Mastering SERP Analysis: An End-to-End Comprehensive Guideline

January 12, 2024 | Digital Marketing

To accomplish a picture-perfect SEO goal for your website, you have to understand and adhere to the SERP analysis like a Bible.

This is because it’s only the SERP checker that helps you identify the challenges, formulate effective strategies, and bring out new opportunities to route an unimaginable volume of traffic to your website. 

So, let’s understand SERP analysis from scratch and fetch the best out of it for your business. 

What is SERP Analysis? 

SERP analysis is basically the process of studying and assessing high-quality pages that appear at the top of the SERP algorithm. 

This is mainly done with the help of a SERP checker. 

With SERP checks, digital marketers can evaluate the scope and difficulties associated with a particular keyword across a digital campaign. 

Thus, it’s vital to check SERP. 

How Many Types of SERPs Are There?

Well, before we proceed to check the SERP report, we must know the types of SERP available.

So, the types of SERPs are:

Paid SERPs


This refers to the Google ads and PPC campaigns where you have to pay every time a visitor clicks on their page. These ads are important in making you gain a magnificent volume of traffic, often taking you to the topmost stature of the SERP algorithm. 

Organic SERPs

Organic SERP

This is the traditional or organic listing of your content that brings natural traffic to your website. Organic SERP is comparatively slower than paid campaigns, where the competition is much more dense and complex. 

Featured SERPs

Featured SERP

The small bold blocks of information that you see at the top of the result page are featured snippets. They might be in the form of text, videos, tables, or other similar categories, but their potential to drive traffic and boost awareness is truly impeccable. 

Local Pack

Local pack

These are the first three local business listings at the top of SERP when you look for local products and services. This local pack is displayed along with the map that shows the location of the business. 

Shopping Results

Shopping Results

This listing appears when the users enter a shopping query like “best deal in Samsung Galaxy mobiles.” Although, these listings don’t appear by themselves. The business must create a product feed that lists out all the necessary and core information like name, images, description, and pricing. 

People Also Ask

People Also Ask

The box containing a set of most commonly asked questions, closely related to each other, appearing on the first search engine result page is called People Also Ask or PAA. You need to play an entirely different optimization game in order to appear in the PAA section of Google. 

Generative AI’s SERPs

Generative AI’s SERP

The unique and relevant content offered by Google’s machine learning algorithm against a user’s search query is called AI generative SERP. This also offers a great help to digital marketers in improving the visibility of their websites. 

Advantages of Using A SERP Checker

While proceeding to check SERP rankings, you gather multiple information and data points related to page authority, domain authority, content type, content intent, SERP volatility, link intent, and much more. 

However, a few prominent advantages of using a SERP checker are:

  1. Better opportunities to outplay competitors
  2. Assures the right selection of keywords for your niche
  3. Identification of new keywords and backlinking opportunities
  4. Identify creative ideas to develop new content
  5. Gain a respectful volume of content for the given time frame
  6. Plan the targeted word count range
  7. Find multiple procedures to optimize featured snippets
  8. Climb to the top ranking slots of search engine result page
  9. Improves organic traffic, generates quality leads, and elevates sales ratio with exceptional SEO performance

How SERP Checker Facilitates More Organic Traffic? 

The multiple ways by which you can gain organic traffic by checking SERP are:

Develop High-Quality Content

High quality content

High-quality content has a great proximity to organic traffic. The better the quality of content you shoot from your website, the more incentives you gain from Google. As we discussed above, a keen SERP check gives great content ideas for your website, leading to the generation of a high volume of organic traffic. 

Make Exceptional Listing

It also helps you craft your meta title and description with relevant search terms and keywords, thus making your listing stand out on Google. This will eventually route a high panel of organic traffic to your website.

Get SERP Features

Featured snippets, local packs, shopping results, etc., all stand out in Google to gain organic traffic. Thus, SERP checking plays an important role here, too. You can also craft an engaging meta title and description that will naturally bring you an extensive volume of traffic to your website. 

