Ultimate Travel SEO Tactics To Enhance Your Website Presence

June 10, 2024 | Basic SEO

The travel business saw a massive surge after COVID-19 left our lives. Well, staying indoors for around two years was not easy, with people handling household and work chores and a million different things.

So, the moment WHO declared that COVID-19 is officially over, people started traveling immediately, giving travel businesses a nice boost.

Currently, the travel industry is thriving. However, there are still some travel agencies who are having difficulty in driving clients to their websites. This is where travel SEO comes into play. 

What is travel SEO? How to implement it in your business? We are going to answer various such questions in this blog. 

Let’s go!

What is Travel SEO?

a couple browsing through hotels, activities, and locations for traveling

It is well known that SEO optimization can make a website the star of any industry. In the case of travel business, SEO plays a major role in upscaling businesses in this sector.

But what is travel SEO? Simply put, SEO for travel websites consists of a set of SEO travel tactics designed to improve a travel website’s performance and increase its traffic.

Why Do You Need Travel SEO Optimization?

But, why do you need SEO for travel agency? The agencies used to work just fine without implementing these methods. Well, even when SEO for travel industry was not in the scenario, travel agencies unknowingly adopted the methods of traditional SEO.

For example, hoardings were put up, pamphlets were delivered, advertising was done offline, through TV ads, etc. The tag of “SEO for travel websites” came a few years back when experts started giving it a name, and it became the talk of the town.

Besides, transferring your business to the digital platform will boost its performance tenfold and give you high ROI and profits. On top of that, travel SEO opens doors for future collaborations, appearance in Google featured snippets, opportunities for high-quality link building, and much more.

Steps to Implement Proper Travel Website SEO

But how to implement travel SEO in your business? What steps should be followed to implement SEO for travel websites ?

We are going to discuss all the steps in detail for your understanding.

Foundation Steps

Before we move on to the various aspects of SEO for travel agency, that need to be implemented on your travel website, let’s brush up on our foundations.

Snooping On Competitors

Whether you are the founder of a travel agency or a simple brick-and-mortar store, competitor analysis holds a core position in the SEO travel sector. By understanding the tactics and strategies that your competitors are following, you will be able to identify their shortcomings and design better campaigns for your business.

Moreover, competitor analysis also helps you identify the topics for which your competitors are gaining traction, the ongoing trends they are following, and their active ads and campaigns. With RankWatch’s competitor analysis, you can uncover all of the above-mentioned insights and much more in the snap of your fingers.

RankWatch Competitor Analysis dashboard

Export the data directly from the tool, analyze it, and design SEO travel campaigns that align with your business vision and goals.

Discovering Potential Keywords

Once you have gone through your competitors’ profiles, it is time to discover keywords that can boost your travel SEO tactics.

RankWatch’s competitor analysis also provides you with keywords that are responsible for improving your competitors’ SERP rankings. Though you can use those ranking keywords for the keyword mapping process, creating content pillars and topic clustering, we advise you not to just limit yourself to them.

RankWatch Competitor Analysis’s ranking keywords table

You can use those keywords as seed keywords to discover more potential words. RankWatch’s free keyword research tool can help you in this discovery process. Simply enter the seed keyword, target location, and whether you want a phrase or broad match words. The tool will analyze your inputs and provide an extensive list of keywords, their CPC, search volume, and difficulty.

RankWatch Keyword Researcher dashboard

It also provides a “top question terms” section, which is filled with question-based keywords, using which your travel website traffic will increase.

RankWatch Keyword researcher’s “top question terms” section

On-page Travel SEO Techniques

Now that you have your basics clear, let’s move on to the on-page travel SEO tactics for your website. On-page SEO travel includes optimization of factors present on your website that will enhance its performance, traffic, and SERP rankings.

To save you from the trouble of optimizing each on-page factor separately, RankWatch has designed an online on page SEO checker that also serves as an on page SEO checklist.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ analyzes your travel agency webpage as per the inputs entered, compares it with the top-performing web pages on the internet, and then gives you a score out of 100.

RankWatch SEO IQ dashboard

On top of that, the tool also provides tons of recommendations varying from keyword usage in headings and meta description length to designing crisp URLs. Under each recommendation, you will get an appropriate range for the factor and a comparison graph to help you understand your web page’s position amongst the competitors.

RankWatch SEO IQ’s “Improvement Ideas” section

SEO IQ also has a “Content Recommendations” section that shows you the various relatable long tail keywords and how their presence can affect your web page content.

