Article rewriter



This tool helps you rewrite articles by replacing words with their synonyms. These synonyms are highlighted and in case you want to know the original word or see other suggestions, you can simply click on it.

Do you need an article rewriter?

An article rewriter is a blessing especially when you do not want to perform multiple edit rounds for the same article. In fact, if you are struggling with content and are not able to publish more frequently, our tool can be your saviour since you can choose the rewritten content and use our tool again (which means multiple versions of the same article). Then all you got to do is pick the best.

Here is how this tool can help you:

  1. This tool can help you craft better content with the word suggestions.
  2. With article rewriter, re-purposing content becomes easier. And since you can re-purpose your old articles to make them brand new, you can publish more consistently.
  3. With better quality and error-free content, our tool lay the foundation for the success of your content strategy.

Why you should use this tool?

This tool can help you speed up your content creation process and strengthen your content strategy with better words. Also, if you don’t find our replaced word better, you have a list of similar words to choose from and use them instead.

How to use

Our article rewriting tool is easy to use. All you have to do is copy-paste the article text in the provided box and then hit on the rewrite button. Our tool will then give you a ready-to-use article.

Why our tool?

Because it offers convenience. The words which are replaced with synonyms are highlighted for you. In fact, you can click on these words and replace them with the other suggestions which our tool offers.