How to Lower Your Bounce Rate (And Increase Your Rankings)?

July 4, 2023 | Basic SEO

 Lower Your Bounce Rate

If you are the type of person who always loose visitors as soon as they click your site then your bounce rate is high. A good site is one that can retain visitors and give you time to convert them. This is the only way you stand a chance to increase your leads and maximize your sales. Once you notice that your bounce rate is high, you need to work round the clock and lower it, or else you don’t stand a chance to make any conversions or sales in the near future.

Lowering your bounce rate is also very crucial to your rankings. Google runs a page ranking algorithm that is used to rank websites. This will end up determining your page rank and how fast visitors will see your page once they run the keyword. You will learn that all websites that have very low bounce rates tend to have incredible rankings on search engines. This is because they attract a lot of clients who end up flipping other pages on their sites. There are so many ways you can lower your bounce rate and increase your rankings for instance. 

1. Increase the speed of your website

No one likes a slow loading page. Any internet user knows there are an unlimited amount of resources that can solve the problem they have. Once they visit your site and notice it is lagging, they will close it and hop to another fast loading page with a similar solution. To prevent this, you can make use of some of the fastest loading website themes. These include Divi, theGem, and Soledad among many others. The other method is to make sure that your website is running on php7+. The latest PHP has been optimized with incredible features that can increase the loading time of your website. You can also go ahead and use plugins such as the popular cache plugin which is known to reduce the page load time significantly. To get other impressive plugins that can boost the speed of your website considerably can be found here.

2. Blog consistently

What you may not know is that maybe your bounce rate is high because your clients keep on seeing the similar post you had months ago. Once they click on the site and find that you still have the old post, they tend to move to the next website with fresh content. Constantly feeding your visitors new content is very good when it comes to lowering your bounce rate. So many people expect new content whenever they click on your webpage. This often gives them the morale to visit your site with the expectation of getting something that can keep them busy. To do this, you can either be uploading new content every now and then or using bloggers outreach to get more leads.

3. Attract the right visitors


You should always choose the right keywords to attract your audience. So many website owners tend to attract the wrong audience. Once a visitor clicks your site and notices that the content you have is not what they are looking for, they will close your page and look for a suitable one with the right content. All this will only happen if you attract the wrong audience. Once you pick a keyword, ensure it is relevant and that it will attract the right people. If your keyword phrase is ‘how to maintain traffic.’ You need to make sure you clarify if it is on the roads or websites. For you to get and maintain high rankings, it is not always about attracting a huge number of people but attracting the right number. You may attract 80% of the people, and 50% end up closing the page as soon as they visit it thus giving you a very bad ranking.

4. Provide quality content

Every online usually user has a problem that requires solving. These individuals only go for the website that has a great solution, is well detailed and clearly explained. That is why you need to have great content to end up keeping your audience. Good content will increase your traffic, retain your clients and make sure that your website ranks high. Your content should also conform to your keyword. Be vigilant to the subject, grammar and how you put across the points. Some people love the main points highlighted so make sure you do that. You should also try and make it interesting to read. With all these factors in place, people will enjoy every bit of your content, and your bounce rate will decrease. 

5. Avoid pop-ups

By now you should be aware that pop-ups can be very irritating especially if they are irrelevant. One thing you don’t need to do is give your audience quality and readable content then repeatedly disrupt them with pop-ups. They will just end up opting for the alternate site. If you must use pop-ups make sure they are very minimal and relevant. Using them once is enough, multiple pop-ups are exceedingly dangerous to your site. To reduce your bounce of rate, you need to please the visitors and not dissuade them with countless popups. If you can work without the pop-ups, then avoid them as much as possible.


Once you are sure that all the above have been established, you can go ahead and confirm the status of your website in terms of rankings and bounce rate. For this check websites SEO score. It will enable you to know how well your website is optimized to rank on SERPs. If your rankings are high and the bounce rate is low then know that you are about to start making incredible conversions and sales. Low bounce rate is usually very important for people who own e-commerce websites and other monetized websites. It is one of the main things to put under considerations for you to end up with a great conversion rate. Always keep in mind that your website should have the lowest bounce rate possible.

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