5 Signs you need a Technical SEO Audit

December 6, 2019 | Advanced SEO

Signs you need a Technical SEO Audit

How often do search engine optimization audits take place in the world of digital marketing? While experts recommend getting mini audits every month, a full-fledged technical SEO audit should be done in every 5-6 months. But that’s not the point we wish to discuss here.

Every day people discover new websites, different companies offering new products and Informational blogs that help stitch together people’s creative imagination. Does your platform receive the traffic of potential clients or customers you believe it deserves? If you are unsure of the answer, here are five signs that you might need a Technical SEO Audit.

But First, What does Technical SEO Stand For?

Okay, let’s be fair, for starters, abbreviating SEO is one of the smartest things that could have been done when using this terminology. If you are still confused and wondering what’s an SEO, it stands for search engine optimization. SEO affects the organic ranking of a website or a web page in the SERPs.

Each online platform should have a good SEO that helps with underlying codes, functionality and page loading times.

Businesses with frequent online traffic usually pay for search engine optimization company services. These search engine optimization companies have to keep up with the algorithm from many common and different platforms, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook. The lack of making sure a business website is integrated with these new algorithms can be a significant drop in the amount of traffic that discovers your business. This is where the need for a Technical SEO audit comes into the picture. Technical SEO is all about maintaining the health of your website for it to be indexed and be crawled upon by the search engines.

It is termed as ‘technical’ since it does not directly deal with the content of the website. Technical SEO is one of the main pillars of a solid SEO foundation.

Doing a technical SEO helps avoid basic problems such as indexing, content duplication and drop in page rank. From optimizing your URL to navigating your website designs and re-doing its structure for SEO purposes is what Technical SEO entails. While optimizing for conversions is great practice, Technical SEO focuses on rectifying the technical aspects of your website – the navigation, site structure and more.

Constant updates and changes of a platforms algorithm may be a bit hard keeping up to date with their system changes. Top SEO companies specialize in performing these activities. The biggest problem is how do you know if the SEO company your business pays for meets your expectations for the business. Below we discuss the five signs that may prove why your business deserves a technical SEO audit.

If Your Search Rankings Plunged

Your search rankings should always be somewhere within the top 5 of your competitors. If your search rankings have dropped tremendously this might be a definite sign of doing some poking around. I wouldn’t completely point any fingers to your SEO for being at fault in your rank dropping just yet. Sometimes your SEO team may be in the midst of making new updates to the frequently changed algorithms.

Algorithms can be changed overnight while no one is working. While no one is working people can be searching. Being practical first plays a distinctive role. Although in some cases it’s the first alert signal to internal or outbound links that don’t have a valid destination. Improperly formed links go unnoticed frequently. Adding spaces between words where there shouldn’t be any spaces can corrupt the traffic of your business.

If Your Website Content Is Not At Par

Launching a new website or website redesign carries a series of important optimization checks before you can guarantee everything is running smoothly. Often searches are disrupted by the lack of information that can’t be crawled by search engine spiders. Search engine spiders visits websites read it’s pages information to help create entries for a search engine index.

Could you imagine living in a new environment around strangers who don’t speak your language? Getting to some common places such as the park, grocery store or bank may be difficult without the proper information. The only problem is how can you ask if you don’t speak their language yet. This can be quite the same in similarity when launching a new website or website redesign. Page resources most likely will redirect away from your website.

If Your Web Pages Underlying Code Is Unreadable

Sometimes well-hidden problems revolve around underlying codes. Editing content or rewriting page titles don’t catch them in in-depth problems that exist. Different variations of files in use on the same page can be a huge wall of clutter keeping your website from operating to its maximum potential. An easy way to think of this traffic jam metaphorically might be imagining 10 people trying to use one car, but all having a different destination.

Underlying codes all have a source code. Source codes provide readable programming language, this usually is conveyed in plain text. The source code is often transformed by an assembler or compiler so the machine code is understood. If your web pages underlying code is unreadable than most likely a thorough audit should be done by your SEO’s best programmers.

If Your Mobile Site Is Not Running Smooth

Having a mobile-friendly website is imperative in today’s society. Drops in search ranking can definitely have a downward spiraling effect on your business without a mobile-friendly website. Over sixty percent of people surfing the web rely on their phones to experience new websites. How often have you heard of someone going home to get on Facebook or Instagram? To better explain this rational explanation about mobile device usage, would it be any point of using Twitter without a mobile device.

The technology of mobile devices today gives you the ability to almost run a full-fledged online business from your device. Keeping an optimized website for mobile devices could harbor ninety-five percent of your clients or customers.

If There Are Identifiable Design Flaws

Poor website themes can cause unnecessary drops in your ranking. Google Hummingbird is clever enough to correctly pinpoint your website and rank it the way it deserves. Clever website themes are first impression eye-openers. What has ever been the most tantalizing features on a website you’ve seen? After experiencing the display of digital art and animation was the theme intriguing enough. If you are looking for an effective SEO audit, make sure the theme of your website is updated as well.

First impressions of websites carry your traffic for at least one-tenth of a second. A search engine optimization company that covers every aspect of making sure your website’s traffic continues to flow efficiently may not deserve an audit.

Today’s SEO Is More Than Just Converting Traffic

Two of the hardest things to do after achieving potential traffic flow might be converting the traffic to sales or getting unconverted customers to return. Who would have thought that so much effort and hard work needed your attention to start a successful website? On a scale from one to ten how many people actually, know what a search engine optimization company does for the website we love today.

Twenty years ago when Google was first launched the world wide web has never been the same. Right around the same time website owners begin to become more evolved with SEO. This makes me wonder who’s bright idea was it to create algorithms. Do algorithms create business for search engine optimization companies? Without so many different algorithms would there be any need for search engine optimization companies?

Could you imagine waking up tomorrow and all forms of communication have been reverted back to the AOL era? If you are laughing hysterically right now or just grinning from ear to ear your imagination might be as good as mines. This would mean no more Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Could this new generation handle that?

As long as we continue to evolve with new forms of online endeavors SEO Companies will always have a job to do. But the striking question is, could today’s online technology survive without SEO? If algorithms became obsolete would the flow of traffic on business websites be easier to manage? Only time can teach us what we learned yesterday might not work today.


Keeping a humble sense of humor towards the rise of online integration into our line of communication seems to help most of the older crowd learn to accept and appreciate the new changes. Today parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles take selfie pictures. Ironically one the oldest sayings are still being used in the most literal way. “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Thanks to the cool top leading Seo companies that are making enjoyable internet experiences for different websites users all around the world today. Possibilities are unsurprisingly endless and we have many new innovative capabilities to look forward to.

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