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Website Screenshot Generator Tool

Submit a domain to the Website Screenshot Generator Tool and it will screenshot entire webpage in a snap!

About Website Screenshot Generator

Taking a screenshot on every device is different.  For instance, in smartphones, screenshots can be taken either by clicking the home button and the lock screen button together or by using gestures. Similarly, when it comes to taking screenshots through a desktop or a laptop, every one of their variants has a different combination of buttons for taking a screenshot. For instance, to take a screenshot from an Apple MacBook computer you need to press Command+Shift+3; whereas, other computers have a designated Print Screen button for taking screenshots.

When it comes to taking a website screenshot, some of the users are not aware of how they can take a website snapshot. There has to be universally known way through which it becomes easier for people to take a full page screenshot. So, to fulfil people's needs, RankWatch has prepared a screenshot taker that takes full page screenshot of every domain, no matter the configurations of the device. This website screen capture online is called the Website Screenshot Generator Tool.

How to take a screenshot of a web page?

Through the Website Screenshot Generator Tool by RankWatch, you can take a screenshot of every page and every domain on the internet. Also, it is up to you to decide if you need a full page screenshot or just the part of the page that is visible in the first fold. 

Apart from that, the Website Screenshot Generator is absolutely 100% free to use; plus, we do not ask for your email IDs either. Also, using our tool to screenshot the whole page is easy:

Step I: Open the Website Screenshot Generator Tool (in the Website Management Tools Section)
Step II: Submit the domain of which you want to take screenshot online.
Step III: Select the device on which you want to take the screenshot: Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.
Step IV: Choose screenshot size: XLarge (1024x640), Large (640x420), Medium (320x300), and Small (160x100).
Step V: Finally, click on the 'Take Screenshot' button. 
After clicking on the button, the tool will produce the screenshot instantly, and you can download it for free right then and there.

Note: Depending on your selection of the device (mobile, tablet, or desktop), the tool will take screenshot based on a site's User Interface on that device.

Tips on using Website Screenshot Taker Tool

RankWatch has several other tools that help webmasters in link analysis and keyword research, and the Website Screenshot Taker tool is just another part of them.

Taking a screenshot with our tool is one of the easiest tasks to do. You enter a domain, select the device and the size of the screenshot, and click on the 'Take Screenshot' button. And you are done!

For instance, you enter '' as your domain, and then you select the device as Mobile, choose the screenshot size as Extra Large (XL), and submit the information by clicking on 'Take Screenshot'.

The screenshot taker will take a full webpage screenshot of as accessed on mobile and in 1024*640 pixels.
Now, you know how to take a screenshot of a web page using our Website Screenshot Taker.

What is the need of a Screenshot Maker

There is a need for taking screenshots in numerous situations and capturing them with the help of our screenshot maker is really convenient. 
For instance, you have some problems while accessing a website, you contact that website's support team and submit your complaint. In response, they ask for a screenshot of the problem that you have been experiencing, but you do not know how to take a screenshot. Therefore, you confide in using our online Website Screenshot Generator tool.

There are other situations as well, where you find it necessary for using our screenshot taker. For instance, if you are a website owner and your users are facing problems while using your domain. They are submitting complaints like an issue with the UI; they want to know where the About Us page is, etc., then you can take a screenshot of those pages of your domain and send it across to your website hosting service so that they fix the problem.

Apart from that, let's say you like the User Interface or the design of some other domains, and you would like your domain to have a similar design as well. So for that, you can use our Website Screenshot Taker and take screenshots of those domains and send the files across to your site developer. With the help of those files, you do not have to explain in detail to your developer about the design or UI you want. The screenshots will be sufficient.

Various Screenshot Size Types

Screenshot size types vary from device to device because every device has a different resolution. For instance, if you look at the iPhone screenshot sizes based on their various variants, you will find they are all different.

iPhone 3+4 (3.5 Inch): 640 x 960
iPhone 5 (4 Inch): 640 x 1136
iPhone 6/7/8 (4.7 Inch): 750 x 1334
iPhone 6/7/8 Plus (5.5 Inch): 1242 x 2208
iPhone X (5.8-Inch): 1125 x 2436

The Website Screenshot Generator Online by RankWatch provides you with standard screenshot sizes to choose from. These sizes will work for every device be it a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone. The various screenshot sizes offered by our tool are:

XLarge (1024x640)
Large (640x420)  
Medium (320x300)  
Small (160x100)

You can choose any screenshot size you prefer, and the tool will take it. Also, you do not have to worry about the quality of the screenshot taken because every screenshot captured by RankWatch's Screenshot Taker is high in quality. So, even when you choose the smallest screenshot size, the quality will not deteriorate.

What are you waiting for then?

Submit a domain and take a screenshot this instant! It's free and easy-to-use.