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July 8, 2023 | Digital Marketing

remarketing campaign

Re-marketing…pretty sure you’ve heard about it but even more likely you have ran into it quite often. Logic dictates that if ‘re-‘ stand for repeating, it must have something to do with a reiteration, a replay. But why would a marketer repeat himself? Is it to reinforce an idea or to add some nuance? And what about the user, are we taking him for amnesic? In this post you will get a grasp of what remarketing is and how to avoid falling in the dead angle.

Some window shopping on a Sunday morning didn’t kill anyone, right? So you open your laptop, browse for a couple of minutes, spend some time thinking that those sandals would look gorgeous with the red dress you just bought.

Close your laptop, get back to your stuff and maybe forget about those shoes… Not so quickly! Next time you login to Facebook or open another tab, guess what pops up? The sandals! Is like someone in the Universe is reading your mind and anticipates your needs. All of a sudden you feel like the most wanted person on the Internet!

This is remarketing with no-frills. Every time you look up for something on the internet, chances are that you will continue to see those product and services. It will be like a reminder that you were attracted by something but you haven’t went through with it – oh, just buy it already!

It looks like a second chance for the brands to get you back on their website and convert. But most of the times is feels like a non-stop chasing. Bad messaging, broad audience and way too often, sounds familiar?

So what’s the right way?

Basically remarketing tag on websites is used to track the audiences and identify their preferences. A 2017 study from Nanigans shows that 63% of the respondents are already handling retargeting in-house.  So we have the data within easy reach so why not run a social experiment? Why treat all the people who landed on your site as a bulk? Some of them looked up the elegant shoes section, others added a pair of snickers in the cart, while others just browsed the sales section. They are all different, so should the ads be!

Use the Analytics data, understand the customer behaviour and create custom audience based on their buyer journey. People who landed on your homepage and bounced off 2 seconds later won’t be more convinced to come back next time they see your ad. They are simply not into you (or your products).

But if you try to push the message to the ones that looked up for specific products and even added some in the cart, you might get them to commit. They have already shown interest the first time, they just needed another hint.

Like with anything else in the digital marketing world, you must test and optimize to get the best results. Here are 8 insights I have gained in my experience with remarketing:

1. Don’t be a stalker!

If you think about it,  more often than not, you are likely to be black listed, avoided, hated, unfollowed. People don’t like to be harassed.  They already feel like they are living in the world of ads, by repeating it, you’ll soon become another ignored banner.  

Use frequency capping to limit the number of times someone sees your ad per day.

black listed


2. Be more intentional with their time

Perhaps according to your Analytics dashboards people tend to be more active during the weekend, or they show greater interest in sports shoes during the night.

Use Day Parting to customize your ads display


3. Eyes on the mobile

Mobile and tablet are use on the go, that means the users will only skim your page. Desktop might be your main ally and the favorite purchase platform.

Before wishing for great results from mobile remarketing, consider optimizing your website for mobile (yeah, that still happens) and don’t forget to test different messages

mobile index


4. Use instant gratification

They looked up your site more than a couple of times this month, they are craving for something but maybe don’t afford it yet or they are having some doubts.

Use a discount to push their cart to the finish line.

offers for customers


5. Don’t forget the existing customers

If they have bought from you it doesn’t mean they don’t need your attention any more. Cross-selling and up-selling is always will keep them close.

Create a different segment and target them with new products and special offers.

proximity in time


6. Proximity in time

Most of the marketers are using the golden rule of 30-days life duration for cookies. But stop for a second and think of a cookie as a thought. People have thoughts that don’t materialize equally. And if you’re selling something, anything to women, you got yourself with a undefined dilemma.

Technically speaking, the conversion path vary according to buyer segment and to the nature of the product you’re selling. Maybe they won’t need 5 weeks to buy those sandals, but when you’re pushing some new security solution, you might want to take a sit and wait a bit more for their buyer intent to express.

Create granular recency segments (0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days) and explore their journey. Use the Consumer barometer from Google to get high-level information about your user’s journey or look up in Analytics for the Conversion path in order to map the interactions before conversion.

offline research


7. Mix it up!

There are several types of retargeting that help you re-engage users that left your page at some point:

Standard remarketing – showing display ads to past visitors

Dynamic remarketing – showing tailored ads, based on specific past actions from the user (i.e. showing the product he abandoned in the cart)

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads – delivering customized ads for people who have visited your site previously

Email remarketing – serving ads to people who have opened your emails

Pretty much every tactic you have in your pocket can be re-marketed. It’s up to you to find the right mix and choose the type of placement with your customer in mind. Remember, it’s not about you, is about him and his intent.

8. Don’t take your ads for granted

Copy and creative are the first impact for an user. If it’s not compelling they will move on. In this crowded media space their eyes are equipped with blinds. The banner blindness is the users natural reaction of ignoring the ads. They might see it but they won’t remember anything of it.

How do you fight against it? Go crazy, experiment! Be provocative, unexpected but don’t forget to give them what they want ?

Final thoughts on remarketing

A few seconds… Do you know what happens to people in a few seconds? They lose focus. Brands are having a hard time these days to draw and to keep attention. Remarketing is a way out. A second chance to be recalled, a second shot to get them on board. Imagine you’re one of them. Would you like to be chased down with the same boring messages, would you appreciate the constant reminder to “BUY NOW”?

Remarketing will help you win back some of the users you lost at the first visit. But will only do so if you narrow down your targeting and if you take the time to really know the people behind the user and the intent behind the click.

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  1. Really nice and Informative post! I especially like the part about discounts. I have offered discounts before to get traffic and valid conversions during the festive season, and it has worked like a charm. It’s a nice read. Keep writing.

  2. I believe just for the sake of getting new customers, a business should never neglect the customers that have helped the business reach greater heights, i.e old customers. I have been adding a number of new customers and recently I realized that my older customers have stopped visiting my site and sales from their ends have decreased considerably. I am not able to figure out the issue but I want to focus on enhancing the shopping experience for my existing customers. Please suggest a few tips. Nice article though. Keep writing.

  3. The insights and strategies shared here have truly transformed the way I approach my marketing efforts. Implementing these tips not only boosted my ROI but also brought back lost leads, increasing conversions. Thank you for sharing these invaluable insights, they’ve had a significant impact on my campaign’s success.

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