Why is schema markup important for Local Business?

July 10, 2019 | Advanced SEO

Over all these years that passed by, Schema has achieved its place successively among SEO experts as a valid optimization strategy for securing all the crucial feedback boxes and high-quality snippets in the zero position of search results.

Talking of its essence, Schema is a base that holds markup data and which also acknowledges search engines to more desirably figure-out the location-based methodical information which includes event dates, addresses, contact numbers, and another sort of information.

This schema foundation further makes its use in rich snippets, video roundabouts, and the favorites, and also advertised in the accurate card-like system, putting an effort to make your search results much more eye-catching to the end-user experience. 

Being told these significances of the same, let’s start our work with knowing, what is schema markup? And know in what way it can be used in a local SEO.

What Is Schema Markup?

The credit of creation of Schema markup goes to giant search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

What schema basically aims is creating and furthermore providing its full-fledged support to an ordinary group related to tags, which can be used by search engines to understand and demonstrate data thoroughly.

Different mortar shops along with several local bricks in SEO takes the help of schema markup in order to have their appearance in SERPs considering carousels, answer boxes, and additional rich snippets that are created with the help of this markup. 

Who Gets The Benefit from Schema Markup?

Analytically, in a case, like any business might get the benefit taking the help of Schema markup to have that cutthroat edge and gaining traction in the field of SERPs. 

When dealing in the local SEO, Schema markup creates the display data for SERPs, which is on target, particularly to businesses that turn out as a sort of entity acting all over SERPs.

Schema Markup is being used by business ventures like electronic repairing shops, restaurants, doctors, lawyers, small eateries, electronic sales regions, sandwich shops, etc. This method helps in the generation of rich snippets for any kind of business. 

So, in a summarized way, you can come to the conclusion that businesses who use Schema Markup, are paid in the form of ‘rich results or earlier known, as ‘rich cards’ or ‘rich snippets’; in return, it does improve e-commerce website ranking. 

There are few basic schema markup points to remember in local SEO

Local SEO never has that importance for marketing on account of Google’s continuous algorithm update, which aims to help small businesses, attracting more and more customers. Local SEO strategies should be the perfect combination of factors such as:

  • GMB (Google My Business) profile 
  • Consistent NAP all over the Internet (name, address, and phone)
  • Local citations
  • Social media platforms
  • Local link building
  • Google reviews
  • On-page optimization

Now, to go point by point, here are all the details of Local SEO strategies:

1. GMB (Google My Business) profile:

One of the most effective and dominant factors on achieving local clarity in Google belongs to the optimization of your Google My Business details.

Google My Business is importantly your hub for managing your business’s information and the way it is showcased on giant search engines like Google & Google Maps.

What Is Google My Business?

GMB or Google My Business is a freebie tool which allows local businesses to make a profile and command how the business information of theirs on Google Maps or Google search appears. 

2. NAP Consistency:

Full form of NAP is Name, Address, Phone Number. NAP is crucial for businesses that desire to rank right in the local organic search result page as big search engines names like Google incorporates data into consideration when they decide which companies to display geo-targeting searches. To increase the local search ranking, what their businesses should try with their NAP. 

For start-up companies, Assure yourself that the NAP you’re using is correct – which includes your website; also, different sites all over the web. Experts of Local SEO considers that Google and several other search engines that checks your NAP information all over a range of websites as a confirmation that you have a legal business. 

What can happen in the absence of NAP Consistency?

Firstly, the lack of a NAP can make you unnoticed and unseen. It’s essential for your company to have the correct NAP name, address, and phone number in all online regions, particularly the high authority directories submission sites. You NAP is that compelling tool that targets customers locally to your current location or physical location. 

Top online directories include:

  •   Google+
  •   Yahoo
  •   Bing
  •   Merchant Circle
  •   Yelp
  •   YP.com
  •   Yellowbook
  •   Mantra.com
  •   Better Business Bureau

3. Local Citation:

Location Citation

What do you mean by Local Citation?