RankWatch SEO IQ “Content Recommendations” section

You can also edit your content in real time and see the changes in optimization status through the “Content Editor” section of the tool.

RankWatch SEO IQ “Content Editor” dashboard

Another aspect of on-page SEO for travel websites is including internal links. You need to maintain a proper internal-external link profile for your travel website SEO. You can easily check the ratio with our Website Analyzer tool.

RankWatch Website Analyzer “Page Links” ratio

If your travel SEO website has tons of blogs or content and you don’t know which one to link to in the upcoming content piece, you can use RankWatch’s Rank Tracking feature.

RankWatch Ranking Overview “Pages” tab

Simply click on the “Pages” tab of Rank Tracking, and you will get details on all your top-performing web pages. Insights like ranking keywords, position change, traffic, etc., are presented on the dashboard.

RankWatch Ranking Overview “Pages” table

It would help you understand which pages are relevant to your upcoming content piece, and you can link them accordingly. 

Off-page SEO for Travel Website

Now that your on-page SEO for travel websites is done, let’s move on to the off-page SEO travel tactics.

Off-page SEO for travel industry means applying tactics outside your travel SEO website that will impact the website’s performance. For off-page travel website SEO, you need to focus mainly on external link building and guest posting.

If you are unable to find proper link-building opportunities, then we would suggest you use RankWatch’s free backlink checker tool. Simply enter one of your competitors’ website URLs, and the tool will uncover its entire link profile within minutes. Go through their link profile, see their list of referring domains, and connect with them for link-building opportunities.

RankWatch Backlink Analyzer dashboard

You can also use the same tactic for guest posting opportunities. Connect with the referring domains of your competitors and see if they have any guest posting requirements. Gathering premium-quality backlinks for your travel website SEO will benefit you in many ways, like better traffic, good SERP rankings, increasing your online visibility, etc. 

Technical SEO for Travel Agency

Now comes the technical part of travel SEO optimization. What does it include? Well, technical SEO travel includes a thorough technical analysis of SEO for travel websites to identify any underlying issues and treat them immediately.

RankWatch’s Site Auditor is well-known for its thorough site analysis. It analyzes your SEO travel website based on various factors and gives a site score out of 100.

RankWatch Site Auditor dashboard

Additionally, the tool also identifies underlying issues and categorizes them as per priority for you to understand which of them need immediate attention.

RankWatch Site Auditor “Issues distribution” section

Apart from conducting site analysis, you also need to keep your website page load speed and size in check. Our website analyzer not only states the speed of your travel SEO website but also provides tips on how to improve it.

RankWatch Website Analyzer “Speed” section

RankWatch Website Analyzer “Speed Tips” section

The last most important part of technical SEO for travel websites is making the site mobile-friendly. Google is pretty strict about the mobile-friendliness of an SEO travel website as the majority of people use mobile phones to search for something.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, Google won’t rank it at all. To check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, use the mobile friendliness checker from RankWatch.

RankWatch mobile friendly checker dashboard

Besides, the “mobile rendering” section of our SEO analysis online also helps you understand how your website looks on different screen sizes so that you can change the layout as needed.

RankWatch Website Analyzer “Mobile Rendering” section

Local SEO for Travel Industry

Three people navigating through local SEO

Local SEO is one of the major fueling factors for travel agencies. If you are not optimizing your website as per local SEO needs, it will be difficult to get local clients and drive your business.

Optimizing local SEO for travel websites is not that difficult. You simply have to implement the above steps on a local level, and the results will be available to you.

For competitor analysis, RankWatch has a separate “Local” section that you can use to identify your local competitors, discover their ranking pages and keywords, and use them to your benefit.

The same goes for keyword research as well. RankWatch’s keyword research tool allows you to get keywords based on your target location. 

Basically all the features that are mentioned above, you can use them to get local-based travel SEO insights. Make sure to implement them on your website content and check for any underlying issues as well.

Social Media Marketing SEO

A man and a woman promoting social media marketing

Apart from all the travel SEO tactics, you also need to market your travel website SEO on social media.

Social media is a vast platform that opens up doors of opportunities. Many startups have achieved success through social media campaigns. So, if you want your travel agency to reach new heights, social media marketing is a must.

Final Thoughts

Running a travel business is not an easy job, as there are tons of competitors in the market. But you can still make it by implementing proper travel SEO tactics and enhancing the quality of your website.

We hope this blog was useful for you.

See you soon!

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