Utilize Keywords for Offsite Content

May 12, 2023 | Content Marketing

Attaining a list of keywords is easier than knowing what to do with them. The great search engine Gods dictate that keywords are no longer necessary for high rankings, but we know that the rules have simply changed.

The Basics

But the subtleties of keyword plugging are more complex than don’t hide keywords or don’t overuse them (though these are important). In addition to using keywords in meta tags, meta descriptions, headlines and onsite copy, you can use your keywords to engage your audience before they find your site.

There are many uses for keyword reports than onsite content. Here are a few:

1. PPC Ad Campaigns.  This one is the most obvious. When you know your audience is searching for these terms, use that to your advantage. Just remember that longtail keyword phrases tend to be cheaper and more targeted and therefore bring higher engagement rates. Just make sure that your ad or campaign speaks to the audience who might search for that particular phrase.

2. Social media profiles. Use some of your best keywords in your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn bio but be sure to only use one or two that truly apply to your business. These will help people find your company and engage with you better.

Social Media Profiles

3. Hashtags.
Use discretion with this one. Check which of your keywords are already used as hashtags and if those hashtags apply to your product or service. When you find some of these little treasures, use them in social posts. Again, don’t overdo them.


4. Blog posts.
You could create an entire editorial calendar of blog post ideas from one keyword report. The key here is to make sure they’re not monotonous. Please steer away from the numbered lists when you can and don’t make promises you can’t keep (i.e. Tips and Tricks Guaranteed to Raise Profit by 150%).

5. Guest Blog Posts.  If you choose to write guest posts, writing them about keywords or phrases that come up in your industry will serve you well. Search the publication for keywords from your list, to see which keywords are missing from their content. Which words or phrases are relevant to the audience you share? Once you figure that out, you’ll have a guest blog idea that provides value to both you and the publication you’ll post on.

6. Forums.  This one is my favorite and the least obvious. Search for a few of your keywords or phrases on Reddit or a professional online forum and find out what comes up. What are people talking about? Which phrases are the most popular? Use this information to learn about your audience and engage with them. Create a profile in the online forum and add valuable insight. This is not a place to plug your business. For marketers, online forums provide an exceptionally valuable place to build authority. Answer questions (again, without the plug) and add to the conversation. When people value your opinions, they’ll remember your company, and that is worth a few minutes of knowledge sharing.

Building a strong online presence isn’t easy, and using keywords and phrases is not either. You must keep from using the same keywords over and over (i.e. try not to make your bios for Twitter and LinkedIn carbon copies), and all content must be original and conversational. Read everything out loud. If you find yourself saying phrases like “fresh baked goods” twice in the same paragraph, edit heavily. And test- Test different keywords with different social media platforms, different forums, different voices in your blog. The more you test, the more effective your content will be, and the more value you can provide through some simple turns of phrase.


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  1. I think your last point about building authority as an expert online is very effective and very important. As it builds strong long-lasting relationships, it makes you part of a community and if you contribute regularly with valuable industry insights it can turn you into a community leader. And yes this will all reflect on your company. We are human beings and we like to connect with real people. This is a way to humanize your company, to give it a distinct voice and personality. I have always said the people who work for you are your greatest brand ambassadors.

  2. Meegan, your blog post is a little treasure! Way to think out of the box. I feel that the social media bios are often not utilized to the fullest or as you said are carbon copies of each other. Also in places, like twitter, hashtags are indeed key because they expose you to a new audience, so hashtag research is definitely a must-do.

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