Master Your On Page SEO Optimization Skills With The Brand New SEO IQ Feature

August 29, 2023 | Feature Update

There are times in a digital marketer’s life when they think that on page SEO is not that important since it holds a comparatively low percentage when it comes to “factors that can improve your SERP rankings.”

And that is a grave mistake from their end. Though it might not show a big change upfront, gradually, your rankings will start going down, and before you know it, you are at pit bottom with no way up.

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That’s why it is important to have a proper on page SEO optimization tool that can help you shape your website’s on page optimization. And to make it as smooth as possible, RankWatch has designed SEO IQ, an all-in-one tool for rectifying on page SEO mistakes by providing solutions for the same. Sign up right now to know what we are talking about. 

How To Do On Page Optimization? Mastering On Page SEO with RankWatch’s SEO IQ

Since on page SEO check is essential for ranking a website, RankWatch designed an AI-based feature called SEO IQ that can assist users throughout the process of on page optimization. 

Here’s what SEO IQ helps you with.

1. Improvement Ideas

Once you enter your website URL, primary keyword, and location, SEO IQ starts its process.

The SEO IQ feature has three major sections, Improvement Ideas being one of them. The Improvement Ideas section starts with your website’s SEO IQ score.

It is a score out of 100 provided to your website based on its performance against top on page SEO factors. You also get a quick overview graph stating the number of factors the site passed and failed.

RankWatch SEO IQ dashboard

Moreover, there’s also the list of top 10 competitors in your genre pitted against your website.

Based on the above score and calculation that the AI-based feature did, it provides tons of suggestions further segmented into the following parts.

Exact Keyword Presence

The tool detects the presence of the exact primary keyword in different sections of the content, like heading tags, meta descriptions, alt texts, etc. 

In case you are struggling with finding proper keywords, RankWatch’s keyword suggestion tool will help you a lot.

RankWatch SEO IQ exact keyword section

Besides, the tool also shows the suggested number of primary keywords that should be present in the depicted section, along with a comparison graph for better understanding.

RankWatch SEO IQ exact keyword graph section

It also helps you understand where your website content stands amongst the competitors.

Broad Keyword Presence

Apart from primary keywords, it is important to focus on broad keywords as well, and SEO IQ understands the importance of the same. That’s why it suggests to you the usage of broad keywords throughout the content.

RankWatch SEO IQ broad keyword section

Broad keywords are the longer version of the primary keyword used while conducting a search query. Using such broad keywords throughout the content can prove to be beneficial during SERP rankings.

RankWatch SEO IQ broad keyword graph section

Since SEO IQ analyzes your web page against the top 10 competitors in the same genre, it figures out all the possible broad keywords that match the primary keyword. Once done, it gives you suggestions on how to use these keywords throughout the content, including heading tags, alt texts, meta descriptions, etc. 

Words & Characters

The next portion of “Improvement Ideas” that SEO IQ shows is the number of words and characters present in each section.

RankWatch SEO IQ words section

There are several sections of a content piece that need to be under a certain word and character limit.

For example, you need to develop a meta description that’s under 160 characters because Google only showcases meta descriptions under the stipulated limit, and if the limit is beyond that, it would be cut off. 

The same goes for the word limit for heading tags. As SEO IQ analyzes your competitors, it also notes the average heading tag length they are following and suggests you do the same.

RankWatch SEO IQ characters section

SEO IQ also suggests you limit your URL characters as a clean and crisp URL is a way to win Google’s heart and increase your chances of better rankings.

Besides, maintaining a proper word and character limit also improves your content flow and makes it skimmable.

Page Elements

The Page elements amount to the tags that help divide the content into sections and maintain the flow. All kinds of heading tags (H1 to H6), alt texts, meta descriptions, P tags, etc., are considered page elements.

RankWatch SEO IQ page elements section

SEO IQ detects such page elements and states whether you use them correctly throughout the content. Even if you are overusing them, the tool warns you of the same and advises you to decrease it.

Once you incorporate the suggestions in the “Page Elements” section, the content flow becomes cleaner and more concise.

Speed & Page Size

Let’s be honest over here: No one is going to visit your website if the loading time is more than 5 seconds. Yes, that’s right; 5 seconds is the limit for making a user stay on your website.

RankWatch SEO IQ speed and page size section

SEO IQ also shows your web page size with and without images and the time it takes to load the page. 

Based on the suggested range, you can further make changes to your website to improve the page experience.

Google Featured Snippet

With SEO IQ, you also get to know whether your website has a logo schema and is ranking on Google featured snippets or not.

RankWatch SEO IQ Google featured snippet section

2. Content Recommendations

While the “Improvement Ideas’ section focuses broadly on the entire page’s SEO factors, “Content Recommendations” focuses on the body tags and presence of LSI in the website content.

RankWatch SEO IQ content recommendation section

Here SEO IQ shows you the various body tags that you and your competitors have used throughout the content, along with the suggested range, comparison graph, relevancy to the topic, and suggestions.

RankWatch SEO IQ content recommendations detailed section

The best part is that you can see how your competitors have used the said body tag in their content and compare the same with your website content.

3. Content Editor

The Content Editor is one of the most important and exciting parts of SEO IQ. It allows you to edit your content on the tool as per the suggestions provided.

RankWatch SEO IQ Content Editor section

The Content Editor section contains an overview bar that states the readability score of the content, total word count, headings, and optimization status, along with a suggested range for each of the above-mentioned terms.

Besides, the side table provides you suggestions on what keywords to use on which sections of the content that will improve your on page optimization status and SEO IQ score. It also contains a “questions” column consisting of the most searched relevant queries by users that you can use as headings or in the FAQ section.

Incorporating these suggestions increases the chances of improving your SERP rankings.

Summing Up…

Though on page SEO holds less weightage as compared to off-page SEO, it still improves your chances of ranking in search engines. SEO IQ is designed to help you with on page SEO and increase the chances up to tenfold.

With RankWatch’s SEO IQ, you can understand the various on page factors, their weightage, and how you can improve your SEO knowledge regarding the same.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and enjoy the 14-day FREE trial of RankWatch and avail all benefits of the tool.

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  1. I’ve been looking for ways to enhance my on-page SEO skills, and this new SEO IQ feature sounds like the perfect tool to help me achieve that. Can’t wait to give it a try and see the results. Thank you for sharing this useful information with us.

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