How to change your Domain and still maintain your Rankings?

June 21, 2023 | Advanced SEO

Changing your website from one domain name to another or reforming content management is a risky decision in the business world. It is determined as the finest if you proceed with dedication or impulsive strategy.

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Readout further to some high-level concepts to understand the complexities and research work engaged in new Domain registration.

Shifting domains can leave an unpredictable effect on SEO ranking. Once you get a new domain, the whole metrics will reset to zero. But it protects your SERP rankings. Changing domain name requires many re-planning. In this section, one needs to remember some aspects when they finally make up their mind to update the domain name.

Before Moving To The New Domain Name:


Site Audit Tool

Audit all the statistics before updating anything else. It will give you a better comparison, progress level and can understand the status of a new domain.

With auditing, maximum inbound links are resulting, which are associated with the site, and you’ll not lose any valuable link.

Link Audits In Two Ways:

Firstly, rush to Google Webmaster Tool and click on the ‘Search Traffic’ menu visible on the left side. Then, hit the option Links to your site.

Secondly, Open Site Explorer tool and which is implemented to analyze your link account. At last, compare the outputs of both audit plans.

When you get all the links, review them and put the best link in the limelight by highlighting it. Your job is not over yet still you need to visit the links accurately for most promising site trafficking.

Fix With Earlier URL Structure:

Carry out the previous URL structure in the next domain, which is beneficial for you. Still, if you don’t want to stay longer on prior URL format. After the transition, hold up for several months and then the whole will be sorted out and at last, goes with changes.

301 Redirect:

Employed 301 redirect you to transfer everything to a new domain with the same URL. It’s a great resource and will redirect your traffic to a new domain. Once you have done with 301 redirected, spend some time and ensure everything is redirecting properly.

For domain migration, redirect considers as the cornerstone of SEO. In case, if you fail to redirect the domain the way it should be, then automatically you lose all the traffic to a new domain. Under 301 redirect, the search engine will transfer ranking from the old to the new and remains till the end of your site but, if it is misplaced and thus, it means you broke the connection that joins the old to the new one.

Alert Google About Your Move-ON:

Alert Google About Your Move-ON

Click on ‘change of address’ mention in the tool Google Webmaster Tools. Through it, you can inform Google about your changing. With this action, Google will save the new domain in its system and keep your listing upgrade.

We know Google plays a very crucial role to rise your business search; without it, you can’t stand in a crowd and introduce your domain in the digital market. It is key to unlock your audience. Register with a Search engine; Google has an adverse impact on the overall traffic of your site.

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After Moving To The New Domain Name:

Review Everything:

Spare an ample amount of time to review every tiny thing of the new domain. Check twice or thrice whether everything is managed properly, 301 redirect works in an appropriate way or not. Use Google keywords to search whether it drives people to your site or not.

Analyze Site Content:

Your content is the reflection of your site. After getting a new domain, one should recheck each and every word of the site. Content must be relevant to the website. And more importantly, the images you attached must be appropriate with the description of the data. Irrelevant information can lose a user’s interest and will create wastage of time, money and efforts.

404 Error:

Page errors.


Repeatedly visit each and every page of the site for the first few weeks and update it if you found 404 error. We know its time consuming but it gains the traffic to your website. After launching a new website, 404 error appears on a few pages are very common and sometimes it awakes after a few days of the final opening of a new domain.

Promote New Domain:

Promotion of a new domain is mandatory for any user. Plan an event around a new domain. Introduce a pre-launch landing page that elaborates what you’re going to have? What benefits will one receive as a new sign up?

Post-Launch Marketing Strategy:

After transferring to a new domain, it’s very easy to jump to your previous rank. To boost up traffic, push the marketing strategy in a plan because a solid marketing plan brings out the ranking where it was.

Robust Link Building:

Put all your efforts to build a powerful link to rank good. Try to approach maximum friends and acquire an uncountable guest-blogging chance. You can even create an infographic campaign to give a solid push to the marketing of your site.

What are the link building strategies to dominate SERP’s?

  1. Frequently check your competitor
  2. Build up internal links
  3. Generate linkable assets

Informative Content:

Content is a reliable resource to uplift your site. Add limited plus informative content to the new site. Content must be eye catchy and everything should be described in it. The irrelevant information will create no impact on the site. Frequently, post blogs on sites with creative thoughts.

Moreover, content is a backbone of marketing strategy, so it has to be real in all ways. And one more thing, it has to be interesting to hold the audience’s interest. Use simple and fun-loving language along with phrases, examples and real stories to engage users in reading.

What kind of content improves the ranking of a new domain?

  1. Entertaining content
  2. Inspirational content
  3. Unique content

PPC Campaign:

Pay Per Click Campaigns

You know your traffic will slip after launching a new site, get a short duration PPC campaign to praise the search traffic. Additionally, use some keywords which drive traffic to site.

Pay per click campaign is unique for the individual business, but successful campaign always adopts the same attributes such as organized structure, keyword research, a logical and maintenance.

Further, learn some innovative ideas to run a successful campaign.

  1. Choose long tail keywords
  2. Negative keywords
  3. Put quality over quantity
  4. Expand text ads


Changing your domain name will definitely hurt your SEO in a negative way but only if it is not carried out with a proper plan. As a change in a domain name is sometimes important because various aspects are included in it. So, switch domain name with a slight disturbance in your search ranking.

Thoroughly read the whole post and check whether it helps you to decide when and what changes one should initiate while planning on development of the new domain name without influencing search engine page ranking.

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