Transform your business into a full-fledged enterprise using visual marketing

June 6, 2023 | Digital Marketing

full-fledged enterprise using visual marketing

E-commerce sales in the US alone are predicted to grow a whopping 684 billion by 2020. These impressive statistics make it look like starting an enterprise e-commerce business is easy enough. Think of a niche, get a website and go live. Business owners believe that e-commerce holds the key to a successful future, full of warehouses and unending orders.

It is a setback when this expectation is not fulfilled in the form of profits and benefits. Soon, it dawns on you that the dream of becoming a huge enterprise does not become true by opening an online shop. Turns out, eyeing the trends is one way to turn your business into a massive success. Some of the most significant e-commerce trends in 2018 are SEO, localization, website security, and omnichannel marketing. Those who don’t pay attention to such trends and apply tricks out of the books might not get to the top.

If you have been through this phase, or have started an online shop, don’t worry. You are still on the right path because your target customers love to browse through a cool new shop any day. Your customer’s desire for instant access to things fuels the demand, which is why an internet shop is a winner.

Let’s work on improving your e-commerce shop by tried and tested strategies:

1. SEO

For the success of an enterprise ecommerce business, SEO comes before any other marketing strategy. How will the customer enjoy the elaborate design of your website if they don’t even get to the website in the first place?

SEO helps to bring targeted traffic to your landing pages -traffic that can convert into loyal customers. Unique product descriptions, product reviews, and intros are some fields where the SEO magic can come into play.

Start with on-page SEO, off-Page SEO and take a detailed look at your competitor’s SEO status to improve your own game. Google algorithms have become increasingly specific. With a tool like Rankwatch, you can optimize your content down to target users intent.  Instead of putting money on a bunch of keywords, you can get down to the most relevant keywords that lead a user towards a specific product or category on your website and make the system work for you!

2. Content

First and foremost, good content will always lay a solid marketing foundation for your online store. This cannot be emphasized enough, because content and story sell itself. You can achieve organic leads by investing in smart content pieces spread out across your website.

The ongoing costs of inventory, shipping and handling aside, content is a field where you can even start with little or no cost. You may have to hire a content writer or a good agency to achieve this feat if you don’t have time to look over marketing.

SEO can double the results when you have decorated the site with compelling content. It is a tip to remember for your website in 2019. When a user enters a keyword on Google, the search engine shows elaborate, relevant results which include a snippet of the content from home website. If you have copied content, your site will get pushed back. Unique content has more chances of scoring you the first-page hit.

3. Case study: Bushwick Kitchen

While some people plan for ages, some just start and trust the interwebs with their mission. Bushwick Kitchen, formerly known as MixedMade, started as a 30-day challenge between two friends who were pursuing their separate careers.

The duo wanted to run an online store, but they didn’t start with the product. Instead, they designed a simple, beautiful website of what they wanted the product to look like. They introduced one product called Bees Knees Spicy Honey. The bottle was designed as close to reality as it could, and the price was entered as per cost estimations.

One sample page earned the duo $525 in pre-orders, so it was time to get to work. They created their spicy honey and quickly jumped to the next step. Co-founder Casey compiled an email list of his lifelong contacts and sent them a mail to pitch their new product. This simple, free of cost marketing tactic earned them $1,000 in sales!

Soon enough, everyone was talking about the spicy honey. It was only one product and people were going crazy about it. The media picked up this news, causing a quick sale of 840 bottles of spicy honey. Bushwick Kitchen made $170,000 in only the first 12 months, thanks to PR and word of mouth publicity.

The cofounders spent days and nights perfecting the next step and improving their relationship with media and previous customers. Their product was amazing, and they always promised and delivered a good offer. The co-founders were always contributing to popular blogs to drive clicks back to Bushwick Kitchen’s landing pages. Referrals are an amazing way to boost your SEO and establish your authority in the niche.

#Tip: focus on high impact domains when writing as a guest author. These websites will earn you more clicks and elevate your store’s ranking on the search engine result pages (SERPs). These were the ingredients that turned Bushwick Kitchen into a huge, successful ecommerce business.


When it comes to e-commerce, there is no concrete key to success. Everyone has a different niche and a different story. 4 out of 10 purchases are purely made using online channels. People have been ordering holiday gifts online, more than ever before, and you have a golden opportunity to be present when the shoppers go looking.

If you have just joined the exciting new world of e-commerce, next year can be your big breakthrough. Remain keen to build a solid fanbase by applying content marketing strategies and optimizing everything with the help of a good SEO tool. Want to create a buzz around your product? Make something truly remarkable and hype it up with an even better product story. It is easier to hack your growth with minimal costs than ever before, so let’s get to work on that future enterprise ecommerce business!

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