How RankWatch’s Rank Tracking Can Leverage Your Ranking Game?

August 24, 2023 | Feature Update

When we talk about rank tracking, most novice content designers and SEO enthusiasts think about tracking competitor rankings. But that’s not what rank tracking is about. Rank tracking is about keeping track of all your ranking URLs, keywords that facilitate the positions, and other important factors. 

Now, the question arises, “Why do I need a keyword rank checker to view my rankings? Can’t Google show me whether I’m ranking or not?”

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Google will only show whether you are ranking and not other important factors that are responsible for the same. Besides, a proper keyword rank tracker can help you keep check on potential landing pages that will get a boost in keyword ranking within a few days.

Since RankWatch online SEO tool is well-known in the field of digital marketing, its updated rank tracking feature will prove to be a boon for you.

Let’s dig deep into the new features of the rank tracking dashboard.

What’s New In RankWatch’s Rank Tracking?

We know the importance of having a good keyword rank checker. That’s why our developers worked tirelessly to upgrade and renovate our existing keyword rank tracker with new features. 

Rank Tracking is further segmented into four major sections: Overview, Rankings, Pages, and Keyword Overview. We will go in-depth into each section and what each of them does.

Before that, there are some common features that you will find throughout our keyword rank tracker. 

  1. Date Range: From the day you add a new project, you can track all your progress in the tool. The date range allows you to select the timeline from which you need data.

    RankWatch date range section
  2. Search Engines: It’s clearly known that Google is not the only search engine present on the Internet. Though it holds a major value, it’s better to establish your presence all over the Internet. That’s why our keyword position checker allows you to get in-detail insights into your web pages on all search engines. It helps you get a complete picture of how your web pages perform online.RankWatch search engine section
  3. URLs: Keyword Rank Checker also allows you to check the progress of subdomains. All you need to do is select the “URL” option, search for the subdomains, and add them to the list.RankWatch URL section
  4. AI-insights from LARA: Let’s be honest: who doesn’t love getting information on new competitors and rising trends? Our keyword rank tracker provides you with over-the-edge AI-based insights on upcoming market opportunities and competitions. Besides, our AI-assistant LARA is always there with new information on the sidebar.

RankWatch AI-insights section

1. Overview

Now that we know the common features that you will get throughout our keyword rank Checker let’s get into the first segment.


RankWatch Rankings Overview Dashboard

First comes the Overview section of our Rank Tracking feature. As the name suggests, the Overview section gives a basic rundown of how your web pages work. Here are the sub-sections you will see in the Overview section.

Share of Voice

Share of Voice or SOV dictates the total market value your brand owns, and the SOV section over here shows the same but with details.


RankWatch Ranking Overview SOV section

Thanks to the drop-down choice menu, you get accurate SOV data based on either country or global traffic. This data will further help you understand where your website stands in the market and where you should focus your marketing efforts to gain traction.

Keyword Distribution Graph

The keyword distribution graph shows the total number of keywords present on the web pages and the amount of keywords  ranking from the lot.


RankWatch Ranking Overview keyword distribution section

Furthermore, the pie chart states the portion of ranking keywords occupying the positions on search engines. It helps you determine the keywords that can boost your SERP rankings and increase traffic.

Top Keywords Stats

Next up is the “Top keywords” section, which displays the top keywords from all your web pages based on their keyword rankings and the amount of traffic they bring in.

The drop-down menu lets you select whether you want to see the keywords ranking or the ones that bring major traffic to your website.


RankWatch Ranking Overview top keyword stats

You can also get in-depth details by selecting the “view all” option. It brings forward the various ranking keywords, their SOV, average rank, and other important metrics that you should keep note of.

Top Landing Pages

Rank tracking is about focusing on your web pages and how they perform on the Internet. This is why RankWatch introduced the “top landing pages” section in its keyword rank checker feature.


RankWatch Ranking Overview top landing pages section

This feature lets you know which of your web pages are ranking on search engines and the ones that have the potential to go up the ladder with minimal effort.

You can also get in-detail insights on the ranking pages as per the ranking keywords and traffic. By clicking on the “view all” option, the feature discloses an all-new dashboard with a graph depicting the position of the pages and a multi-functioning table showcasing the pages, their average rank, SOV, and ranking keywords.

Top Tags

Tags are automated clustered segments for keywords falling under the same category. They help you determine the relevant keywords for you to use wisely on the web pages.


RankWatch Ranking Overview top tags section

The Top Tags section is present to showcase the automated tags created by the tool, their number of keywords, and their position on the Internet.

SERP Snippets Section

Snippets are basically the zero position results shown on SERP pages. They help your page achieve better visibility and gain traction as well. However, it’s not easy to rank for the Snippets section since Google decides who will get that irrespective of the page’s ranking, traffic, etc.


