Significant Google Ranking Factors To Implement by End of 2018

May 5, 2023 | Advanced SEO

Google Ranking Factors

It is a well-known fact that ranking factors of Google keep on changing every year. The reasons behind these changes are the updates in Google algorithms from time to time. Around a decade ago, a lot of companies started manipulating Google algorithms. In that situation, many undeserving websites started coming on top in Google ranking. For example, some firms started the task of building excessive artificial backlinks, which were the reasons behind the top rankings of the websites with poor design and content quality. Soon, Google discovered this unethical procedure of SEO ranking of several websites and released a lot of updates.

Here, the thing that came into the picture was real SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a great technique, or it will better to say, a set of techniques, in which the work is done genuinely. It is not just dealing with the Google algorithm, but it is prominently dealing with the users. What users need on a website is the actual concept now. The latest Google updates released in 2018 also indicate this thing. But, some fundamentals of SEO remain the same. Some of the Google ranking factors of authentic SEO are identical to those in the past. In addition to this, there may be some new Google ranking factors, which are required to be considered. Here you can read some of the significant Google ranking factors, which can take your website to the top positions.

1. Appropriate Keywords

google ranking factors

To know about Google ranking, the first thing to understand is what aspect is ranked for a website or the web pages. These are the keywords, which come into the ranking. Another thing to understand is that these are your websites or the web pages, which become visible by searching those keywords. This is why the ranking of the keyword is actually the website ranking. If you work on certain phrases in SEO process, Google ranks your web pages at top positions in search of those phrases. These phrases are known as keywords in SEO terminology.

Keywords are none other than those phrases about some products, services or information, which are searched by the users, who are looking for those products, services, and pieces of information. When SEO is done for the required keywords, they start becoming visible on Google. With proper SEO tools and techniques, the keywords come on the first page of Google or even in the top three positions in the search results. Even before reaching this level, the ranking of keywords for your website increases. Suppose your website is not displayed in Google search when the phrases are searched, they become visible in future at some of the pages of Google search when you work on them using SEO techniques. When more work is done, your keywords come in top positions. It is a step-by-step procedure, as a matter of the fact. Here is the way you need to start working on keywords in the SEO process.

1.1 Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first thing to accomplish. You need to find out what phrases the users may search for the products or services you are offering, or the information you are providing over the pages of your website. Finding out the appropriate phrases is not rocket science. There are different tools through which it can be done. First of all, many web tools offered by Google as well as other companies, analyze what the possible searches for your pages may be.

Besides, when you type some words in Google search boxes, you get some auto-suggestions. These suggestions tell you what people usually search about products or services you are looking for. So, you also get some suggestions for keywords when you type some words related to your products or services. You can select some of them for your SEO process.

There is one more thing, which is the ideal tool, and that is none other than your common sense. You would also have searched for some products or services sometimes. It is not difficult to think about what you would search if you have to buy the products or services. Suppose you require health clubs in New York. Then your searches may be “health clubs New York”, “health clubs in New York”, “gyms in New York” “New York Gyms” etc. There can be specific requirements also, and your keywords can be like “health clubs in New York for men”, “gyms in New York for women” etc. Anything that you can think for searching something in a natural way can be used as keywords.

1.2 Keyword Ranking

The next step is, of course, keyword ranking. After searching for keywords, the next thing that is required to be accomplished is working for the ranking of keywords. All the Google ranking factors are actually based on the ranking of the keyword. So, whatever you will read in the post next will revolve around keyword ranking for the pages of your website.

2. Creating Backlinks

google ranking factors

Backlinks have been the most common Google ranking factors since SEO came in the pictures. In the new Google updates, the excessive backlinks can penalize the website, but still, the backlinks have not lost their significance. Some backlinks are necessary to aware people about your website. The backlinks provide the signals to Google about the quality and relevance of your website. There should be quality backlinks to your website. The quality backlinks get more weight than poor quality backlinks even if they are in high quantity. The thing you need to gain the quality backlinks is that your site should also have great content. The content should be great regarding what people want to read. Many of the marketers don’t get the quality backlinks due to the reason that they don’t have relevant content. Another reason for not getting quality backlinks remains the non-promotion of the content regularly. There are some factors you need to consider for building the backlinks.

3. Link Scores

The link score is provided by Google by the quality and quantity of links. Quality is measured by the rapport of the website on which your links exist. Quantity should be as per the rules of the Google algorithm. One aspect that is required to understand is that multiple links on the same domain are not counted by Google. Therefore, you are also required to search for multiple domains to add the backlinks.

4. Relevant Anchor Text

The anchor text tells Google how relevant your link is. The anchor text should be natural as well as diverse. It should not be with the purpose of gambling the system. As mentioned before also, Google gives significance to genuineness. Either it is the anchor text or any other aspect, genuineness is one of the prominent Google ranking factors.

5. Length & Quality of the Content

google ranking factors

Content length is highly significant without any second thought from an SEO point-of-view. It is also important for the users to provide information. The content can answer the questions of people. Besides, it also works on engaging the individuals. The quality of content is also one of the Google ranking factors. You should provide people with what they want to read and what information they require. The major aspect on which quality is measured is the information you provide. The information-rich content not only allure users but it is also good as per Google’s rules. As already known, the new Google updates give significance to the great content. A benefit of great content is that it attracts more backlinks. Besides, your content is shared more and more on social media, which further benefits your website ranking.

6. Mobile Friendliness and Other Experiences of Mobile Users

Gone are those days, when you required making special arrangements for accessing the internet. As a matter of the fact, smartphones have changed the entire scenario. A large number of users access the internet on their mobile phones. So, it has become necessary today to make the websites mobile friendly as some users are mobile phone users. Your website gets marks from Google algorithms if it is mobile friendly. There are other factors also, among which the significant one is website speed. The speed matters in case of both desktop and smartphones. How much time your website takes to load on a handset is also supposed to be one of the major Google ranking factors.

Technical Factors

google ranking factors

There are also the technical Google ranking factors, to give one of the top positions to your website. The major technical aspects, which can be considered in this regard, are:

1. H1 and H2 Headings

The H1 and H2 headings have a major role in the ranking of your website. The first thing that is necessary to understand what the reasons behind the headings are. Headings make the content more organized, and users are capable of understanding it in a much better way. Search engines can also understand your content in a clearer way when there are different H1 and H2 headings. They give a clear picture to Google about what the content is. The ranking is definitely affected by these H1 and H2 headings. The headings technically invoke Google algorithm.

2. HTTPS Encryption

The major purpose of HTTPS to make your website secure for users. It is used on some websites. On the websites, on which financial transactions take place, it is supposed to be necessary. The question that may occur in your mind is how it is helpful for SEO purpose and how it is one of the Google ranking factors.  Your chances of hitting the first page of Google are increased if you use HTTPS. According to some reports, almost 50% of websites that are on top rankings use HTTPS encryptions. Even Google has confirmed now that the websites with HTTPS encryption have the higher rankings as compared to other websites.

These are some of the most significant Google ranking factors, which can increase your online reputation and can make your business global if it is not as yet. You can hire an SEO company to get help in the process.

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