Know Everything About SEO Score: 10 Common FAQs

January 8, 2024 | Basic SEO

SEO SCORE, the name itself brings a heavy thrust and impact on the ground of digital marketing. 

Knowing the health of your website in regards to SEO is the true reflection of your online business success. And this is what a website SEO score is all about!

If the whole narrative of your website’s SEO performance is defined in a single term, we would call it SEO SCORE. 

So, when this topic holds so much significance for you, let’s waste no time and have a complete end-to-end discussion on it. 

Thus, here we offer you ten fundamental FAQs that will help you get a rough idea of your website’s SEO scoring capability. 

Let’s proceed with them!

What is an SEO Score?

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As we discussed above, the SEO score is nothing but the measurement of the SEO health of your website. It also defines how well your website is performing organically in SERP ranking. An ideal site SEO scoring assures that every technical aspect of your website is well-optimized and fulfilled. A poor SEO score shows that your website is less feasible for navigation due to a lack of compatibility and good content. 

What Are the Major Significances of SEO Scores?

There are multiple reasons for which the SEO score holds great significance for your website. Firstly, the factors that uplift the SEO score are the same factors that the search engine algorithm counts on. So, the higher the SEO score, the more traffic will be, leading to higher revenue generation. 

Further, the SEO scoring also defines the compatibility and user experience of your website. The better the SEO score, the higher the feasibility of visitors navigating your website. 

And finally, the most important part is that your SEO score defines how discoverable your website is. The higher the SEO score, the better the ranking and visibility of your website. Simultaneously, the higher the visibility of your site, the more will be the buying possibilities and profit generation for your brand. 

What are the Integral Factors that Impact Your SEO Score? 

Although there are many factors that define the SEO scoring of your website, a few major among them are:

  1. Crawling and Indexing
  2. Website Architecture
  3. Structured Data
  4. Security, URLs, and other website issues
  5. Mobile Friendliness

The more you strive to accomplish these factors, the more you will elevate the SEO grade of your website. You can use an internet marketing platform to get it done better in an automated way.

RankWatch’s mobile-friendly checker

For instance, there is a free mobile-friendly checker tool of RankWatch to conduct the mobile-friendly test. Just go to the respective tool, enter the domain URL, and click on run test. The tool will automatically give you the mobile-friendliness score which you can further evaluate to make it better. 

Does SEO Scoring Impact the Ranking of Your Website?

Technically NO! Google cannot rely on any third-party website score to rank it higher. 

However, there are certain factors in common that push up both the website’s SEO grade and SERP ranking. So, you can draw a conclusion that SEO score and higher website ranking are indirectly related to each other. The more you focus on SEO rating, the more you strengthen your website to rank higher on Google. The same goes for vice-versa. 

What is a Good SEO Score in Google? 

A score above 80 is good, and a score above 90 is considered excellent. We can also assume that if the score goes below 70, you need to sincerely work on some critical parameters. 

Now, RankWatch also offers you the SEO IQ feature to check the structure of the website. With this on-page SEO checker, you can also check the website’s SEO score. 

What do you need to do in order to check a website’s SEO score?

  1. Login to your RankWatch account, and set the domain URL as the new project. 
  2. Next, go to the SEO IQ section and set the keyword, location, and target URL. 
  3. Click on the search option and the AI-driven tool will automatically give you a computed SEO score. 

This is your SEO score in Google that is generated on the basis of multiple factors like keywords, characters, page elements, page speed, page size, Google featured snippets, word count, headings, metas, optimization status, and a lot more.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ

Thus, it’s high time to keep your SEO score in check!

Can You Check Your SEO Score For Free? 

Yes, there are certain SEO checkers available on the Internet from where you can check your site’s SEO score.

However, not all of them are as accurate as RankWatch. 

You can take a 14-day free subscription to RankWatch and use the SEO IQ feature to check the website’s SEO scoring for free. 

As we mentioned above, it evaluates your website on the basis of factors like keywords, characters, page elements, page speed, page size, Google featured snippets, word count, optimization status, and much more. After a keen analysis of these factors, you will receive an SEO score that reflects the overall health of your website. 

Additionally, you can also use the site audit feature of RankWatch to check your website’s score on the basis of the issues persisting over there.

RankWatch’s site auditor

Here, the AI-driven site audit tool gives a patent score out of 100, based on issues like HTTP status code, broken pages, failed URLs, short titles, missing titles, missing descriptions, unlinked paginated pages, page response time distribution, canonicalized pages, excluded URLs, non-HTML URLs and much more. 

Does Google Penalty Hamper the SEO Score? 

Yes, Google penalties are known for ranking down your website. Not only this, the practice of black-hat SEO can also stop the bot from crawling and indexing your site. As we discussed above, crawling and indexing are integral aspects of a good SEO score; there’s no scope for it to be sustained with Google penalty

On-Page Vs Off-Page: Which Is More Crucial For SEO Score in Google?

Although both on-page and off-page SEO contribute to the upliftment of SEO scores, experts generally advise focusing more on on-page SEO in order to witness its acute inclination. 

Just like the foundation of a house determines how strong it is, your on-page SEO accomplishment determines the optimization strength of your website.

RankWatch’s website analyser

To make the process more easy and convenient, you can use the free website analyzer of RankWatch. 

It evaluates the site’s SEO performance, and evaluates factors like loading time, page speed, meta tags, and end-to-end on-page SEO factors to give you a custom-made site check-up report. You just have to navigate over the details to fix the issues and make your website perform better. 

How to Fix the Issues Hampering SEO Scores?

Firstly, you have to get your site audited to find out the issues diminishing your SEO score. To make this happen, you can use the site audit feature of RankWatch that crawls over your website and gives you the list of issues, including HTTP status code distribution, duplicate URLs, failed URLs, missing descriptions, canonical tags, HTML issues, unlinked paginated pages, page depth, page response time distribution, and much more. Further, you can hire an SEO consultant to fix these issues and improve your website’s SEO scoring. 

How Can You Improve Your Google SEO Score?

To improve your SEO rating, you have to take these necessary steps:

  1. Post authoritative content 
  2. Maintain a good frequency of content
  3. Work on metadata
  4. Maintain good internal linking and backlinking
  5. Optimize page loading speed
  6. Incorporate effective keywords
  7. Identify and fix website issues 
  8. Construct mobile-friendly website
  9. Do practice black-hat SEO
  10. Sticks to Google ethics and values

So, improve your website’s grade of SEO and make it rank higher in the SERP algorithm. 

Summing Up!

So, here we have made a complete discussion on Google SEO score, their significance, impact, traits, attributes, and ways to improve them. Hope this blog is useful to you and gives you all the necessary details on SEO rating. 

And, the next time anyone wonders what is SEO score, do forward this article and if you are planning to improve the SEO score, don’t miss out on using RankWatch to get it done. 


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