RankWatch Rankings Overview SERP snippets section

The SERP Snippets section shows how your pages perform in the said section compared to your competitors. The Snippets are further divided into various categories like videos, news, images, answers, location, etc., giving a clear view of which category your landing pages occupy and where you need to focus more.

2. Rankings

The Rankings section of our keyword Rank Tracker completely focuses on the landing pages’ rankings and the various metrics that affect them throughout.


RankWatch Rankings Dashboard

To get an in-depth look at this segment, we are going to dissect each section below.

Total Keywords

The total keywords table shows the overall number of keywords in all the landing pages you have added to the project.

RankWatch Rankings total keywords section


Furthermore, the table shows the number of keywords that have recently entered the top 5 positions, ones that left the first SERP page, keywords that just started ranking, and those that stopped ranking.

RankWatch Rankings total keywords graph section

Clicking on any one of the stats on this table will present you with the keywords, URLs where they are present, an analysis graph, SOV, and other important metrics.

Keywords Position Ranking Graph

The keywords position ranking graph shows you a quick overview of how your keywords perform online.


RankWatch Rankings Keywords Position Ranking Graph

It showcases the total number of keywords, percentage of ranking keywords, and keywords ranking in the top 5, top 10, till top 100. Each section is color coded for better understanding.

Keyword-based Multi-functioning Table

The Rankings section also has a keywords-based table showcasing your website’s ranking keywords along with metrics such as ranking URLs, search volume, SOV, snippets, SEO IQ score, keywords used as anchor texts, etc.


RankWatch Rankings Keyword-based Multi-functioning Table

Besides, the table also comes with a multi-faceted advanced filter that allows you to add additional metrics that deem to be important for your analysis.

3. Pages

While the “Rankings” section is more keyword-focused, the “Pages” section of our keyword Rank Checker is more focused on web pages. It discloses the current state of your website’s pages, their rankings, the availability of potential low-hanging fruits, and much more.


RankWatch Pages Dashboard

To understand in detail, we have divided the entire “Pages” section into several short sections, each focusing on a particular part of web pages.

Total Landing Pages

As the name suggests, the total landing pages discloses the total number of web pages on your website. In addition, this section also states the total number of pages that entered the first page, pages that left the first SERP page, ones that started ranking, and those that stopped ranking.

RankWatch Pages total landing pages section

Pages Position Ranking Graph

The Pages position ranking graph showcases the ranking of various web pages of your website on a specific timeline. The graph also states the number of keywords that facilitated the ranking of your landing pages.


RankWatch Pages Position Ranking Graph

You can determine the upcoming scenarios and plan accordingly based on the above information.

Pages-based Multi-functioning Table

Just like the Rankings section contains a multi-functioning table focusing mainly on keywords, the Pages section also has a similar table focusing majorly on the ranking pages.


RankWatch Pages-based Multi-functioning Table

The table is designed to present the various metrics that facilitate the rankings of your web pages. You will get to view the total number of ranking keywords for each URL, average ranks, SOV, visitors to the page, backlinks present in each URL, search volume, etc. Moreover, you can also add additional metrics from the advanced multi-purpose filter to get in-detail insights. 

4. Keyword Overview

As stated earlier, rank tracking is basically an overall rank checking of your website for various things. The keyword overview focuses on one of the most important things that can either increase or decrease your ranking: keywords.


RankWatch Keyword overview dashboard

The keyword overview section is further divided into various segmentations, each of which is discussed in detail below.

Keyword Statistics

It is essential to know the complete potential of each keyword before deciding to focus on them. This is where keyword statistics come in handy.

After you have selected the keyword for which you want to conduct an analysis, a new dashboard will appear in front of you. Here, you will see the Keyword Statistics table that compiles various factors that sum up the keyword’s potential.


RankWatch keyword statistics section

Here’s what you will get:

  1. SEO IQ score of the keyword
  2. Its Global and country search volume
  3. SOV percentage
  4. CPC value
  5. Initial and highest rank
  6. Keyword difficulty
  7. Keyword ranking graph

Timeline Focused Ranking Table

Similar to the previous two tables shown in the Rankings and Pages section, the keyword overview also has a data table focusing majorly on the keywords ranking on particular dates.


RankWatch Timeline Focused Ranking Table

It states the keyword’s ranking on the specific date, on which page it performed better, its monthly search volume, snippets that enhanced the ranking, and other essential factors.

Summing Up…

Rank tracking is extremely important for brands wanting to rise above competitors. With a proper keyword Rank Checker, you will be able to determine the potential of your website pages, identify the pain points, and work on them accordingly.

Now that you know the importance of rank tracking, go ahead and get the FREE trial of RankWatch to avail the benefits of the best keyword rank tracker in town.

See you soon!

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