Get to Know Gino Sesto, CEO of Dash Two

June 22, 2018 | Interview

Gino Sesto is the Founder of DASH TWO, a Digital and Outdoor Advertising Agency based out of Culver City, CA. He has extensive experience and knowledge within the advertising industry, covering all formats from traditional media to digital media. Gino has over 25 years of experience and has helped with the release of several #1 records, including Bone Thugs N Harmony, The Offspring, Eminem, Jay-Z and more. Over the last 3 years, Gino has grown DASH TWO from 5 employees to over 20 employees and has expanded the company by opening a satellite office in Nashville, TN. Outside of DASH TWO, Gino is also an avid Certified Flight Instructor and is an active member of AOPA and The Entrepreneur Organization.

Please introduce yourself and where you work.

Greetings, I am the CEO/ Founder of DASH TWO, a Digital Advertising + Outdoor Agency based in Los Angles, with an additional office in Nashville. I have over 25 years of advertising experience along with 10 years of running DASH TWO. DASH TWO has been in the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies 2013-2015, The Los Angeles Business fastest growing companies in 2015. We are currently listed on 10 lists for Top Inbound Marketing Agencies, Top Advertising and Marketing Agencies, and Top Digital Strategy in Los Angeles.

How do you think SEO has changed over the last 10 years?

Frankly speaking, our company has not thought anything about SEO in the last 10 years, we have only been focusing on SEO in the last 2 years. SEO is probably the biggest aha moment we have had since we started the business. We always thought referrals and cold calling was the way to build a business. That only takes you so far. We decided not long ago to have a full-scale assault to build our customer base. SEO was a vital component along with PR and website development.

How did you get introduced to digital marketing, more specifically SEO?

SEO was a necessity for us. We looked for opportunities to build our business and we decided that our website was our calling card and we had to make it better. We noticed that we were losing business based solely on how we were perceived, not how we are. SEO was a vital byproduct of making our website better.

What are the services you provide to your clients?

We are a Full-Service Advertising Agency that specializes in Digital and Outdoor Advertising. However, we do buy Radio, Creative, Print and TV. That said, Digital and Outdoor are a nice pairing for our client base. We view Outdoor as an extension of our clients’ Digital efforts. We push them to create visually compelling Outdoor ads that can be shared extensively with Social Media. This philosophy has worked well with some of our clients like American Apparel or Playboy.

What strategy according to you will prevail in 2018 for SEO?

Content, Content, Content. Content is king when it comes to SEO. Good content rises to the top, and we have seen it for our sites as well. We post Blogs 1x a week and notice the posts that we spend more time on end up performing the best. Our efforts are focused like a laser on good content.

What would your advice be to people who are looking to take up digital marketing as a career choice?

Digital Marketing is a very competitive space. There are about 18,000 Digital Agencies in the United States. So, the only way to set yourself apart is to become a thought leader in the space. You cannot just be an expert at what you do. You must advertise that expertise in blogging, social media, etc. It is not art until you frame it, you are not an expert until you tell everyone.

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