How to Fit AI in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

March 4, 2024 | Content Marketing

AI is gradually becoming essential to every business, and content marketing is no exception. The use of AI in digital marketing is increasing every year and is expected to reach a whopping $107.5 billion in the next five years.

There are excellent AI tools available online for digital content marketing. But, you should select the one that meets all your requirements without deeply denting your pocket.

However, you need to remember that we, human beings, created these tools for our ease. These tools can never replace humans but can make our content marketing tasks smooth as butter.

Human is the ultimate GIF

This article will discuss how you can fit AI into your content marketing strategy and which tools can create the most effective content marketing SEO.

Following are the key areas where you can implement AI and can create an epic content marketing strategy.

How AI Can Help in Content Ideation?

No matter how fantastic a writer you are, it is common to face a shortage of words while writing on specific topics. 

Nothing can be more frustrating than staring at a blank sheet. And when the topic is finalized and the keyword research is also done, that frustration increases by many folds.

Frustrating GIF

Now, hold on! No need to be as frustrated as the guy above. 

We have a solution for you, if you know the topic and have your keywords. RankWatch’s free word combiner and generator tool can provide you with content to start your blog.

First, you need to enter your keywords in the tool.

RankWatch free word combiner

The tool allows you to add pre and post phrases to your keyword. You can also add separators and wrap-ins.

RankWatch free word combiner

Once done, simply click on the ‘Generate Words’ button. Your list of new words will be ready in no time. The best part is you can copy them by clicking the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button below.

However, one more essential thing of content marketing SEO is checking your existing content regularly.

Are they adequately optimized for content marketing SEO?

Are there any chances for improvement to achieve a better content marketing strategy?

Is there ample usage of keywords in the content?

You need to check these parameters to get expected content marketing results from your content. Editing and optimizing your old content can be more tedious than writing fresh content.

Here, RankWatch’s SEO IQ feature can make your life easier. 

The tool analyzes your website’s content and several on-page SEO factors and provides you with an SEO IQ score.

SEO IQ Score

The tool also offers a detailed report containing improvement ideas for your existing content.

SEO IQ improvement ideas

If you click on the content recommendations tab of SEO IQ, you will get suggestions on keyword usage. It also measures the relevancy of your keywords to the context of the content.

SEO IQ Content recommendations

If you click further on the ‘Content Editor’ tab, it will show the optimization status of your content. It will provide you with ideas for optimizing your content for better SEO.

Using these suggestions, you can plan better content strategies.

SEO IQ optimization ideas

If you click on the ‘Questions’ tab adjacent to the ‘Optimization’ tab, it will provide you with the most relevant search queries frequently used by the searchers. You can use them in your content or FAQ section to optimize your content further.

SEO IQ users’ query

How to Implement AI in Content Research?

It is essential to publish fresh content on your website at regular intervals. The content should be of high quality and on topics relevant to users’ queries.

New content GIF

That is the only way to stay relevant in the content marketing world.

But where to get such new relevant topics?

Yes, you need to brainstorm and research new topics for creative content marketing. 

But, it is equally important to follow your competitors. You must know what topics your competitors cover for online content marketing and how they rank on them. That will help you plan your online content marketing strategy.

The competitor analysis feature of RankWatch can help you to perform that in a blink of an eye.

The tool provides your competitors’ ranking trends for your targeted keywords.

Competitors ranking trend

If you scroll down you can find your competitors’ total Ranking Keywords, Average Rank, Ranking URLs, snippets, and many more.

Competitors ranking metrics

Analyzing these in-depth data will help you understand your competitors’ digital content strategy. You can improvise your content marketing strategy accordingly.

How AI Can Measure Your Marketing Campaigns?

It is common for any reputed content marketing agency to handle multiple content marketing projects simultaneously for various clients.

Hence, it becomes necessary to have a bird-eye view to measure the progress of all your marketing campaigns. That will help you measure the necessary steps to be taken for any particular campaign. It is one of the most essential part of content strategies.

And that is quite a difficult task to handle!

RankWatch agency dashboard can be your savior.

It provides you with the following four key metrics to get the bird-eye view of all your content marketing campaigns in one dashboard.

Keyword Overview

The keyword overview metric lets you know the pages where your targeted keywords rank within the top 100 positions at a glance. It shows results across all search engines added by you.

