How to Refine Your Niche Blog Idea to Increase Your Profit

December 6, 2017 | RankWatch

Lots of marketers try their hand at building niche blogs for profit. These are created for the purpose of making as much money online as possible.

Marketers employ different tactics and strategies to maximize earnings from these sites.

But the key to high-earning niche blogs is how targeted you make the niche.

When building a niche blog, you have to ask yourself one question: am I helping people answer a specific question?

For example, you plan on building a niche blog about family hacks. You intend on helping parents strike harmony in raising a family and working full-time jobs, among other commitments.

This niche is narrowed down to a topic. But it is not targeted enough, at least not yet.

Consider the following questions to help you narrow down your niche blog even more:

  • What keywords do I have to optimize for with this blog?
  • How much money can I make with this blog?
  • What strategy do I have in place to create, promote, and track content for the blog?
  • How will I publish content for my blog?

By answering these questions, you will have a blog that will increase your earning potential and chances of finding an audience!

Below are steps on how you can answer these:

Keyword Research

Target keywords are essential components in building your niche blog. You want to tap into the referral traffic brought by Google Search.

You can achieve this by observing the best SEO practices for your niche blog.

At the heart of every successful SEO campaign are target keywords. This lets you determine the phrases you want to optimize for your blog.

If done correctly, you can make your blog appear on the first page of search results, increasing the chances of drawing more blog visitors. More visitors on your blog mean more chances of earning!

It is true that referral traffic from search engines is just one way of getting visitors to your site. But the beauty of keyword research is its ability of giving you insight to how many users are searching for that keyword every month. This is called average monthly search volume (AMSV).

To see this, go to Google Keyword Planner and search for the niche topic.

Niche Topic

Click on the keyword ideas tab to see keywords suggestions. Choose keywords with the most AMSV.

Not Bad


Use judgment when choosing your target keywords. You want to strike a balance between a reasonable AMSV and relevance to your niche blog when choosing keywords.

Once you have come up with at least five keywords, you can implement a more focused SEO strategy using these.

Optimizing your niche blog using these keywords will give you a chance to rank for each. This allows you target audience using search engines to find your site.

Find affiliate products to sell

To maximize the earning potential of your niche blog, you must look for affiliate products to sell.

Sites like ClickBank,, and Commission Junction are obvious places to look for products related to your niche.

Search the sites using your keywords to find related products.



What you want is a niche with lots of affiliate products to sell. That way, you can earn commission by selling them on your blog posts.

One of the most common ways bloggers can earn from selling affiliate products is by writing reviews about them.

Providing readers with insight about the products increases the chances of turning them into buyers. This is especially true if you give a positive and insightful review about the product.

Another example is by writing a guide using the affiliate product as basis.

Find products from the site that you can sell on your niche blog. List them down on a spreadsheet so you can refer to them later.

Content Strategy

Once you have the keywords and affiliate products, it is time to build a content strategy. This will be the foundation of the content you will produce on your blog.

Use the points below as reference in building your content strategy:

  • Mission statement – What is your niche blog about? What does it set to achieve?
  • Objectives – How do you plan to achieve your mission statement?
  • Target audience – Who are the people you set to reach out with your niche blog? What are their demographics?
  • Buyer persona – What is the profile of the person you set to reach out on all your posts and content?
  • Online channels – What are the different sites you will be using to promote and reach out to your audience? How many times do you intend to post updates in these sites?

The purpose of answering the questions from each point is to narrow down your niche idea to its bare essentials.

Knowing who your specific audience is lets you tap into their concerns and problems.

Let’s say you are targeting a demographic from ages 18-35 years old with a yearly income of $30,000 to $40,000. Use the details you can collect in this demographic to find out what ticks them.  Once you have the information, come up with ways on how to attract them to your niche blog.

List your answers down in a spreadsheet or a document file. Refer to your answers when coming up with a strategy or campaign in the future.

Using these points allows you to establish the backbone of your content creation strategy, which we will discuss below.

Content Creation

Content is the bridge that will connect your audience to your niche blog.

The key is the creation of content that your audience will read. You can reel them into becoming your buyer with your images and web copy.

Since you will have set up the content strategy for your niche blog, developing and publishing content will be much easier. You can determine the kind of content that you have to write for your blog.

Aside from writing articles, you can create the following:

  • Images – Creating images nowadays lets you drag and drop different elements onto the body. Online tools like PicMonkey and Canva allow you to come up with beautiful images. This increases the likelihood of your posts being shared on social media.
  • Infographics – These are much more time-consuming to do compared to simple images. But turning the data about your niche into an infographic will help deliver information to your readers into a more digestible manner. Creating these is easy if you are using and Visme, among others.
  • Slide decks – This is a creative way to present your content. Slides are image-based content, which makes for a more dynamic way to communicate your message.  To get ideas on how to approach creating slideshows, check out the slides made by Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • Videos – Arguably the most complicated content to produce, videos add depth to your content development. Examples of effective video content include webinars, tutorials, and interviews with influencers.

It is best that you try out some of the content types featured above. Find out which types of post gain traction with your audience. Create the content type with the most views.


Before getting into this, you will need to create an editorial calendar. This lets you organize how and when to publish your content in your niche blog.

It is best practice that you space out your posts in a month. You do not want to cram all of your posts at the beginning or end of the month. Furthermore, you do not want to post all your posts at the start of week. There needs to be a balance on when to publish the posts.

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, you may need to get a copy of CoSchedule.

Email Writing

Aside from scheduling your blog posts, you can schedule social media promotions to maximize traffic.

If you do not have the confidence or have the time to create content, you can automate the process by getting others to write for you.

The easiest way to do this is by hiring professional writers at UpWork.

Image 2


Find writers using their search function and filter the ones that you feel are the most qualified. You can determine them by reading their profile description and user rating. Find out if they are the right people for the job by talking with them and asking your questions.

Another place to find writers are highly targeted writing service sites. For example, if you are running an academic niche blog, you can try out Bid4Papers and, to name a few. Checking out better reviews written at Omni Papers will give you more sites to choose from.

The availability of writing service sites depends on your niche. Some niches are too obscure that you won’t find dedicated writing sites for your niche blog. That said, you should stick to sites like Upwork and others.

Once you hire your writer, you run them through your content strategy. This should give them a better understanding of what you want to achieve. If they follow your directions, you should be able to develop content that will help you reach your online audience.

By publishing the right kind of content with the help of hired writers, you can convert visitors into cash!


Developing a niche blog is not difficult to do. But refining it into a laser-focused niche that will help you earn money is tricky.

The tips featured in this post should help you simplify your niche blog into answering a simple question that your audience is asking.

By getting a clear idea on what their question is, you can target all your efforts in answering that through your content. Doing this the right way will help turn your blog into a profitable one.


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