Law Firm SEO: A 8-step Guide On Lawyer SEO Website Optimization

May 24, 2024 | Basic SEO

“You will hear from my lawyer!”

“I will see you in court!”

You must have heard these phrases in movies and internet videos and thought that being a lawyer would mean earning tons of money.

Well, that’s partially true. Simply setting up a law firm after completing your practice won’t make you a big-shot lawyer.

If you want to make your law firm the ultimate solution for all kinds of cases, you must opt for proper law firm SEO.

And for that, you need to understand SEO for lawyers.

What is “SEO For Lawyers?”

Now, what is SEO for lawyers?

Lawyer SEO or Attorney SEO is the process of optimizing your firm’s website per different law firm SEO aspects to improve its SERP position, generate traffic, and attract potential clients.

With proper lawyer SEO, you can improve your firm’s visibility, position it as the one-stop solution for all kinds of legal cases, and establish authority in your domain.

However, you need a proper law firm SEO strategy to enhance your website position. And that’s what we are going to discuss today.

How To Optimize Your Law Firm SEO Website?

When we talk about SEO for lawyers, there’s a step-by-step process that you must follow.

Optimize Your Business Profile

The first thing that you must do to implement attorney SEO is optimize your Google business profile, Bing places for business, and other search engines.

People mostly click on the top Google business profiles that appear after searching for, let’s say, “Criminal lawyers in London.”

“Criminal Lawyers in London” SERP results on Google

If your lawyer’s SEO profile does not contain proper information, users will move on to the next available option.

That’s why you should provide complete information in your Google Business profile, and Bing Places for business.

Information like name, place, contact details, etc., should remain the same all over the internet. Moreover, make sure the details are correct so customers do not face any hurdles while trying to contact you.

Establish Authority

Now that you have optimized your Google and Bing business profile, the next step of “SEO for lawyers is to establish authority.

Search engines won’t rank your lawyer SEO website unless they think of you as an expert in the industry.

Since “law” is considered a YMYL (Your Money Your Life) topic, search engine bots take extreme caution during the ranking process.

So, to rank your lawyer’s SEO website, you must adhere to the Google E-E-A-T SEO guidelines.

Show that you are a credible lawyer, have proper certifications, practiced law, worked on legal cases, and have a good team in the firm.

Kangs Solicitors “Our People” dashboard showing lawyers in the firm

We would highly recommend you publish case studies on your website and encourage your clients to leave online reviews as well.

Kangs Solicitors dashboard showing client testimonials

Apart from that, you also need to design factual content that meets the users’ needs. We will discuss the content part later on.

Kangs Solicitors dashboard containing blogs and case studies

For now, you must ensure that the search engine crawlers see you as an authorized law firm whom people can trust.

Proper Keyword Research

The next thing you need to do to establish proper attorney SEO is conduct thorough keyword research.

Now, we can suggest you simply use a keyword research tool, type in your seed keyword, and you will get a bunch of keywords.

But will that be useful?


You need to conduct a thorough SEO competitive analysis.

Yes, a thorough competitor analysis will not only disclose your top competitors in the SEO for lawyers domain, but also reveal their ranking pages, strategies, and keywords as well.

RankWatch’s competitor analysis would be of great help here. It discloses your top 20 lawyer SEO competitors along with their ranking keywords and URLs.

RankWatch’s Competitor Analysis dashboard

You can simply export the data and get the list of top-ranking keywords within seconds.

However, using the same keywords as your law firm SEO competitors is not a wise choice. That’s why we suggest you opt for keyword mapping. 

Design a set of keywords for each landing page of your lawyer SEO website and different sets for case studies, blogs, and other content formats.

Here, you can get help from our free keyword research tool

Simply enter a target keyword from your law firm SEO competitors’ ranking keywords, select the location for which you want the results, and choose whether you want phrase match or broad match keywords.

RankWatch’s Keyword Researcher dashboard

The tool will analyze the inputs and present relevant keywords, along with their CPC, search volume, and difficulty level.

RankWatch’s Keyword Researcher Top Question Terms Section

Apart from that, the keyword researcher also provides top question terms related to the target keyword, which you can use in FAQs, headings, or anywhere in the content.

Deliver Factual Content

After getting the sets of keywords, it is time to design content for your law firm SEO. 

And no, by designing content, we do not mean creating a few landing pages and displaying case studies.

You need to design proper website content that states your law firm’s USPs and how you can solve the user problem. This is one of the most important aspects of SEO for lawyers.

Besides, it would also help if you publish short blogs or content pieces on your website and social media platforms to enhance your law firm’s visibility. 

It would also help if you start creating newsletters around the “SEO for lawyers” domain.

Basically, every form of content is essential for implementing proper SEO for law firms.

However, before you do that, we highly suggest you go through your lawyer SEO competitors’ and view their ranking pages to get ideas on the type of content that’s attracting clients.

Simply use our competitor analysis tool for this process and identify the various types of content that other law firms are designing.

RankWatch’s Competitor Analysis “Ranking URL Analysis” dashboard

Extract the data, create topic clusters, identify content gaps, and start designing content for the same. 

You can also hire a digital marketing agency to implement SEO for attorneys for your website. But make sure to check their credentials before making the deal.

Remember, “Content is KING!” no matter what industry you work in.