A local citation refers to a type of online description of the (NAP) name, address, and phone number for the local business. 

Citations can appear on online Local Business Directories for SEO, on your sites and applications, and on social media platforms. 

Citations can also support Internet users to find local businesses and can even influence Local Search Rankings. 

With full sincerity, local businesses can control and manage numerous citations to guarantee data accuracy.

4. Social Media Platforms:

In order to have a successful business and to be on top, it’s no wonder that local business owners must grasp this SEO aim, to make the best use of social media in the marketing purpose and in SEO strategies.  

9 tips to enhance your local SEO with social media platforms:

  •   Use appropriate social media
  •   Make use of keywords in the search profiles
  •   NAP consistency shouldn’t be compromised
  •   Work on UGC (User-Generated Content)
  •   In your marketing approach, use hashtags
  •   Advertise local happenings on social media
  •   On digital platforms, use Geotag photos
  •   Use backlinks from geographical/local bloggers
  •   Use social media links to promote the site’s traffic

5. Local link building:

Surely, local link building is a vital factor to consider when has to achieve your goal in local rankings. So, the most beneficial approach for local link building is the relationship between the influencers and businesses and sharing at social media is the least valuable thing. Short personal emails are critical in the local link. Some experts say that local link building is high-priced, but with continual investment, the SEO search visibility can develop, and sometimes effectively. 

6. On-Page Optimization:

On-Page SEO or on-page optimization indicates all measures that might be directly taken to advance the position of your website on Google search rankings. You can optimize or improve the title tags, content, or the Meta description. Vice Versa, off-page SEO mentions links and many other signals. 

3 Different Layouts of Schema Markup

First to start with is the –

  •   Standard Schema Microdata: It’s a schema markup that features HTML, which is commonly used. It’s the easy one, as you get to learn how it should be implemented.
  •   JSON-LD: This format is marked up through Javascript, as its most suggested layout.
  •   RDFa: This format works efficiently in several document class, including XML, HTML 4, SVG, among others.

Disregarding the web document type that you’re using, it’s probably that RDFa will certainly work. Open Graph Protocol of Facebook is the application of data documentation which uses RDFa.

See Google’s Instructions on Structured Data of Schema Markup

Let’s focus our attention a bit more here. Here are some of the tips for the future, if any case; you go against Google’s guidelines.

So, we all know there are so many clues to limit internet spamming schema markup, plus making sure the spam box doesn’t have its representation in SERPS area.  

Great attention should be paid with structured data of schema that it should not come under spam space regardless of whatever the condition is. Also, it should always be accurate and precisely highlights what your page is all about. 

By this, we mean that, if all in all, you use structured data of schema in spam area, then you might assume to get penalized by Google authorities sooner or later for using spam in the data. 

So, considering everything, the primary aim of Google is that its search results should be spam-free. But that doesn’t work in the real world every time, as you can’t every time keep an eye on the web circuit for spam. It’s like an impossible task which involves millions of problems that are being searched every single day. 

As a result, to tackle this situation where your schema markup is treated spammy, Google advises you to that you meet – Google’s structured data guidelines. 

Google highly insists on creating any type of schema markup, which makes content hidden for any user, who might be consuming that content. It should be similar to the markup which is being used for that very purpose.

According to the saying of Google’ guidelines, the markup, which is either misleading or totally inappropriate, should not be used by you. 

The guidelines also indicate that the schema markup of yours should be fully completed so as to come under the category of their parameters for admittance. This simply means that if the markup points out an image or some other information never ignore to include that. 


While there are many golden eggs ready to be hatched with the help of Schema Markup, most of the local businesses still fail to make the best use of it. Implementing the best practices determined according to the Schema Markup guidelines, you may make your way very easily through the prevailing competition. You would be able to attract a considerably large number of people towards your business and make things work the way you may have desired. 


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