Overcoming Online Visibility Challenges Encountered By Bloggers

June 6, 2023 | Content Marketing

Visibility challenge by bloggers

Blogging seems an idea too fancy and easy-to-do task but did you know that it takes along numerous challenges? Not to kill your excitement, but there are certain things that you must know before you start with yours.

One of the fundamental problems that are faced by the potential bloggers is how to start a blog and make money out of it. Along with this, several other problems come up in their way. So, let us know some of the top problems and their solutions.

Problems and Solutions to Make Your Blog Visible To People

1. Audience Engagement

When you heartily dedicate much of your time and efforts while you create a blog, it becomes frustrating that you see no audience engagement at all. One of the key elements into blogging is to build an audience base and get them to engage with you. So, what are the possible solutions to this? Here are some useful suggestions:

  1. Start reading and engaging yourself with others blogs.
  2. Engage in discussions and comments on them and get people to notice you.
  3. Respond to any comments that you get on your blog.
  4. Blog writing is not a cake walk. Choose your topics wisely and get onto the research for intelligent, controversial or any topic of masses’ interest.

2. No or Less Traffic

When you think you have a good audience base and the engagement is excellent with them, there comes one other problem. You see that you are unable to garner more traffic to your blog. But how do you solve this problem?

Here’s how:

  1. Re-evaluate your content and its type. It is crucial to assess whether the content is attention worthy.
  2. Know your target audience as not every batch comes out of the oven exactly the same as the previous one.
  3. Write for others as well. Try doing some guest posts, get them to publish it under your name with an author’s bio. Also, if things work out, why not ask them for a backlink to your own blog?
  4. Be active on social media. Now that every other person is clad with social media applications, why not to take it into the stride and get the best out of it?

3. Minimal Income

You might have created your own blog out of passion but does it pay? It is essential to know what monetary value are you deriving from your efforts. Well, there is no sure shot solution to it. Nurture your baby with all the efforts and get it recognized in the market. If you build your brand value, you can expect some monetary benefits out of it. Go all out on planning and building strategies such as link building, content marketing, social media coordination, etc.

4. SEO Problems

While your content might be fantastic to read and the vocabulary use is on-point, but somehow, if it fails to garner traffic, there might be some issue. Blogging looks easy to some but do you know how much does it take to make it successful? To make your content reflect on search engines, you must have a fair knowledge of SEO. Having included keywords and basic optimization of the content you curate for your website is highly important. Once you start to see the results, you might want to dedicate all of your attention to it and head on with content strategy inclusive of SEO activities.

5. Technical Issues

Yes, it is of utmost importance that you realize how important it is to be technically aware when you wish to create your own blog. The design, the appearance, and technical aspects must be looked as profoundly as content. You would not want users to bounce back just because of page load time or maybe a bad design, or probably the font that you use isn’t friendly to all the devices.

All these aspects must be looked into crucially when you plan to start your own blog. Adding value to your blogging passion will simply make your life and profession easy and enjoyable.

Common Ways To Attract The Mass To Your Blog

1. Social Media Is the Key

To reach the mass, you need to be on social media to engage your target audience with the right content. Through social media, you can even double the traffic that you are currently receiving on your blog. You can post the content on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook that helps in generating maximum traffic nowadays. But while getting into social media make sure to take care of the following things:

  1. Consider You Followers Choice: The content for social media and the content for a specified genre blog varies a bit. So, you need to keep the choice of your followers into consideration and publish mix content that your followers like and the content that you want to share, because your social feed is not for you, it is for them.
  2. Don’t Spam Your Followers Feed: Scheduling your content with a proper time gap while considering peak hours is very important. Rather than making the feed crowded, create quality content.
  3. Interact With Your Followers: Interacting with your followers is one of the major key rules to increase traffic. If you show your interest in talking and responding to your followers, it will surely attract them.

2. Newsletters

Having automated or manual newsletter for your blog is very beneficial as it keeps your readers updated, helps to get the revisit of new readers, drives targeted traffic to the blog, increases monetization and is a great way to interact with readers. For newsletters, you can run email campaigns with the help of several plugins and services that will help readers to subscribe to you in one go and will directly notify them when new content gets published on your blog.

3. Backlinking Through Big Websites

Getting backlinks through big websites is very beneficial for your blog, given below are 4 benefits of getting backlinks:

A. It helps Google to find new pages

For bloggers who are new to blogging, they should get the backlinks from big websites to extract the link juice and will increase the Domain Authority of your blog, and it will eventually make it easier for Google to find your blog as backlinking is considered as Google’s navigation tool. So, getting backlinks can help your blog to rank on the top position on Google searches for a specific keyword.

B. It is Google’s reputation management tool

When you backlink your blog to several big websites, it increases the reputation of the blog because as per the algorithm of Google, a blog that is backlinked to many sites have quality content. Thus, to rank #1 you need to make sure to get maximum backlinks.

C. Backlinking boosts the credibility of your blog

Backlinking surely boosts the credibility of a blog because through backlinking your blog starts to rank and as per the algorithm of Google, it shows only the best results. Thus, if your blog starts ranking on Google, it will automatically gain the credibility.

D. It drives traffic to your blog

Google won’t rank a website that has no traffic, thus, to monetize your blog and to make it successful you need to drive traffic to your blog. And to get the traffic, you can do backlinking through famous websites, as the content that you will pitch on their site may attract their readers and they may come to your blog as well to read.


Content is surely the king to run a blog, but the technical aspects must also be taken into consideration. Having good backlinks, big social media pages,  SEO, etc. can surely make your blog visible to people and by this, you can easily turn your passion into professional career scope by getting it monetized.

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