7 Tricks to get the most out of Google Analytics Reports

October 4, 2022 | Digital Marketing

The online marketing landscape has undergone massive change, thanks to Google Analytics. Google Analytics has revolutionized traffic generation and the ways to measure and maximize your traffic. The use of Google Analytics allows for a well-rounded marketing strategy. On the flip side, marketers are torn in opinion about GA. For a few, it is the most accessible tool to work with and for a few, it may prove to be the most complicated tool they have used for analytics. The marketers who find GA challenging to use do not necessarily get the most out of the tool. This is majorly due to incomplete or partial knowledge concerning GA.

Experts say that the uncanny ability of google analytics to provide the most accurate of insights while at the same time maintaining its simplicity is one of its strongest suits. Let’s look at a few techniques and solutions to make maximum use of Google Analytics:

1. Use audience data while creating visitor segments

You may already have different sections in place to classify your visitor’s demography based on age, gender, a location so on and so forth. In the event of you not segmenting the visitors to your website, you are missing out on something huge. The report containing the audience data is significant as you need it to create the custom visitor section. The information gleaned from this is worth its weight in gold for your business. This is so because it helps understand and identify the type of visitors your website is attracting. This will give you an idea as to who is showing an interest in your product or service and who you should try targeting to increase traffic and revenue.

2. Assign a monetary value to goals

adding monetry value to your goals

This hack is key to achieving your business goals, i.e. revenue. It is essential to work towards a set plan. In Google Analytics, you should set targets against which performance can be measured. Without a plan in place, you will merely be looking at matrices like page views and time on site which will not mean much other than a statistic which you can’t do much with. When you set goals, a monetary value must be assigned to each goal. This must be done for you to know whether it can be accommodated within your budget or not. This report is known as the goal flow report. With the use of this report, you can find out if you are losing money or making money via your marketing efforts. 

Do you have any idea about how to measure data, analyze and how to view the output as effective conversions?

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3. Analyze your top conversion paths

When a website visitor converts to a customer, it is known as conversion. A website will be extremely successful in attracting new customers only if the conversion rate is high. Take online behemoth Amazon for example. To have a high conversion rate, the critical aspect is to analyze which are the most effective conversion paths. With this analysis, you will notice the conversion paths that are working for you and will be able to capitalize on these conversion paths. Bear in mind, all methods like Ads, SEO Activities, E-mail marketing etc. must be taken into consideration while identifying the best conversion paths. The world of online marketing is a somewhat uncertain one and no one knows what will click next. You need to keep abreast of the changes happening around and ensure that your conversion paths yield maximum results for you.

4. Set up intelligent events

Monitoring your website performance daily is exceptionally crucial. However, it is not necessary for you to see significant fluctuations in performance on a day to day basis. There are certain anomalies that you may notice and will prompt you to double check on your website performance. To keep all of this in check, making use of intelligent events is considered to be the best way forward. Setting up intelligent events allow you to set up custom attributes. These attributes keep tabs on the usual activities on the website and also send notifications to managers if something unusual happens on the website. This allows for peace of mind when there is no significant activity on the website. 

5. Compare historic and traffic trends

It is imperative for you to identify the different patterns through which traffic comes to your website. The usage of prior insights from Google Analytics must be done to identify the different traffic sources and patterns. This will allow for comparison between different methods which had yielded patterns. The methods yielding the best patterns can be used more often to direct maximum traffic to the website. Insights on Google Analytics can be viewed over different periods – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. This period analysis will also give you the most active period during which visitors on your website convert. This will allow you to better your conversion rates and run targeted campaigns. 

Every Traffic trend and each user matter

Do you agree?

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6. Add annotations to your reports

Just like how good housekeeping is essential to have a clean home, good housekeeping is necessary for Google Analytics as well. Marketing efforts not being successful may be the result of you not paying attention to your Google Analytics strategy. A marketer should always know the methods that work well for them to drive traffic. However, they should also know which methods have not worked well for them. If these methods have not worked well, you should always have a plan to improve upon these methods. Annotations can help you along this path. Annotations are simple notes that can be added to the analytics report which can explain the patterns of traffic change and the reasons behind it.

7. Never lose focus from your goals

The most common and noticeable mistake made by users of Google Analytics is the fact that they lose focus of the goals they had set for their website. We can all agree that analytics is predominantly about reports and insights. The helpful insights must always be paid heed to for the betterment of the website and the organization. This will also give you an indication as to whether you are moving in the right direction towards achieving your goals or not. Using Google Analytics, setting goals and achieving these goals without losing track is extremely important.


The above-stated methods will give you insights into your conversion funnel, traffic, and how the visitors are behaving on your website. It is not an exhaustive list; however, following the 7 methods stated above will allow your website and business to grow by leaps and bounds. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to analyze the reports and listen to the ideas carefully. Ignoring the ideas will only result in a loss of visitors on the website. So, go ahead and start your journey with Google Analytics or get in touch with a Google Analytics Consulting Partner to explore how Google Analytics can help you transform your business. 

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  1. The practical tips mentioned in this amazingly insightful blog post have already enhanced how I analyze site data. Kudos for simplifying complex concepts into easily understandable tricks!

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