How to Create Engaging Content for Your “Boring” Business

May 30, 2023 | Content Marketing


Did you know that even businesses have a sexy type? Food, travel, fashion – these are all considered as sexy. Can you imagine why? Because creating engaging content for these is very easy. Who would’ve thought?!

When you run an art business or say, the baking business, you can have your readers hooked just by the description of your handiwork or have a post with just interesting pictures that say a whole lot more than words.

Then again, what if your business is software, insurance or accounting? There is no sex-appeal in insurance. You can’t even see insurance, it’s an idea that you pay a lot of money for and may never use! Trying to create engaging content for your ‘boring’ business can be a struggle.

But it is not impossible. It can be done. There are many boring businesses that have successfully increased engagement both on their website (by increasing the number of subscribers) and on their various social media channels, with their engaging content. So let us first understand, typically, how engaged are your readers?

Readers-consumes-only-60% -of-your-content

Typical Reader Engagement

According to this article by Slate, only 60%. This article talks about a study done in the year 2013 and it goes to say that readers consume only about 60% of your total content! In fact, 5% who land on your page would not even scroll to the second paragraph.

Well, you can blame the shortening of reader’s attention span or you can swallow your pride and admit that your content is just too boring to make your readers stay.

Tips to Create Engaging Content

Even if you belong to a business that is generally considered “boring”, it does not mean you cannot make it interesting for your readers and potential customers. Here are some tips that may help you create engaging content for your “boring” business.

Know your Audience

Content that tailor fits your readers’ needs is something that will keep them engaged for a very long time. To reach this level of producing content, you must hear it from the horse’s mouth. When you start asking questions, get to know the demographics of your audience or the issues that your customers face, you will be able to create content that suits their needs.

Getting to know your readers should be priority. Customise your content to your audience tastes and preferences and your customers will instantly notice the difference.

Get Your Employee’s Input

It is a proven fact that two minds are better than one. Take the input of your employees, customer service representatives, and others. The people who front-end your operations are usually aware of what customers want or expect. Weigh out their suggestions and figure out what suits your business best.

Different people process similar information differently and so, talk to your employees after a business meeting or a seminar, you will surely find a new perspective at looking at things.

Tend to Customer Needs or Problems


This could be the initial step to creating quality content. Ask questions, converse with your customers and readers. Keep your customer’s needs at the center of your business; this will go a long way to keep your readers locked into your business. Your content should be designed in such a way that it provides a solution to the customer’s problem.

Ask your readers to leave questions in the comments section or email them to you. Let them know that their questions and issues will be addressed in the post to follow. A question from one of your readers could be what others have on their minds as well. Answering questions to people’s problems makes the post relatable for them.

Make it YOU

With the market being saturated with every kind of business, how can you make your business stand apart from all the rest? All it needs is a bit of dose of You! Your business should not be all about you, but sharing little snippets of your progress will keep your readers engaged and feel connected. Let them into the grunt work; give them a peek into how it all takes place. Aspire to stand apart from the crowd

Be Unique

Getting inspired by stalwarts in your field is one thing, but imitating them can cost you. Even if you give credit to work done by peers and forerunners in your field, try to mould your content into a unique setting. It can be easy to get carried away with what others are doing. So, this goes without saying that do not try to copy someone else’s business content or method or it will be easy to spot it.

Use Your Own Photos

A picture speaks a thousand words and what better way to create engaging content than using your own photos. With stock photos flooding the internet it is easy to just pull one off and paste it in your content, however that may not keep your content fresh and appealing.

A business has to have some of you and your photos might just do the trick. They don’t have to be perfect with a high quality lens or perfect lighting, but adding photos that speak to your audience will go a long way to build your already existing customer base.

Having photos that connect with your customers will keep them scrolling through and even referring your business to others. Photos also give readers a mental break from all the words and data on the content.

Take a Mental Vacation

Take breaks to get inspired. If that means a couple of hours off your work or a few days away from town, do it. It may not be that your business is boring, it could be that you are being repetitive. Every person has a point of mental saturation, after awhile you might unconsciously keep churning out the same matter.

It is not easy to stay inspired at all times, this is why you require some time off to get inspired. It may be travelling to new place, talking to peers or going on a digital detox, reading or even just shutting down mentally. Do whatever it takes to get you back on track.

Write Like You Speak

Many times content tends to get ‘lost in translation’. How often are you finding it hard to connect with what is written? This could be because you might have focused a little too much on the technical language and perfecting it with ‘big words’ to make your content look credible. While this may be a temptation, remember your business is all about you.

Make it point to express your content the way you would talk about it to someone, they should be able to see your business the way you see it. Remember that you are trying to sell your content, break down the technical jargon and make it relatable.

Consistently Share New Content

Keep the content fresh and interesting. Let your readers know what is new in the industry, collect material that will help make their work easier, faster and better.

Everyone is looking for efficient ways to get things done, bring that to the table. It is a foolproof way of getting newcomers as well. This concept goes hand in hand with knowing your industry, keep yourself abreast of the latest developments in your field. Knowledge is power and in this case, more customers.

Keep Up with Industry Trends

Keep yourself well informed. Get to know what is going on in your industry. This is a sure way to create content that is beneficial for your readers and inspires you as well. You can customize or add to aspects of your business. Keep a lookout for information that will improve your business and engage your customers, state your views on these changes and ask for their opinions.

Interview Industry Experts

Industry experts come with a vast amount of knowledge and experience that you and your readers can benefit from. They are called experts for a reason; make use of their knowledge and expertise and you will be grateful – so will your readers.

Experts’ opinion on various subjects can be a good way to create quality content. Your customers and readers will be able to gain a new perspective on the topic. It will be interesting for everyone involved, learning new things about the subject and different ways to incorporate it into your business.

Use Analogy to Explain Concepts

Use -Analogy-to-explain-concepts

Using analogies is typically associated with classroom teaching or when talking to children. However using analogies to explain complex concepts can help in the adult world too.

Through The Wormhole is a documentary series that deals with various aspects of science and this world. It contains a large amount of hard-to-comprehend concepts and plenty of technical terms.

The producers of this show mixed it up a bit by adding pop culture in the world of science. They had Morgan Freeman narrate the series and it turns out that people would rather listen to him than a Ph.D. holding scientist talk about the universe and extra-terrestrial beings.

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