9 Advanced SEO Tactics To Outperform Your Competitors In 2022

September 22, 2022 | Advanced SEO

Outperform your competitors   
SEO has changed a lot in recent years, gone are the days where Meta tags and Directory Submission worked and got results for you. Now, you need to set and achieve SEO your goals for any particular niche a bit differently.

Here, in this article, we are going to describe a few tactics that you can apply with your SEO strategies in 2022 and make a difference in the highly competitive online world. Once you set Marketing goals for your business website, it is time to define strategies to implement it.

What works and what not works

At first, I should point out what works and what doesn’t in SEO before I dig into details. Of course, this section is not for a newbie who wishes to learn SEO; rather it should be beneficial for specialists and SEOs who have prior experience in this field.
A decade ago when I started my career as an SEO executive, it was quite easy for getting rankings in Google for any keyword we target, 3 months SEO on any web sites and you will be a superhero. There were neither algorithm restriction nor any strict guidelines to follow at that time. Most of them trying tricks that were discussed in Webmaster world, Digital point or warrior forums, some worked quickly and others not.

Search Engine Optimising
Searching Engine Optimizing SEO Browsing Concept

For example, we even tried hiding text using CSS styles and stuffed keywords inside; all Metas were keywords focused. The Contents were duplicated inside the pages and more pages were created using program scripts and redirecting it to HTML page URL using .htaccess. A large chunk of Menus were inserted inside pages and we stuffed multiple keywords in them. Also, we made keywords bold and added anchor text to them.

As far as off page optimization is concerned, directory submission was our first preference. Article submission was more worth and easy since there were no hard guidelines. We duplicated one article into 3 or 4 by spinning them.. It was always fun to play with Blog feed automatic ping services and many more. All those strategies were provided us results in one or other way so it was a win-win situation for every SEO. We were able to confidently predict that results will be delivered within three months.

While the things were going well, by February 2011 Google released Panda algorithm which was targeting the low-quality content. Websites with low-value content started receiving massive hit down on traffic. And by mid-2012, Google Penguin update came into existence which was targeting on low-quality links and link farms. Both these algorithms was a game changer for Google as well as SEOs since people frightened this is going to trash their business and somewhat same has happened. About.com one such major site and ended up selling for $110 million less 

These two updates have changed the entire prospect about the strategies to apply towards SEO. People started about providing better values after these algorithm updates and quality content and Better user experience came in place.

Below we are going to discuss better and advanced SEO strategies in 2022 that you can apply in order to get maximum results.

1. Better User experience (UX)

User experience is the first and foremost thing you have to build with your SEO plan. 

What is UX?
The term UX was coined by cognitive scientist Don Norman in the early 1990s while he was VP of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple.

Here’s how he formally defines it:

“User experience’ encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” SEO has the figures that UX requires. UX has a web design structure that SEO requires. In short, they both go hand-in-hand.

User Experience Website

How it affects SEO

A good User experience website always pulls Customers in like a salesperson or receptionist welcomes you in front of a retail store, the smiles on their face gives us the first impression about that store and it provides a positiveness inside the customers. Websites with good UX give users confidence and trust factor so that they go a step ahead and make a purchase at first visit. This not only improves your website traffic and thus sales but also reduces the bounce rate. If you want to learn more about better UX and SEO advantages you can follow the article

2. Branding

Branding is another important measure to consider in 2022. The more Established brand you are the more SEO score you receive and come up top for most of the competitive keywords. Now, building a trustworthy brand Online is not easy, it takes time and effort. Major brands such as Amazon, Walmart, and Apple all took years to develop it. Now comes the million dollar question, how to develop your website as a good brand?

Importance of Branding
Laptop in a coworking space

My answer to this question is straight, you need a good amount of trusted followers who are ready to hear you and would always love to buy from you. Those audiences are all your eyes and ears. Once you succeed in developing that user base you can say you built a brand on something that you are going to sell.

Social mentions and Impressive website UX are part of Branding. Suppose the followers who bought products or services from you like to mention your Brand name in social media platforms then it’s proof that people have trust in your service. This again gives great privilege in highly competitive niches, and Search Engines consider this as a vital factor to determine your positions in SERP(Search Engine Result Pages).


RIP, the keyword stuffed contents inside a particular page and driving traffic using cheap SEO tricks. Google algorithms are now smarter and better efficient to identify any of those and will penalize you never before. It is webmasters duty to mold up the web site to deliver the results related to queries what a user is typing and Google name it as user intended queries .