Step-by-Step Process of Doing SERP Analysis

To perform the SERP checking like a pro, you need to initiate a defined set of actions with the SERP analyzer. 

Let’s jot them down.

Perform Keyword Research

The first step of initiating SERP evaluation is to list out the best-targeted keywords of the top-notch existing content. To get this done, you can use the free keyword research tool RankWatch.

RankWatch’s keyword research tool

This tool gives you all the necessary insights like keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, search volume trend, geo-distribution, organic keyword suggestion, paid keyword suggestions, question-based keywords, keyword grouping, and much more.

All these insights will help you to perform an end-to-end SERP analysis. Thus, it’s important to use a Google SERP checker like RankWatch. 

Identify Search Intent

The next step is understandably to analyze the search intent of the keywords and align them perfectly to the topic. So, understand the user’s intent and choose the keywords accordingly.

RankWatch’s rank tracking

In order to get this done, you can use the Rank Tracking section of RankWatch, where you just have to set the domain URL, date range, and search engine. 

Further, the AI-enabled tool will automatically give you insights like a country-wise share of voice, potential search terms, low-hanging keywords, keyword distribution graphs, top landing pages, high-ranking tags, and SERP snippets. These data are sufficient to let you figure out the search intent of the keywords and plan your campaign accordingly. 

Do Competition analysis

Now, competitor research is another important part of SERP checking. Understand whom you are competing with and how difficult the competition is.

RankWatch’s competitor analysis

The competitor analysis section of RankWatch can help you get this done. You just need to open up the tool and feed the date range, search engine, and URL of the domain. 

The AI-driven tool will automatically offer you insights like ranking keywords, ranking URLs, top-ranking snippets, highly competitive domains, and much more. Thus, RankWatch serves the best as a Google SERP checker. 

Find Ranking Opportunities

The SERP rank checker also tells you to find the ranking opportunities that push your domain higher. Be it selecting the top-ranking keywords, altering the subject of a competitor’s content, or getting a different set of keywords that the competitors are not ranking for.

RankWatch rank tracking section

You can also use the Rank tracking section of RankWatch for this fulfillment. Using this, too, you can find the top-ranking pages, snippets, tags, and keywords, and further, you can strategize your campaign accordingly to make your website rank high on Google. 

Elevate On-Page SEO

Know the know-how of on-page optimization and strengthen your domain like never before. 

Well, the RankWatch tool is brimming with features that can help you out with on-page optimization.

Firstly, the site audit section of RankWatch can offer you a long list of persisting issues that must be fixed to elevate the on-page optimization of your domain.

RankWatch’s site auditor

The issues include HTTP status code distribution, failed URLs, broken pages, duplicate page sets, duplicate title sets, missing descriptions, short descriptions, page response time distribution, page depth, canonical pages, non-HTML URLs, disallowed pages, and a lot more. The more you fix these issues, the higher your scale of on-page optimization will be.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ

Next, the SEO IQ feature of RankWatch offers you an automated SEO score on the basis of multiple page and website elements. 

It also gives multiple content recommendations, including body tags, heading tags, meta keywords, word count, optimization status, and other similar aspects. You can use these insights to optimize your content, which becomes an essential part of on-page SEO.

RankWatch’s content tools

Finally, the set of free content tools includes a plagiarism detector, spell checker, word combiner, word counter, article spinner tool, MD5 hash generator, and online grammar checker. Use these free tools to upgrade the quality of your content and let your website perform better in the respective marketplace. 

Summing UP!

Well, this is all about the SERP analysis, SERP report, SERP rank checker, their categories, advantages, and methods of performing them. So, when we know the significance of a SERP checker, it should be kept in mind that proper assistance from an internet marketing tool is vital for the process. 

Undoubtedly, RankWatch is the best in the business when you proceed to check SERP.

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