Keyword Overview

Project Health

The project health metric measures the overall health of your content marketing campaigns based on the set parameters you chose. It categorizes your campaigns into the following three types,

Project Health

Critical: These content marketing campaigns have less than 30% of keywords within the first 100 positions. They need most of your attention for better ranking.

Neutral: These campaigns have 31-70% keywords within the first 100 positions. A little more effort is needed for them to improve their rankings quickly.

Achievers: These content marketing campaigns have more than 70% of keywords within the first 100 positions.

Top Gainers Vs. Top Losers

This metric measures whether the average rankings of your ongoing content marketing campaigns are going up or down. That gives you an idea on which campaigns have gained and lost the most positions.

Top gainers vs top losers

Individual Project List

The metric provides you with a brief summary report of all your content marketing campaigns.

Individual project list

How To Implement AI for SEO Optimization?

Optimizing your website for SEO holds the topmost priority in any content marketing strategy.

Top priority GIF

Unless your website is optimized for all essential SEO metrics, no matter how excellent your content is, it cannot rank high in SERPs. That is almost a thumb rule of the content marketing world. SEO optimization is a continuous process and a daunting task to perform without having the right tool.

Any SEO optimization process must start with a complete site audit.

RankWatch site auditor can perform that task like a breeze. You need to take the following simple steps to accomplish it.

  1. Log in to your RankWatch account and go to the dashboard.
  2. Click on the ‘Site Auditor’ tab and enter the domain of your website.
  3. Click the ‘submit’ button.
  4. The site auditor summary dashboard will instantly generate a detailed crawled report showing HTTP status code distribution chart and total site score.

    RankWatch site auditor summary dashboard
  5. The HTTP status code distribution chart includes all the essential crawling stats like 200 pages, 301 redirects, failed URLs, etc.

    RankWatch site auditor summary dashboard
  6. The issues found in site score chart are categorized in three types; high, medium, and low depending on their type of criticality. You need to resolve the most critical issues without delay.

    Issues distribution in site auditor summary dashboard
  7. You can find the page depth of your web pages by scrolling down further.
  8. You can find the URL speeds from the page response time distribution chart. It helps you  identify the slow URLs that require further rework.

    Page depth and pages response time distribution in site auditor
  9. Scrolling down further will provide you with the entire list of your non-indexable pages. They need to be addressed on a priority basis. 

Non-indexable pages

These data will help you to enhance your content marketing SEO efforts. That, in turn, ensures a higher ranking in the SERPs.

However, suppose you already know the web pages of your website are having issues before a site audit. In that case, you may bypass the lengthy process of a total site audit and execute a quick audit on those pages only.

RankWatch SEO web page analyzer tool can allow you to do that.

Once you have completed the audit, analyzing your backlink profile is the next crucial step for content marketing SEO optimization.

RankWatch backlink checker tool helps you to perform an accurate backlink analysis by following the below steps,

Here are the steps you need to follow to analyze your backlinks.

  1. Log in to your RankWatch account and go to the dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘Backlink Analyzer’ and then enter the domain name of your website.
  3. Next you need to click on the ‘Search’ Button.
  4. You will get the summary report in no time. That includes total number of active and deleted backlinks, citation score, trust score, and a date-wise link acquisition trend graph.

Backlink analyzer summary report.

It is also essential to check your competitor’s backlink profile. That will help you discover the sources from where they are getting linkbacks. You can try getting backlinks from them as well.

You must enter your competitor’s domain name in the RankWatch backlink checker tool and follow the above steps.


It is high time for all businesses to accept and understand the importance of AI. A reliable AI-based SEO tool like RankWatch provides accuracy and performs mammoth tasks in far less time.

However, it is crucial to understand the limitations of using an AI tool for content ideation and creation. You should remember that an AI tool can only provide you with the basic structure of content and can never replace human intelligence and effort.

Choosing the correct AI tool can help you perform content research and identify your competitors’ content marketing strategies.

It also helps you scale the success and flaws of your content marketing campaigns.

AI can help you perform the most tedious task of content marketing; SEO optimization. Only you need to learn to use the tool properly to gain maximum results.

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  1. Incredible insights on integrating AI into content marketing strategy. I’ll surely try to integrate your tools AI features into my content marketing strategy.

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