Is Search Engine Optimization a Feasible Option for Start-Ups – A Discussion!

March 23, 2018 | Basic SEO

Is Search Engine Optimization a Feasible Option for Start-Ups - A Discussion!Start-ups will apply a variety of options to get their business reach their ideal customers. Start-ups marketing efforts will be in an experimental stage as they will be trying different avenues until they find the ones that work best for them. Each Startup has its own brand path and marketing approach. To get the best and keep moving to next level they need a different approach and strategy.

Social media can be one of those effective approaches applying internet marketing strategy. With social media marketing, start-ups can get its name out there, target and engage its audience/customers and appeal to search engines. Today, companies leverage social media more than traditional marketing methods to advertise their products and services.

If you want a long-term business growth in your startup business. Then you should go for result oriented and affordable SEO services for startups.

SEO for startups can be challenging. And everybody believes search engine results heavily favor big brand websites with thousands of links. Faced with moderate initial results and discouraging odds many startups quickly give up on SEO as a viable channel to scale their marketing. Start-ups easily feel lost among all the tasks, being unable to decide where to start. They start to find other resources and try to focus on many different activities that can take their business to the next level.

That’s a huge mistake.

SEO for startups provides plenty of opportunities for new business to increase traffic and build a strong and sustainable SEO campaign.

Is Search Engine Optimization a Feasible Option for Start-Ups - A Discussion!

There are lots of benefits if you start a fresh and build your website from scratch with SEO principles in mind. If you start afresh you can accomplish a lot compared to those websites with thousands of pages with lingering technical SEO problems.

To start afresh you need to first understand and know your audience, where the purchase flows, audience interests or other behavioral characteristics.

It’s exactly like when you would like to invite some friends to dinner but doesn’t know whether they like vegetarian or non-vegetarian food. Do they prefer having meal starters? Or does anyone of them have food allergies? Well before you start preparing the meal you need to know this information.

In a similar manner, start-ups focus too much on the best channels to reach their targeted audiences/customers. Finally, the result is – customers don’t see value in the products and they won’t come to your site and eventually won’t buy.

To improve your chances of success you need to start your online strategy in reverse.  Start with your audience then create a profile for your buying personas, continue with the segmentation process, finally create the message and select the right channels. This way you’ll understand your customers and will speak the same language. But your job is not done yet. You have to set the right goals.  

Is Search Engine Optimization a Feasible Option for Start-Ups - A Discussion!

Start-ups your business website is the first step towards growth. The second step is implementing or hiring an SEO company who can provide you best SEO services. SEO services for startups can increase the reach of your services organically on various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.Set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) objectives and don’t believe SEO is just a one-time thing. Don’t set your objectives and forget it. Start-ups need to follow their evolution and take a decision based on them.

Lots of surveys and reports say only 9% of the people end up searching for any information on the second page of Google. And it’s an astonishing surprise to know the total of average click-through rate for top 10 queries is 208%, meaning users click more than twice on the first result page.

SEO is an evergreen technique for start-ups. It is often the most inexpensive way for getting leads/customers in the long run.

Following SEO Techniques You Can Use To Channelize Your Marketing:-

An effective marketing program for startups can be content marketing. With content marketing, you can create a personality around the products you sell.

A few ideas on what startups can do with content are as follows:

  • Content marketing will provide you an opportunity to generate word-of-mouth marketing for your business. Develop a narrative differentiating your company from others, start a conversation whether of your community or your online following. Build trust by showing your support they’ll remember your kindness.
  • You can tell your story of a startup – how your startup came to be. With social media, it’s easy to engage your target demographic audiences without looking like you are just trying to advertise. Next time they’ll remember your kindness and someone’s looking for a product or service within your niche go to you. Sharing someone else’s content doesn’t necessarily mean losing your audience’s attention.
  • Write about some small, innovative ideas/companies/start-ups and the story behind them, let people discover new products.
  • Teach people about multiple product categories. You can explain the basic function behind some electronic items and guide on what to look for when shopping for that specific part.
  • Produce educational videos and post them on your blog. For example, if you sell jeweler, you can create videos showing basics of various stones like ruby, diamond, pearl and the history behind those precious stones and recognize pure Ruby or Diamond.


