometrics to boost the security of your internal data, as well as reassuring your clients that your security practices are second to none. 
  3. Human Error. While technology plays a vital role in organizational security, it’s only as secure as the people who use it. Make sure your team is training and improving, and policy and procedure documents are kept up to date to reflect the current state of security. 

Taking a proactive approach to security understanding and practice will protect your organization, its data, and its reputation as we enter the new decade. 

Monitoring Quality and Best Practice


Monitoring Quality and Best Practice

Quality should be much more than a buzzword. Ensuring quality is at the heart of everything you do improves organizational performance and reputation.

What are some factors related to quality to keep in mind in 2022?

  1. Google Updates. Too many organizations continue to rely on old best practice when it comes to SEO. If you want proof of this, look at the number of people willing to pay for low-quality links or the fact that some people still focus on keyword density. Take the time to think about how contemporary Google concerns such as BERT and EAT impact the way you do business. 
  2. Matching Content and Metrics. If you’re not making the most of the opportunities represented by video content, 2022 is a great time to do so. Video content can help improve metrics such as time on site, and featured video snippets on Google also show its significance. Consider whether your organization can invest in video content in 2022, or find other ways to boost your key metrics with appropriate content. 
  3. Internal Quality. Quality isn’t something that should be considered in the abstract. Instead, it should permeate every aspect of your organization. Quality should be a guiding principle in internal systems and standards. Think about re-energizing your company with a focus on quality improvement in 2022. 

Investing in improving your organizational quality will strengthen every aspect of your company, in 2022 and into the decade ahead. 

Maximizing Growth Opportunities

Digital marketing spend is growing year on year, and new opportunities are opening up all the time. 

What are some key considerations for growth-focused companies as the new year and decade approach?

  1. Connectivity. One of the main opportunities in marketing growth in 2022 stems from the increasing levels of connectivity around the world. Just to give a couple of examples, China and India are nations with over a billion people, with 42% and 55% still to connect respectively. Seek out areas of the world where connectivity is increasing, and think if there are growth opportunities for your marketing organization as a result. 
  2. Martech investment. The majority of marketers anticipate an increase in their martech budget for 2022. Of course, greater investment doesn’t automatically lead to greater results. Making the most of any increase in martech budget requires marketing organizations to analyze alternatives across areas such as email marketing and automation, and consider which are likely to produce the best level of return on investment. 
  3. Device innovation. The devices that people use to access digital content continue to increase in number and become more powerful. Wearable tech and smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are some examples of this trend. Looking for ways that your digital marketing organization can align with the growth in innovative devices is a potential new avenue for 2022. 

Organizations need to strike a balance between seeking out and exploiting new growth opportunities, while also not focusing on too many things at any one time. 

Key Actionable Takeaways For Digital Marketers In 2022


Takeaways For Digital Marketers

Now that we’ve considered four important trends in the digital industry for 2022, let’s consider some practical, actionable steps to make them work for your organization. 

User Experience Takeaways

  1. Ensure your organization is ready to make the most of advances in data speed and other technical improvements. 
  2. Consider key trends in user experience and whether your competitors are leaving you behind in any way. 

Security Threat Takeaways

  1. Analyze your existing organizational communications to seek out points of vulnerability.
  2. Seek areas of improvement in your organizational device security as well as training. 

Quality Best Practice Takeaways

  1. Consider whether your internal organizational processes are currently aligned with best practice guidelines. 
  2. Check whether your metrics and KPIs are best aligned with quality and organizational performance. 

Growth Maximization Takeaways

  1. Seek out opportunities for your business resulting from global connectivity increases.
  2. Find areas for better ROI on your Martech budget. 

A new decade is inevitably a time for analysis, improvement, and growth.

Ensure your digital marketing organization is ready to meet the challenges of the 2022s, and experience success like never before. 

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