On-page Optimization 

Now that you have designed your website content, it is time to start the on-page SEO for attorneys optimization process.

On-page search engine optimization for attorneys is an important part of SEO for lawyers as it helps the search engine crawlers recognize your law firm and improve its visibility.

Now, there are tons of factors in on-page SEO for attorneys that you must take care of. You can refer to the on page SEO checklist to verify whether all the factors are optimized or not.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ is designed to help tackle the on-page search engine optimization for attorneys without hassle.

You simply need to enter one of your lawyer SEO website page’s URL along with the target keyword and location.

The on page SEO checker will analyze your web page on more than 20+ on-page factors, compare it with the top-performing URLs in the lawyer SEO industry, and present you with an attorney SEO score and a checklist.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ dashboard

You just need to check whether each of the lawyer SEO metrics matches the suggested range; if not, then implement the suggestions provided and recheck.

Besides, the SEO checker also provides long-tail keywords that your law firm SEO competitors are using and ways in which you can implement them in your website content as well.

After creating the law firm SEO content, you can also check its status on the Content Editor.

The Editor will help you structure the lawyer SEO content, improve its readability, and provide tips to optimize it.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ Content Editor dashboard

Moreover, RankWatch’s Content Editor also provides top “SEO for lawyers” question-based search queries that you can include in your content to enhance its chances of ranking.

Build Backlinks

When it comes to SEO for attorneys, backlinks play a major role in the process. 

See, you can create amazing law firm SEO content and optimize your profile, but if you do not have a solid link profile, it will affect your lawyer SEO SERP rankings.

Besides, for law firm SEO, backlinks act as a vote of confidence. They indicate that your law firm is one that can be trusted. 

On top of that, backlinks from authoritative sites bring more traffic and potential leads.

So, if you are implementing SEO for lawyers’ websites, then make sure to build a good link profile.

For that, you can analyze your law firm SEO competitors’ link profiles, discover their various referring domains, reach out to them, and get backlinks.

Now, the process might seem simple, but without a good backlink analyzer, SEO for lawyers will get difficult.

That’s why we suggest you use our FREE backlink analyzer to dissect your rival’s link profile and replicate their link building strategy to improve your lawyer SEO visibility.

RankWatch’s Backlink Checker page

Besides, you must also analyze your link profile to identify deleted links and make amends to recover them at any cost.

RankWatch’s Backlink Analyzer “Deleted Links” Insights

However, make sure to disavow any toxic links that appear in your profile to avoid getting a penalty from Google and other search engines.

Remember, toxic links can deeply affect search engine optimization for attorneys, which directly impacts their rankings.

Now, you don’t want your lawyer SEO reputation to go down the drain due to a toxic link, do you?

Website Optimization 

Now, you have built a nice business profile, established authority, designed factual content, and even have a nice link profile, so is the whole “SEO for lawyers” process done?

No! The main part of search engine optimization for lawyers is still left!

After implementing all of the above steps, you must conduct a site audit of your lawyer’s SEO website.


To identify underlying issues that might affect user experience, which can also impact your rankings.

That’s why, make sure to conduct regular site audits to identify technical SEO issues and resolve them to avoid missing out on potential leads.

You can use RankWatch’s Site Auditor to conduct website audits at any time. 

The tool analyzes your website thoroughly and provides a detailed report with data on issues regarding SEO for lawyers that need to be addressed immediately.

RankWatch Site Auditor dashboard

RankWatch’s Site Auditor “Issue Distribution” section

Apart from site auditing, you must also ensure your website is mobile-friendly, as Google considers mobile-friendliness a major attorney SEO factor.

You can simply use our mobile friendliness checker to conduct mobile friendly tests and check whether your website performs well on mobile phones and tablets.

RankWatch’s Mobile Friendly Checker Dashboard

You can also use our website analyzer to view how your website appears on mobile phone screens and make changes in UI design to make it more visually appealing. 

Remember, visual appearances on different screen sizes is an important factor of SEO for lawyers.

While you are using the SEO analyzer, also go through the speed section to see if your website speed is good or if any changes are needed.

You will also get suggestions regarding the same in this section. Implement the suggestions to optimize your website as per SEO for lawyers page speed factors.

Monitor Website Ranking

Once you have set everything up, it is time to monitor your SEO for lawyers website pages to see whether they are performing as intended or not.

RankWatch’s Rank Tracking can help you track the performance of all your web pages and identify issues that need to be fixed.

RankWatch’s Rank Tracking Dashboard

The tool discloses your top landing pages, the overall SOV that your website brings, your website’s performance in SERP snippets, and other important SEO for lawyers metrics.

RankWatch’s Ranking Overview “SERP Snippets” section

You can also track the performance of individual pages with our Rank Tracker and work on the SEO for lawyers factors to improve their rankings. 

Implementing Law Firm SEO Improves Your Firm’s Reputation

A law firm can only gain a good reputation if people recognize it for its valor and achievements. Gone are the days when lawyers used to depend on word-of-mouth and print marketing.

Currently, attorneys need to use proper law firm SEO implementation to put their firm in the spotlight.

Besides, proper lawyer SEO optimization gives you the chance to market your firm globally and get potential clients from all over the world.

So, go ahead and start optimizing your website as per lawyer search engine optimization and upgrade your site as per the pointers we have mentioned.

We hope this blog was helpful.

See you soon!

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