There may be so many competitors available for you because of that your site may be hidden somewhere so to bring your website in people eyes you have to do SEO. SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of your site so to make visible your site and for telling Google that your website exists now on the internet you have to do SEO.

SEO is one of only a very few ways to achieve widespread recognition of your product. You don’t even know where to start when you’re first getting into it. But when it pays off, it pays off big.

In short, for any business that recognizes their site as the multi-faceted marketing tool SEO is a crucial element to success. It’s tough to name any business today that wouldn’t benefit from higher rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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  1. That is awesome! I strongly believe that for any startup or new website it’s very important to focus on initial states of marketing that include – Making your website user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. Then, heading further for the expected results from SEO marketing could be very easy for the online business generation.

    Great insights and awareness for small businesses. Thank you @Anubhav.

  2. Great Article! To trim it short, and any start up who had got burnt, can vouch this ” SEO Optimization is cost effective measured in any scale”- Just compare it to any other digital practices and the cost of resources SEO has the fast ROI. I think for a Start up Going SEO should overtake SMO. What do you say?

    1. I completely agree. But, overtaking of any one practice on another is not a better solution for sure. Instead, taking both digital marketing practices simultaneously would be helpful in giving far more better results + leads generation opportunities. What you think?

      1. well you are right , both should be an part of Integrated Marketing mix, But let’s say I have severe budget constraint, a typical start up scenario, SEO should be priority #1? or ma i wrong?

        1. What I understand is – “Yes”, SEO will be the priority. Why? Social media has some limitations when it comes to audience type (B2B, B2C, C2C) and if you really want to generate business through social channels then only “Manual Posts” and updates won’t work you have to go for paid marketing if you really want your audience to get interacted with your brand.

          Now, there are some deep limitations of each social media platform like FB, Twitter, Instagram etc. On FB people generally, come to see timeline updates of their friends and some funny memes and videos from the pages they like and follow. The fact is, FB is really good for B2C & C2C businesses where users can directly buy the products but that is possible only if you are getting into the Paid Marketing Space. But for B2B, it is of no use.

          On Twitter, people love to share or tweet posts of their own interests – So, do you think, anyone would be interested in purchasing your software or services unless you don’t run a campaign and target your specific audience. Further, a harsh truth is even on (#tags) applied posts, people although just like it or just re-tweet it. That’s it, they never contact you to purchase your services. And, if I’m not wrong, paid marketing on twitter is a bit costly 🙂

          Won’t take this comment so long, but on Instagram as well, no one is interested in contacting any service provider. Audience love to be busy with their cup of coffee only 😛

          And, SEO, though it is a long-term process. But, it helps any business marketing with its initial base. Doesn’t matter from which business industry you belong once you got up in search rankings then you will automatically start getting business.

          And, as said, I agree with your point – One should consider SMO very strongly but my point was – performing it with SEO could just double the speed of business growth 🙂

          Obviously, the marketing budget is something we can’t ignore too, in that case, one should deal very fairly with clients. We should support them on initial stages with their business marketing and once they start getting business you deserve complete rights to raise your amount and this is something very practical for the clients too. Why someone would want to loos a person who is generating business for them. Right?

          I hope everything above sounds good to you 🙂

  3. Great read as always. I believe SEO for startups could a win win situation for them and every new startups should consider SEO marketing to provide initial strength to their business marketing.

  4. Finally a convincing article for the importance of SEO for small business and startups. I agree with all your findings and sharings @anubhavgarg:disqus

  5. All stratup owner should read this blog. As if you lauching your business online then it must be recitfy by website technical errors like page speed, bounce rate and mobike optimize. Stratups has great ideas for their business but they must focus on user thenafter, then the seo comes.

  6. Definitely, SEO is one of the best option available for startups to strengthen their feets in the market.

  7. Great stuff, Anubhav! Thanks for the article.
    Understanding SEO for startups is a beneficial initial point for organic growth. If done correctly it is of high ROI on minimum investments.

  8. Great Article! Thanks for sharing every new startup should consider SEO marketing to provide initial strength to their business marketing.

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