12 Essential Tips to Improve Business Ranking in Search Engine

December 10, 2019 | Advanced SEO

Currently, 93% of all online experience begins with a search engine, as Search Engine Journal reports. So when you look up something on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you are going through the top sites that these search engines rank based on alt tags, keywords, and content. Therefore, most businesses and blogs, who need more traffic, rely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to reach people. 

In a survey by Hubspot, 57% of business to business professionals agreed that SEO  generates the most leads for them. SEO has always been the online world’s favourite buzzword. Every activity at the end of the day wants higher rankings and show up on Google’s first search engine result pages. 

Here are 12 ways to improve page ranking:

  • Establish Permalinks

Permalinks are the URLs of your website posts and pages. In layman’s speech, they are what the users apply in their address bars to approach to your site and see the associated page. They are also employed by other search engine and search engines to link to your site. It is evermore a useful method to modify the default setting to /%postname%/ as it is easy to memorize for users and easy to classify by search engines.

  • Create a Website Sitemap

Your site can include numerous pages, and for Google to index your pages, you have to inform Google your site arrangement. Generating a Google XML sitemap is simple. WordPress allows a very helpful plugin named Google XML Sitemaps that instantly creates a sitemap of your site which helps search engines to classify your site better.

  • Utilize Google Analytics

utilising google analytics

Google Analytics is a successful analytic tool produced and given by Google. It is entirely free to work with and assists you in monitoring site traffic. The tool allows you to know about the traffic behaviour and source, among other essential attributes that would help you to reach your target audience better. Google Analytics also enables you to do a variety of diverse tasks, including finding a 404 error page, resisting referral spam, and many more.

  • Utilize SEO Themes

WordPress offers ways to improve search engine optimisation through themes that you can use to provide your site with a robust foundation. So, instead of choosing the most visually striking theme, choose one that has SEO benefits. The idea with SEO has two principal elements i.e., code and speed. 

  • Eliminate Things That Lower Your Loading Speed

Page speed counts a lot for SEO ranking. While in the past, a slow loading page wasn’t a big deal, it is one now. You may remember how sites used to take 4 to 5 minutes to load, but in the current context, if your page is this slow, people would abandon it within 2 seconds. So, if your page has add-ons no one is using, remove them as such things burden websites the most.

  • Utilize SEO Plugins

SEO plugins from WordPress are useful to anybody, from SEO experts to amateurs. These plugins let you to automatically calculate the correct information instead of adding sitemaps, meta descriptions, and other SEO features by hand. Here are two popular plugins:

  • Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is popular among many users for multiple reasons. It lets you concentrate on focus keywords in blogs as well as allows adding meta descriptions, tags, and titles. 

  • SEO Friendly Images

As the name says, it helps you with image optimization for search engine in between driving immense traffic from search engines for images.

  • Make Your Media More Effective

Media is an essential component of any site. However, they can both ruin and advance your SEO endeavours. How you name and tag images will define your SEO ranking. With customary tagging, you are most prone to increase your odds of being placed higher in image hunts.

Just uploading images with a problematic name isn’t an excellent SEO method. You can add small captions, descriptions, and alt text to improve brand name through digital marketing.

  • Apply Links and Support Text Accurately

Bulks of website owners usually neglect to interlink their posts with other posts on the site. Interlinking your posts expedite your SEO endeavours and also enhance user experience. It is essential to interlink posts when it is appropriate. Don’t link solely for the objective of linking. Also, pay attention to anchor texts. Google is paying attention to how anchor text is employed, and as it can be broken, there are some rules of designing an anchor text.

  • Create Effective Content

Content that is high quality ensures user engagement, so whether it is a personal blog or a business website, you need good content to list higher on search engines. Content is not only about a grammatical error-free post but also that attracts readers. So, what makes high material quality? It should be

  • Unique

Google isn’t kind to plagiarism; while adding quotes—along with the source—is acceptable, stealing content entirely from other posts is unacceptable. So, even if you write on similar topics, you can’t take from somebody else’s work.  

  • Shareable

As we will mention later, good content also suggests posts that are shareable by users with their followers and friends. 

  • Effective, Educational and Actionable

Effective, Educational and Actionable seo

People use the internet when looking for any relevant information. Giving them precisely what they are asking is the solution to strong SEO. Informative list posts, lessons, tutorials, and DIY posts are especially important because they help your users to read or correct a distinct problem. 

  • Use Accurate Heading Tags

When it comes to useful SEO methods, correctly applying heading tags is very important. The H1 tag has to be always used for the blog post’s title, and it is crucial to maintain your H1 lucid and educational. The title should tell readers what the content is precisely about. They should be interested in reading the post based on the heading alone. Once you have applied H1 heading accurately, you would require to apply H2 tag for extra entries and then for sub-headings and so on, you use H3 and H4 tags. Applying heading tags is not only critical for reliable search engine techniques but also for enhancing user engagement. It provides users with a better opinion about the content and attracts their attention instantly.

  • Hosting

Everyone may be aware of the point that Google lists a site based on loading speed. Besides using established SEO methods, you need to use a stable and dependable hosting for your website. One such thing that helps to rank higher than others is utilizing hosting with SSD drives. Several prominent hosts like Bluehost, Hostgator use conventional hard drives, while Fastcomet hosting comes with SSD drives.

  • Ensure Your Content is Shareable

Ensuring that Your Content is Shareable

Social media has obtained immense popularity over the last few years. Now, nearly each web user is engaged on several social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so much more. When your content is shareable, it allows your users to share it over various social channels while encouraging massive traffic to your website. Attaching buttons for social sharing site not only helps traffic but also increases your site’s reliability. 


There are several other methods and tricks accessible out there for SEO, but the examples above are some of the qualified techniques that can be utilized on your website. It is essential to provide your content with the best opportunity achievable of being discovered on the first page of search engines. Obtain the utmost of these points and retain users while pushing regular traffic from Google and others.


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