Why Should You Add Quora To Your Marketing Strategies?

July 18, 2023 | Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategies

Quora is another powerful platform which can speed up your business growth in many ways. A lot of people rave about Quora community. But, what does this exactly means to a marketer? When it comes to marketing businesses, every marketer loves to experiment new tactics. They practice new strategies to generate better ROI for their businesses.

Let’s uncover if Quora can be a marketing tool for your next campaign.

Is Quora worth considering for your next marketing campaign?

First, let’s look at the statistics below;

  1. Quora has more than 190 million users.
  2. It helps to gain exposure to more than 200 million monthly unique visitors.
  3. More than 4,00,000 topics are covered.
  4. Quora has more than 40%, mobile users.

However, these statistics are still not updated. But, you can understand how the reach of this platform increases every year.

How can above data help marketers?

As quora get million of monthly visitors which represents the higher chances of online visibility. It’s a smart place for marketers to promote various businesses.

The question-answer platform is the best source for building an authority. The more engaged you are, the higher results you expect to get.

In marketing, it’s essential to understand consumer behaviors and responses. And, Quora is a perfect place to collect immediate feedback.

The key to getting successful on Quora is to use the platform for spreading knowledge. However, expecting to get direct ROI from Quora can be too early.

Below, I have mentioned some important reasons to add Quora to your marketing strategy. Basically, this is how Quora can be used to market any business online.

Most importantly, it’s not what you have been practicing on other marketing channels.

It’s time to amp up your content Marketing strategy with Quora.

1. Establishes Authority

Quora is a great platform that helps to boost your authority. It aims to demonstrate your knowledge. It allows individuals to show themselves as an informative source for users. It’s an excellent tool to build your profile on a specific topic. When you actively participate in daily questions and answers, readers get to know you as an authority. The in-depth high-quality answers show your experience in a specific subject. It thus builds your credibility. And, who doesn’t want that?

2. Introduces to a newer audience

Every online platform has its own audience. Likewise, Quora has a highly engaged audience who is desperate to get the answers to their problems. As a marketer, it’s the best place to connect with an audience who needs your help. As the statistic shows that the platform covers more than 4,00,000 topics which gives you an idea that how many questions are asked on daily basis. Every other user may have a different question from another.

So, the audience of quora is inevitably the targeted audience.

This leads us to our next point.

3. Drive high quality targeted traffic

Did you know that quora help to drive traffic? I don’t say that it’s a traffic generating platform like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest But, if your answers solve a user problem then people are more likely to click to your profile, mentioned links or any other answers you have. In most cases, Quora has the potential to drive quality traffic to websites.

Marketers who consistently add quora to their marketing strategies notice better traffic results. It also depends on various factors.

Marketing Strategies

Here are few tips to get quality traffic from Quora;

  1. Write informative and in-depth answers.
  2. Add links when necessary.
  3. Include images, screenshots or examples for better understanding.
  4. Don’t try to sell yourself.
  5. Make your answers readable by adding bullet points, bold words and short paragraphs.
  6. Craft better headlines

4. Get High Conversion Rates

Quora allows marketers, and small business owners to find their targeted audience. It’s up to them how they win their audience trust. Again, the key to getting leads from Quora is to become an authority. You should be able to answer the user problems in the most effective manner. It’s also important to learn how to use quora the right way.

Quora is a user-generated question and answer platform where your answers are respected than anything else. You should have a keen eye to evaluate the popularity of questions. Similarly, the content creator should produce answers that engage with the user.

The reason quora has high conversion rates as compared to platforms like Facebook is that of the trust factor. The credentials on quora do matter. When someone who’s an expert in the field answers a question, the chances are high that those answers drive great results.

So, when a user receives an answer from a credible person, he’s more likely to visit the website and become a customer.

5. Awareness

Whatever the business niche is, it’s always crucial to remain updated. Quora aims to spread awareness on endless topics. From trendy to niche-focused questions, Quora has a place for everything. The community ensures to absorb answers on almost every topic.

It thus aims to create awareness among people about your brand. You can simply answer all the relevant questions people have regarding your industry or business. Once you have build awareness among your potential clients, people will have more trust in you. This will ultimately increase the business growth and sales.

6. Know more about the audience

One of the common reasons why Quora is still successful is that it’s a community of real people who are looking for answers. This one thing can help you know more about your audience. It connects you with a targeted audience. Furthermore, the questions from the users are helpful for any business growth and making any changes. Knowing the right audience is the foremost goal for every business. Thus, Quora is the tool for learning more about your audience’s pain points, or the questions they have. You should be aware of the fact that what your potential clients may expect you to deliver.

The questions asked in quora threads will help you learn about your targeted audience and their struggles. It thus also helps to improve the marketing techniques.


Now, it’s your turn. Quora is still an underutilized marketing tool, although people are leveraging it for various other reasons like content ideas, driving traffic, collecting feedback, and keyword research. It’s totally up to you how you’re going to involve this powerful tool and its analysis.

Will you add quora to your marketing strategies?

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  1. Thanks to the insights from this post, I started leveraging Quora’s potential, and it’s been driving more traffic and leads to my website. The tips and strategies here were spot-on and easy to implement. Can’t thank you enough for sharing this valuable advice!

  2. I’ve seen a noticeable increase in brand visibility and engagement, since implementing the tips and advice shared in this amazing blog. Quora’s active community is a goldmine for reaching and connecting with my target audience.

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