9 Important SEO Tips for Your Website

May 30, 2023 | Basic SEO

SEO Tips

If you know anything about growing your online presence, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the term SEO. Search engine Optimization (SEO) is not something just to hear about, as it’s a grand digital marketing strategy that can have a vital effect on your website’s ranking and traffic. If you know how SEO is done, believe me, your traffic will be massive.

SEO Tips

However, thanks to Google, SEO practices are moving more towards providing a benefit to internet users. Algorithms are announced every now and then which shake how many experts work on optimizing their websites. However, if you are clueless about how SEO is done, I’ve created an SEO tutorial that can help you learn and become an expert within no time. Let’s see how good you are with your SEO basics. Here are the best SEO steps for new websites and those that can’t get a good rank.

Up-To-Date and Clear Website Structure

The most essential and fundamental aspect that you need to start with your SEO strategy is your website. If you are working on a site that isn’t clear or well-built, I’m afraid web crawlers won’t give it a good score. This will ultimately lead you to never get a good rank on Google.

Your website should be in a tree-like structure which is considered ideal for every domain. On the other hand, comply with the three-click rule, which means that every information on a website should be reachable within three-clicks. This is how you should plan the structure of your site.

Create an Adequate URL

Even though we use many keywords on a particular web page, it’s highly advised that the primary keyword should be directly inserted in the URL. This tells both Google and visitors what the page is focused on.

Apart from that, you also need to make sure that you use hyphens (-) and not underscores (_). The main reason behind this is that Google will read all separated words by underscores as one. Therefore, not only will your keyword get affected, but it will also be bad for your ranking for the searches people will make.

Also, keep a static URL instead of a dynamic one. Dynamic URLs don’t show the keyword and are also unclear. We suggest that you always edit your URLs yourself before publishing any content.

Create an Attractive Title Tag and a Catchy Meta-description

Your title tag describes what your whole domain is about. On the other hand, you need to make sure that all your title tags are informative and attractive. These title tags show up when you search for something on Google or other search engines. Don’t forget to add your primary keyword in the title tag once.

SEO Tips

When you are done with creating a good title tag, your next focus should be on the Meta-description. You are allowed a maximum of 160 characters to display in this short yet engaging content. Use this limit wisely as both Google and users consider it helpful in understanding what the webpage is about.

Use ALT Attributes for All Your Images

Search engines don’t analyze images. They read the ALT text to determine what it’s about. You should always remember to add ALT attributes for every image you use on your webpage. Its advised to use the keyword as the ALT text to show everyone how important the picture is.

Apart from that, Google also ranks images with keywords. So if you want your pictures to show up at the top of Google Images, use the right ALT attributes.

Do a Thorough Keyword Research

Your SEO strategy strongly relies on the keywords you use. The ideal move to initiate a good SEO strategy is to understand what your potential prospects type in the search bars. Once you figure that out, you can target that audience by using the same search term as your primary keyword.

If you are wondering how you can start keyword researching, then we have an excellent tool for you that many SEO experts use. It’s none other than Google Keyword Planner. This is a free tool provided to all individuals who sign up for a free AdWords account. After providing all the information related to your website, this tool will generate keywords with average monthly searches and level of competition for them.

SEO Tips

However, since it’s a tool associated with the AdWords account, the competition is specified by the amount spent on the keyword by marketers. If you were planning on running paid ads, Google also provides a suggested bid that you should set. The higher the competition, the higher the bid.

If you are wondering which keywords to use from the list, you need to keep three things in mind.

  1. The most relevant one to your webpage
  2. The one with the highest average monthly searches
  3. The one with the lowest competition

That doesn’t mean you can’t go for more top competition keywords. If you think that your website has the potential and quality content to stand up against the market leaders, you are good to go.

Content is King of SEO

While you are working on optimizing your website to make it SEO-friendly, don’t forget to produce high-quality and informative content. No SEO tutorial can be completed without mentioning the significance of content on it. With the right piece of content and collection of keywords, you can quickly get a good rank in SERPs. In order to maintain or boost your rank time-to-time, you also need to continue a habit of updating your content to keep it fresh and unique.

Make sure all the content you publish is unique and exciting for your audience. In addition, search engine bots look carefully at all grammar and spelling mistakes. Try making your posts error-free and informative to create value for your web pages and maintain a good rank on search engines.

Backlinks are Ranking Boosters

Link building is the second most important thing to focus on for your website, after content, to achieve a good rank on search engines. With every link you receive, your website’s score and value increase. However, many SEO experts have utilized blackhat techniques to beat their competition.

SEO Tips

These techniques may have worked in the past, but with new policies, you can even get penalized for using illegal methods. A penalty can mean that all your organic SEO efforts are going down the drain. – Be careful!

Evaluate your Competitor’s Strategies

Probably to the best way to beat your competitors is by doing what they are doing, but better. Instead of using your own plans, analyze what they are working on including the content and keywords that they’ve focused on to get a rank. Do the same with a better idea and strategy to beat them at their own game. – Make it the perfect interception!

Analyze Your Performance

SEO Tips

At the end of the day, never forget to record how your keywords performed. By keeping track of all your moves, you’ll be able to make better plans for the future and create better strategies to improve. All your mistakes will also show up which you can fix before getting penalized by search engines.


If you were looking for how to do SEO step by step, then you can follow this SEO tutorial and kick-start your campaign. Though we have mostly highlighted all the SEO basics, these tips are what makes the significant difference. Now that you know how SEO is done; start ranking your website and thank us later.

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