How to Automate SEO KPIs Monitoring & Boost Online Visibility?

May 3, 2023 | Advanced SEO

How do you measure the performance of your business? There must be some performance metrics that evaluate productivity and output. 

So, don’t you think that the most integral parameter of digital marketing, i.e., SEO performance, should be measured with viable KPI metrics?

YES! There should be SEO visibility search metrics for every digital marketer.


To boost your SEO performance, you need to monitor your SEO effort. And with advanced tools that automate SEO monitoring, things would improve.

In this blog, we will discuss automating the SEO KPIs metrics that will improve your SERP ranking and online availability.

Let’s proceed forward with SEO KPIs to track better marketing thrust. 

How to Measure SEO Performance With SEO KPIs?

With the above discussion, we got to know that SEO KPIs are important metrics that help you evaluate the SEO performance of your marketing team. But what are the top 5 SEO KPIs that should be taken into consideration to measure the site’s SEO parameters? 

Let’s discuss them!

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Website Ranking

Website Ranking

Even a novice in digital marketing can make a statement that the better the ranking of a website, the higher will be its SEO performance metrics.

But how to calculate it?

You can navigate into the Ranking section of RankWatch to gain a better discernment ability on the abundance of ranking metrics like:

  1. Top ranking keywords
  2. Major tags
  3. Countrywide organic traffic
  4. Average ranking keywords
  5. Ranking snippets

Ranking dashboard RankWatch

These metrics collectively serve as an important SEO KPI for evaluating the marketing game. The best part about fetching these details from RankWatch is the involvement of Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a technology best known for data processing and delivering precise output. 

Let me tell you that RankWatch is a self-enabled AI-driven tool where you can get the details automatically processed by Artificial Intelligence.

So, there’s no room for doubt. The details given by this tool are precise and streamlined. 

Mobile Device Proximity

Mobile Device Proximity

In today’s digitally transparent era, one of the most integral aspects that determines SEO KPIs is the mobile-friendliness of your website. There’s no use in making your website SEO driven if it doesn’t get in line with all mobile devices. 

To mark up this possibility, RankWatch comes up with a Mobile Friendliness feature that initiates an end-to-end, mobile responsive test. It is one of the most important SEO metrics.

Mobile Friendliness checker

Just enter the domain URL and email ID and click on run test. The AI-enabled feature will crawl over your website and state the mobile-friendliness of your domain.

Mobile Friendliness Test Result

Later you can evaluate the score of this test to work on multiple sites features like:

  1. Responsive layout 
  2. Font size 
  3. Loading speed 
  4. Web design

Today, when mobile is the most preferred digital medium, analyzing mobile proximity is essential to automate your website’s SEO KPI metrics.

Last but not least, our mobile friendly checker tool is completely free of cost, like many other free SEO tools offered by RankWatch.

Search Visibility

Search Visibility

Search visibility refers to the brand’s visibility in organic searches. 

Organic search visibility is counted as the most critical metric to automate the tracking of your SEO KPIs. 

Besides, SEO KPI metrics that cannot drive organic searches are of no use, and using them is like beating around the bush. 

So, how to measure SEO KPI metrics, and most importantly, how to uplift them?

RankWatch comes up with the answer!

It’s understandable that a website accelerated with high organic traffic is driven by top-notch SEO efforts.

But how to calculate or view your website traffic?


To measure and view your site traffic, RankWatch brings an exclusive feature to your doorstep. 

Its “Analytics” section offers you valuable insights like last month’s visitors, new visitors, returning visitors, total search volume, paid traffic, referral traffic, dwell time, bounce rates, and many more.

Traffic measurement RankWatch

On top of that, you can also navigate over the keyword research section to find the search volume, CPC, and competition of a particular keyword. You just need to enter the given keyword, respective location and click on the search option.

Keyword research RankWatch

Our AI-based RankWatch tool will automatically generate the report for you. The report generated would also project keyword-based questions, including who, what, when, which, where, why, and how. 

Using these highly popular keywords will definitely increase your search visibility across all search engines.

Backlinking Ratio

Backlinking ratio RankWatch

Backlink is another parameter that defines successful SEO metrics. The higher the ratio of backlinks that a website has, the better the SEO KPI metrics deployed by your marketing team. 

But is there a way to evaluate the trending or total number of active backlinks?

Yes! RankWatch brings you the facilitation at your fingertips. 

Our backlinking analysis features offer you the trending features like:

  1. Active backlinks
  2. Deleted backlinks 
  3. Trust score 
  4. Citation score 
  5. Trending domain 
  6. Anchor text 

These data invariably define the current SEO metrics.

Now, what is special about RankWatch?

As discussed earlier, RankWatch is a preferred digital marketing tool that runs with its own Artificial Intelligence algorithm. 

Now, when the tool is driven by such advanced technology, it’s obvious that the information derived from such an algorithm would exhibit perfection.

Obviously GIF

You just need to enter the domain URL and then click on the search option. The backlink checker free online tool will automatically crawl over your domain and generate your backlinking report within seconds.

Backlink analysis GIF

So, next time you plan to automate your SEO performance metrics monitoring, don’t forget to use the RankWatch tool. 

Good Audit Score

Audit score

The best way to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO metrics is to get your website audited. The higher the audit score, the better the SEO performance metrics. So, it is one of the most important SEO metrics.

However, there are innumerable metrics to generate the audit score of your website. The process will be long and tedious if you approach the manual procedure.

Tired GIF

So, where’s the solution?

The solution resides with an AI-driven tool like RankWatch. 

We got a section called site auditor. Here, you can feed the necessary details and generate the score to measure the SEO performance of your site.

Site Audit GIF

The tool crawls over your website and generates the report to measure SEO performance. Here are the SEO performance metrics that you will get from the report:

  1. Audit score
  2. Issues from high to low
  3. HTTP Status code distribution
  4. Page depth 
  5. Page response time distribution 
  6. Non-indexable pages

These SEO KPIs are enough to measure SEO performance that has deployed to boost up your online visibility. 

Summing Up!

Today leveraging your SEO metrics and KPIs is an important measure to improve your website’s online visibility. Thus, to accomplish the vision, you need to take an automated measure to monitor your SEO performance metrics.

RankWatch understands these needs and offers you a wide range of features to attain the same. Everything is available for your marketing team, from tracking your website ranking to auditing your site.

So, don’t miss out on the exclusive feature of RankWatch to drive your SEO metrics.

Hope this blog is useful to you and gives you all the necessary insight to measure SEO metrics and KPIs.

Happy Reading!

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