10 SEO Tips To Use To Increase Ranking With Sales

May 30, 2023 | Basic SEO

10 SEO Tips

There are no SEO tips that will elevate your rankings to the first page of Google magically. These search engine spiders are miserly, little creatures who will not make your journey to the top easy. And it takes a lot to convince them of your website’s credibility, I tell you that.

Spending the money and having a beautiful and quality website is not enough. You need to do something little extra to stand out amidst countless websites on the internet get discovered by your prospects.

Think of it this way – have you ever come across a beautiful, quaint bookstore and realized why the heck this quirky shop is devoid of customers? And your heart goes out because despite being a gem, the shop still sits undiscovered behind the tall and staid trees.

The point is, if your gem of a website is going undiscovered by visitors then how is it any different from that “bookstore”. And like the bookstore was hidden by trees, your prospects can’t see you because of your bad ranking.

But you have nothing to worry about. In this article, we’ll talk about some cool and practically applied SEO tips that will give some signals to those pesky spiders and will hopefully convince them into increasing your ranking.

1. Title And Meta Description

The page title is the first thing that you see in the content and that’s why it comes first in this list. It is one of the best SEO tips as it helps the search engine to understand what your page is all about and how is it helping the target audience.

Here’s what your title should look like:

If you want your title to be a winner then make sure to it has the following features:

  1. Each page must have a different title.
  2. The title should clearly describe the motive of your content.
  3. It should neither be too short nor too long. The ideal length is somewhere around 50-60 characters.
  4. Avoid keyword stuffing, that is, repeating the same phrase unnecessarily.
  5. Make sure to include your focus keyword in the title.

Now enters Meta Description.

Meta Description is like a right-hand man to your title. What you couldn’t include in your title, add it here as it can go on about 140-150 characters.

Here’s a perfect example for a meta description:

Most important characteristics of a meta description are:

10 SEO Tips

  1. Make sure to add a unique description for all pages and posts.
  2. Should contain keywords but avoid keyword stuffing.
  3. Don’t make it promotional, use it to give a brief description of your page, post or product.

2. Make Your Permalink SEO Friendly

Permalink or permeant link is a static hyperlink to a particular web page or entry link for a page.

Ugh! That is confusing.

10 SEO Tips

SEO tips for perfect permalink:

  1. URLs (Permalink) are the identity of your pages, therefore, make them simple and easy for users and search engine.
  2. Add hyphens ‘—’ in between the words.
  3. Use words that describe your page the best.
  4. Make it as brief as you possibly can.

3. Add Internal Links

Most enterprises often overlook adding internal links in favor or external links. And this is where they are going wrong. Internal links are those in a page that point to other pages within the website itself.

See this example below. When you click on the given “internal link”, you should be redirected to some post talking about “the directories where you can submit your website”, within the same website.

10 SEO Tips

Thinks to avoid while adding internal links:

  1. Do not use terms that say “click here” or “read this”, it seems too forceful and somewhat off-putting.
  2. Don’t get carried away. A few internal links should work well in your favor.
  3. Don’t mislead the user. The links should be relevant, useful and easy to understand.

So, if you haven’t been leveraging internal links to enhance your SEO, then start doing it now and see the difference for yourself.

4. Breadcrumbs – One Of The Most Overlooked SEO Tips

Have you ever wondered that there might be something that is hindering your visitors from digging deeper into your site?

Maybe a complex structure which is not easy to navigate? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of them.

But the question is, how can you overcome this?

Breadcrumbs are your answer. It is like a small path, often located at the top of the page. Something like Home > Services > Category > Name

10 SEO Tips

You can use various plugins to create a breadcrumb for you.

Don’t wait anymore and use breadcrumbs to let your prospects find a way around your website.

5. Don’t Forget The Formatting

Sure, quality content is more important than anything else but the formatting is one integral part of the quality content. Nothing works against your SEO more than poorly formatted content.

  1. Use H1 tag for the main title of your post.
  2. Use H2 tags for your subtitles of your post
  3. Draw attention to important points using italics and BOLD.
  4. Don’t write chunky paragraphs, leave whitespaces in between the text.
  5. The font size should be easy to read but not too large so as to look annoying.

10 SEO Tips

See for yourself,

Would you rather read this –

10 SEO Tips

Or something like this –

10 SEO Tips

Now you know how important formatting is.

6. Track Your SEO Results

You can’t fix something without knowing if it needs fixing in the first place. For this simple reason, tracking your SEO is imperative.

Analyse these factors closely to see where you are going wrong:

  1. Check how your keywords are ranking on Google and other search engines.
  2. How many blogs are linking to your website?
  3. How many visitors are you getting from different search engines?
  4. See which social media platform is generating more traffic.

This analysis will give you a better idea of where you are lacking and in which direction you need to focus on to improve your SEO.

7. Good Content Is The King

We keep talking about the importance of good content and generally measure it using two things – By checking page analytics, especially the time user spent on the page and by the number of social media shares.

How to write good content?

  1. First and foremost, check your spellings and grammar profusely. Nothing puts off a visitor more than bad English.
  2. Back your claims by providing relevant links so that the readers know you are not making false claims.
  3. Deliver what you are promising. Say, for example, if your title says, “How to find business Emails using Google?” Then you have to make sure that you are providing relevant and accurate steps so that your readers actually find it useful.

8. The Fresher Your Content Is, Better Will Be Your Ranking

Writing good content is not nearly enough if the readers don’t find it relevant. Therefore, focus on updating your blog posts and other content from time to time.

Come to think of it, the tips that were relevant two years ago are likely to have changed by now. Fresh content works as an incentive for the Google Spiders to crawl your website more often.

However, you don’t have to worry about deleting it altogether – optimize it instead.

  1. Update some trending points while deleting the ones that are not used today.
  2. Update your keyword search
  3. Brush-up your Call-to-Action again.
  4. Don’t let it sit in the corner to collect dust, instead start promoting it again.

9. Don’t Overlook Mobile Performance

An independent web analytics company StatCounter stated that mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3% of internet usage worldwide in Oct 2016 compared to 48.7% by a desktop.

10 SEO Tips

This clearly shows that mobile users exceed the desktop users. Therefore, there is no denying that your mobile site is very important for SEO. Many people fail to acknowledge the importance of the potential for a mobile-friendly site.

And if rumors are anything to go by, then Google has also started penalizing the websites with crappy mobile sites.

Now you know what a mistake you are committing if you are guilty of neglecting your mobile website.

10. XML Sitemap For Search Engines

A sitemap is a complete list of all your posts and pages. Once you submit the XML sitemap to search engines, their spiders will be able to crawl your website easily.

Either you can generate a sitemap using various plugins or you can simply search using “http://www.yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml” to display your sitemap.

It should look something like this:

10 SEO Tips


I have made sure that the SEO tips I provided are 100% safe. You don’t have to tinker with a complex code neither are you violating any terms and guidelines provided by Google. All in all, these steps are safe, simple and of course, highly effective.

After you are done following these steps, don’t think that all your work is done. Here’s what you should work on after improving your SEO:

  1. Keep improving your website – provide more quality content and update your blog daily.
  2. Promote your website on all platforms (given that they are safe).
  3. Write guest posts to build authority in your domain.

It seems you have your work cut for you. But don’t fret, the benefits will be well worth the effort. Once you follow these SEO tips, you are likely to rank higher in search engines resulting in massive traffic and more sales opportunities.

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