Future of Content Marketing – #RankWatchChat Recap

May 30, 2023 | Content Marketing

Tuesday, 26th April marked the day of another successful online event – Our very own #RankWatchChat.

RankWatch Chat

We had recently launched our Infographic on Future of Content Marketing where we asked 21 experts how they expect Content Marketing to change in the coming years.

Seeing the great response and engagement of our audiences, we thought what could be better than hosting a twitter chat around the same topic!

Our goal was to gain insights from some of the leading marketers in this niche. Hence, we dived into the topic, brainstormed and came up with 6 questions that probably keep every content marketer awake at night.

We were extremely glad to welcome Barry Feldman, founder of Feldman Creative as our Guest Speaker. He specializes in creating websites, ebooks, and online marketing programs and he has a spectacular ability to create enthralling storytelling content.

He is also the author of “SEO Simplified for short attention spans”.


Needless to say, he had valuable insights to share with the rest of us.

The overwhelming response by the twitter chat participants made the discussion even more exciting for us! The questions, the counter questions, answers, so many retweets..oh my! I had an Adrenaline rush!

Did you miss this exciting event? No worries, here is a recap!

The discussion started off with identifying the key challenges in Content Marketing.

Q1.What are the top 3 content marketing challenges according to you?


While most of our participants seconded that constantly creating engaging content is the pressing problem, others suggested that distributing your content and targeting the right audience are also some of the biggest hurdles. The third most talked about challenge was measuring the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns and we couldn’t agree more!

One very interesting point talked about was about systemizing the whole process of content idea generation.

Guest speaker’s Insights:

Barry Feldman – @RankWatch A1: “CMI research says 1. engagement 2. measurement 3. Consistency. All very real challenges. I find most are challenged with 1. content creation 2. achieving reach and 3. evaluating/achieving ROI.”

Participant’s tweets:

Q2: What are the latest trends in content distribution?


This question received a variety of intriguing answers. From having dedicated and segmented subscriber’s list to capitalizing on video content, every participant had a different take on this question. One idea which I liked a lot was sending personalized messages to certain influencers in your network!

The guest speaker also shared one of his gems (E-book) with us on the topic – 25 tactics for Effective Content Promotion.

Guest speaker’s insights:

Barry Feldman – @RankWatch A2: “The prominent trend is paying for distribution… native, sponsored, content distr. Networks. Distribution will become more targeted. Brands gather audience signals to target more real-time, more relevantly. A big move toward using influencers and creating advocates to help distribute. Also, in the interest of “owned” media, seeing moves toward membership based distr”

Participant’s tweets:

Q3: What innovative means of content generation are you looking forward to?


A lot of participants vouched for video content. Other innovative means suggested by participants were VR (virtual reality) and 360 video experiences, visualized episodic content, automating the creation of blog post images via AI and so on.

Guest Speaker’s Insights:

Barry Feldman – @RankWatch A3: “Technology is enabling marketers to create more personalized, experience-driven content. That’s exciting. Various platforms for co-creating content make the game more interesting. Predictive analytics. CM is growing increasingly data-driven and scientific (for better or worse)”

Participant’s tweets:

Q4: What form of content will take center stage in the future? Video/Anything else?

What-form-of-content-will-take-center-stage-in-the-future? Video/Anything-else

Video ruled, yet again! Live streaming, short story videos, how to videos, 360, interactive videos were supported by many. Apart from these, participants also suggested Infographics and user generated content. Interestingly, this question started another discussion, “will videos replace blog posts completely”.

Guest Speaker’s Insights:

Barry Feldman – @RankWatch A4: “Not sure there is a center stage. Different brands have different stages/theaters/audiences. There’s no denying video gets called the future of CM and continues to proliferate. Some hot forms… interactive. Self-assess, self-help, self-qualify. Best answer: CUSTOM content”

Participant’s tweets:

Q5: What role do you expect mobile to play in content marketing?


The question was received well. Participants agreed that the importance of mobile optimization will continue to rise in Content Marketing. Also, speed will become an even more important factor.
The guest speaker also pointed that with the increased number of smart-phone users, app market will grow with time
On the contrary, one of the marketers pointed out that though the number of mobile users is high, many B2B still receive maximum traffic through desktop searches.

Guest Speaker’s Insights:

Barry Feldman – @RankWatch A5: “I expect mobile to play the same role it plays now. It’s not a “future.” It’s a now. The scramble will continue to create apps. Younger gen loves their apps. I believe mobile suggests marketing more “product” based too. Meaning direct response. I think mobile underscores the need to conquer all that we’ve hit on today… video, interactive, custom, etc”.

Participant’s tweets:

Q6: How do you see user-generated content in the overall content marketing strategy?


Well, the most awaited question! Needless to say, everyone shared the view that user -generated content is the best way to engage your audience. One of the participants also pointed out that UG content resonates most with people and produces more value.

Guest Speaker’s Insights:

Barry Feldman – @RankWatch A6: “Instead of creating content, we should be creating opportunities for content creation.Yes, a brand focused on bldg relationships is wise to create a collaborative content gen. envir. w/its audience”.

Participant’s tweets:


Here are 3 discussions that sprung from our twitter chat:

How often should you reach out to your audience?

While discussing the latest trends in content marketing, Andrew mentioned the importance of personalized and well-crafted content. To this, one of the participants raised the question of how often you should reach out to an influencer with your new blog posts.

Andrew asserted that it entirely depends on the type of relationship you share with your users/audiences, after all, you do not want the tag of “bugging brand”. Also, another participant suggested you should always reach out to them once before publishing your content (probably ask for a quote of feedback) – this would add more exclusivity and make the user feel valued.

To get a full view of the conversation, visit here.

The desire for an artificial intelligence to create images for blog posts!

Talking about innovative ways to generate content, Alex gave an amazing idea – AI taking on the creation of images for blog posts based on the context. When asked about the tools he is currently using, he suggested Canva.

Check out the full discussion.

Will video replace blog posts?

Another point of discussion was whether video will completely replace blog posts. There was a consensus on the fact that videos work great but they will co-exist with blogs.

Read the full conversation here.


I hope you enjoyed the recap of our twitter chat on Future of Content Marketing. Have more insights to share on the topic? Tweet your answer with #RankWatchChat.

Just in case you missed this one, subscribe to our upcoming events to receive notification on our next twitter chat.
Hope to see you there 🙂

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