Google’s ultimate task is to deliver high-quality relevant results on top of SERP that satisfy its users. In other words when Google pick you top of search engine results pages only when you can deliver high CTR with less bounce rated contents. Hence, the bounce rate is directly proportional to stable results on top of Google. I am not stating that web sites with high bounce rate will not come up the top of results; it will and, of course but in order to stay there for a long time you need these better Long term strategies.

Apart from this, you must also check grammar, keyword synonyms, content quality, and comprehensiveness, etc to ensure you are doing the right things that a business demand in order to its achieve long term Goals.

4. Mobile First indexing

Mobile Indexing

Study shows more than 60% of total search is happening from Mobile devices and you must build your website for Mobile First Indexing. Most of the businesses make websites for large screens and then they think about small screens and this causes chaos. It is recommended to build websites in bootstrap HTML, CSS framework so that website gets mobile first priority.

The primary source of searching for information on any products or services is Mobile devices and when you miss this space.

5.Voice Search

Study shows by 2020, fifty percent of all searches will be voice search. Hence, it is important to optimize the web site for voice search. Below we are going to discuss how to optimize your web site for Voice Search so that you won’t miss the competition.

Fast Loading websites

Business owners must ensure that websites are loading fast, so it doesn’t interrupt the user’s experience inside it. If you are not aware of it then ask your webmasters to provide a report on web site performance and check which are the areas you still need improvement.

According to Kissmetrics, 47 percent of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, and 40 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.

In order to get maximum web site loading time you can do certain things on the website which web developers help you achieve that

1. The website must be responsive.
2. Optimize images so that it gets loaded fast
3. Compress HTML, CSS and JS files
4. Reduce 301 redirects
5. Other tweaks that speed up traditional web sites

Write content in a way user ask Queries

Users ask queries in Mobile search as questions such as ‘top 10 website designers in India’ ‘restaurants near me’ etc and your content writers have this context in mind while creating content for website or blog. Try to include more long tail keywords and provide answers at the same time.

6. Structured data

Structured Data is more important than ever since Google is highly considering it for ranking web sites now. There are three different formats you can use while you creating structured data i.e RDFa, JSON- LD and Microdata. If you have an e-commerce store, you can not only show your product price with Google search results but also you are able to show review with it. This enables an end user to a fair idea about the product price and reviews and ratings about it.

Below are the different schema formats you can check and try in your website. More about structured data can be found at schema.org

7. Quality Backlinks

Backlinks still dominate in search engine results especially in Google because Google algorithm counts Backlinks as one of the important ranking signals out of its 200 ranking signals. Prior in 2009-10, it was easy for webmasters to build backlinks as most of those cheap backlinks strategies worked very well and we discussed it at the beginning itself.

Now it is the time for building quality backlinks since the quality dominates over quantity. It is a challenging task for webmasters and most of them will fail in developing quality backlinks. In order to receive quality backlinks, you need better influence on the industry you participate and good followers count. As per my personal view, you at least need personal branding and authority to make this work.

8.Content uniqueness

As every online blogger predict content is the king I too believe content is still the King and it will rule the future as well. Google always recommended the quality and unique content on the website from the existence of its first Panda algorithm. Those who applied it well on the website dominate in Search. HubSpot is one such platform tried content quality and freshness in early days itself which other webmasters always replicated and followed.

As a Brand, you always need a Blog or resources to tell your brand stories that your followers love to hear. Once the readers felt that it worth to share it with others they always ready to share it on social platforms. Hence you always need a well-planned content strategy to attract and engage your end users. Provide better value articles through the Blog as Neil Patel delivers. He always experiments with web site UX and Content when he publishes articles that create some kind of freshness every time and user go through it.

9. Videos are more important than ever

Without the videos, content marketing will be incomplete, and you will be amazed by seeing the data about how video marketing plays a vital role in Digital Marketing. It says 60 percent of both B2B and B2C marketers use video in their marketing strategies.

Hubspot’s research shows that 45% of people watch an hour or more of video per day. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and it processes more than 3 billion query searches a month. Organizations whether small or corporate should have a Video strategy in place to dominate in Search as well as to establish a trusted Brand image Online.


SEO has changed a lot during these years as I have mentioned at the beginning. In order to keep up with the pace, you need to experiment with multiple SEO strategies on your website. Never depend on any one of the strategies particularly as it may consider devalued one later by Google. You must always think of from an end user perspective such as his needs, how he wants to experience, what might satisfy him more, will he be ready to share your brand stories and many. Digital Marketing is evolving and we believe it will and of course replace current strategies by new and upcoming technologies.

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