How Brands Can Leverage Linkedin marketing

June 21, 2023 | Social Media

Business and brands need comprehensive, effective marketing strategies that should be capable of generating good leads, higher social media traffic, and better conversion insights. So, when working on building a sharp brand image with a striking online presence, LinkedIn marketing tools & techniques together serve the purpose. 

Linkedin marketing is a trusted platform to grow business networks, improve ROI’s, generate unique leads & get reasonable engagement rates. Understanding audience interests is a necessity if a brand wants to expand its entities and strengthen the base of the business that it runs. Exceptionally brilliant graphics, relatable contents are worthless without the right customer targeting. LinkedIn marketing promotes the message ‘Market to who Matters,’ which explains the significance of proper targeting.

Why should brands turn to LinkedIn marketing?

  1. LinkedIn currently supports over 610Million+ users on its platform. 
  2. Out of all, 90Million+ users are senior-level influencers and marketers.
  3. 63Million+ LinkedIn users are decision-makers. 
  4. 10Million+ users belong to C-level executives.

Therefore, focusing on branding strategies using LinkedIn marketing is more fruitful compared to other social media platforms.

Linkedin Business Strategies

Source: LinkedIn Business (As of 11th July 2019)

  1. Universally, 94% of marketers in more than 200 territories use LinkedIn. 
  2. This social media channel is the largest professional network worldwide. 
  3. Linkedin marketing has a more extensive audience reach when it comes to B2B branding. 
  4. Creating the opportunity for workforces worldwide has been their motto, and it is the best platform for marketers who believe in bringing change to the way the world markets. 

The majority of LinkedIn professionals use these tools to increase the chances of exploring the massive quality target market and improved engagement rates. 

LinkedIn is a content-based channel that uses its powerful publishing platforms to help enhance the credibility of the LinkedIn communities. 

Users can utilize this to drive traffic on their website/blog while it lets them access analytics and insights to track the performance for every effort. 

Know the Keys to LinkedIn marketing 

Marketers and professionals from successful brands and organizations have already understood that a social media platform is as useful as the quality of the audience it holds. LinkedIn is one of the largest social media platforms that is preferred most by professionals because the majority of users are prime quality executives who grace the channel regularly. 

Audiences at the channel are content-driven with an industry filter to categorize out the best of knowledge. LinkedIn sources mention that, 6 out of 10 users on the channel look for industry insights, which proves the professional quality of the audiences. 

Primarily, LinkedIn marketing is not just about whom you have connections with but the whole network of users interconnected through the brand’s account. This quality broadens the reach and makes advertising effective. Word of mouth is yet another essential means to advance branding on the website.

While strategizing LinkedIn marketing tacts, company profiles must understand that updated pages and active users get followers six times faster than the ones that are not regular. Most of the social media marketing strategies go in vain due to poor optimization of content, wrong user targeting, and unprofessional page layouts. 

Let’s learn about the benefits of using LinkedIn marketing tools and techniques: 

Linkedin publishing platform

 The platform that LinkedIn provides its users for publishing content is easy to use & anyone with a user account on the channel can have access to it. This publishing platform does not demand any separate website or blog from the user to get their content posted. Here publishers can optimize and put appropriate content to the audiences as per their choice. People can share the content on their account and make it visible to their connections and the broad spectrum of users interconnected. 

  1.   The Linkedin publishing platform enables users to reach their exact users and understand their interests. Posts can land up with high content-oriented and engaged professionals on your network. Thus, it might open up new opportunities for the same published content.  
  2.   The publishing platforms helps add credibility and enhance the skill sets on your profile. It provides a medium for users to show off their writing abilities and engage a whole new audience based on it.
  3.   Keeping it updated helps new users who visit the profile know about user’s expertise, which can crack bigger deals or land them in their dream interview. Contents published on the account are available on the top right-hand side of the page that makes it visible publicly. 
  4.   This platform opens up a better streaming channel for the content, and users can extend the content’s reach by engaging the accounts following them. 

Connecting with influencer groups

 The best attribute of LinkedIn is the scope of connecting with the right people. Through influencer groups on LinkedIn, one can find and reach the groups that are similar to the industry they are handling. It helps build stronger networks around the groups that stay connected on the site. Staying active in selected groups would help users share ideas and explore exceptional solutions to recognized issues. Contributing to pages regularly with insights, information, news updates, and valuable content helps develop long-lasting professional relationships.

  1.   This method enables users to get their hands on the suite of good demographic analytics, which in turn helps in improving content strategies and publishing art.
  2.   Reaching out to influencer groups helps gain more ideas and attain knowledge on matters required at cheaper rates and more accessible means as well.
  3.   Sharing of ideas, values, and strategies on these groups have proved to be the best cursors for newer inventions and start to any bigger cause. LinkedIn groups are those virtual congregations which give kick-starts to real-time businesses and new editions of the specific trade. 
  4.   Account admins can use pages to tap into influencer markets with a low budget and advertise in minimum amounts.  The system helps small businesses grow organically with more information on the same.

Linkedin sponsored updates

These are the most efficient form of native advertising that brands can use these days to reach the pinpointed audience. It offers well optimized and precise audience targeting that most other website and channels do not provide. The sponsored update option provides convenient passage of content through which it reaches just the right user, influencer and decision-maker, at the most suitable time and on their preferred device. It holds tremendous power in making content go viral in less budget as well, along with many other benefits, such as:

  1.   Advanced targeting options are the base feature of the sponsored updates on LinkedIn, as the parameters to optimize audience better is more accurate and relevant than any other platform. For example, other social media sites provide average demography analytics based on age, gender, and location while on LinkedIn, you get an additional job, industry, and interest measures which help target better. The LinkedIn sponsored updates are the best with a host of premium quality audiences and targeting insights. 
  2.   Low-cost lead generation and practical conversions are distinctive traits of LinkedIn sponsored updates. Experiments by leading sources inform that LinkedIn sponsored updates utilize lesser cost perform fill when in comparison with other sponsored platforms. They give around 22.8% times higher conversion rates from click to read.
  3.   Native advertising as per user requirements is the next big thing on LinkedIn sponsored updates. It helps your content stay away from distractions and come on the feed of the relevant users or connections. It adds to the experience of the user and appears in the natural flow of the feed. In the time when content overload has been a big issue, this is a smarter way to place ads and optimize in front of your audience. If paid advertisements are a thing of use for your business, then LinkedIn sponsored updates must be on the list due to better returns and conversions compared to the other channels. 


Be a brand or organization or individual looking for expanding networks and reaching best audiences, LinkedIn marketing strategies along with the tools and techniques are just the right place to be. The options are varied and trustworthy, which have the quality to reach out to the maximum audience & specifically, the important ones. Might be costly for some but in the 21st century, nothing comes free and if it’s good, It is definitely worth some expense. 

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly loved browsing your blog posts. With practical strategies, detailed examples, and step by step guidance, it’s a valuable resource for enhancing brand marketing on this platform. Thank you for sharing this knowledge!

  2. Thanks a lot for the kind of perfect topic I have not a lot of information about it but I have got an extra unique info in your unique post.

  3. Thanks a lot for the kind of perfect topic I have not a lot of information about it but I have got an extra unique info in your unique post.

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