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December 1, 2023 | RankWatch

Market Research

One effective approach to expanding your marketing skills is understanding how to interpret marketing research. Market research doesn’t just help you to learn the latest consumer patterns but also make decisions. A marketer who doesn’t research consumers, the market, and industry is bound to fail. Before giving a social media marketing campaign the green light, consult research data to see if it lines up with the needs of the consumer.

Market research allows you to know your ideal customers. What are their purchasing powers? What influences their buying journeys? Are your products solving their problems? These answers are only available with comprehensive research into the behaviors and activities of consumers. Using big data, which is not just for large corporations anymore, can provide useful insights. When marketers know which consumers to target, they can ensure that the largest portion of that audience receives marketing messages.

Formal Education

Another avenue to gain the information you need to take your marketing game a step further is taking a formal course. Your skills will always need sharpening because marketing keeps evolving. Every day there is an app coming out, and marketers need to learn how to integrate it into their campaigns or a new trend that disrupts existing marketing efforts. Higher education teaches skills and imparts knowledge that allow you to adapt accordingly when such scenarios present themselves.

Formal education is necessary to develop the creative and innovative capability of marketers and aspiring marketers. Information technology programs are some of the options to consider because ICT is an integral part of digital marketing. The wide availability of online courses means you can have a college plan that accommodates your managerial tasks or any other responsibilities.


The wealth of data available today makes work less challenging for marketers. Analytics provide some of the best learning resources when you want to boost your marketing skills. A marketer who can look at data and derive meaning from it quickly becomes indispensable. David Sweeney from Ahrefs provides a glimpse of how analytics can help you beat the competition. He looks at different metrics and stats such as social media to understand the competition.

Analytics allow you to find opportunities and capitalize on them. For example, your social media analytics can tell you if there is a new problem with your target market that needs solving, and that is critical information, especially for market entry brands. The latest Pinterest analytics can highlight the interest of your customers, and you can then develop marketing messages to suit their preferences. Marketers can find many resources online that teach the basics of web, social media, and search engine analytics, among others.

Google AdWords

With Google being the leading search engine for internet marketing efforts, marketers have to grasp the fundamentals of AdWords. Companies have been known to waste budgets because marketers did not know which keywords and phrases to target for their campaigns. Knowing how to bid efficiently on AdWords is maintaining a low cost per conversion, and that boosts an enterprise’s revenues. A marketer has to know what a difference it makes to bid on a certain long tail or negative keywords in a PPC campaign.

Google offers several courses to prepare individuals. There is AdWords Fundamental, which focuses on the optimization, measurement, and campaign management of AdWords. Marketers can also educate themselves on how to gauge the performance of keywords for different types of advertising such as video, display, and search. Depending on your skill level, you can take advanced courses in Google AdWords to level your marketing prowess with the best of them.

Search Engine Optimization

As obvious as it seems, not all marketers take the time to hone their SEO skills, and that’s a shame because optimization drives digital marketing. Knowing you need to enhance your traffic generation and boost ranking on search engines is not enough. A number of elements influence optimization and some of these keep shifting each week. For instance, Google updates come out every few months and any marketer who is not aware of how they affect optimization losses out.

Optimization is more than just about using text, as this post explains. Knowing how to structure images for SEO is just as important. Picking the right pictures for a marketing campaign, how to size them, and the descriptions to include are aspects that can change how you optimize websites. Besides images, marketers need to learn how to optimize e-commerce sites, create traffic generating content, and design SEO-friendly websites. Luckily, the field has numerous courses that marketers can enroll in to learn more about SEO. Some online resources even have free guides and e-books that highlight the elementals of optimization.

Social Media

Next to SEO, social media is the next important aspect to learn about. The high number of consumers on social media means that is where you will find most of your audience. Every company now tries to have some sort of social media presence. With so many different networks to think about, social media marketing is not as easy as posting a few posts on Facebook or retweeting mentions on Twitter.

Marketers have to adapt campaigns to the various audiences on all these sites because each crowd responds to different strategies. Consumers now give their opinions on just about everything through social media, and that feedback is what marketers can use to restructure their campaigns. Glen Allsopp is an example of how social media marketing skills can build a marketer. He was a social media manager for companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Nissan where he sharpened his talents then used them to promote personal projects. Glen is now one of the top internet marketers.

The dynamic nature of the marketing industry demands that practitioners always stay a step ahead. As a marketer, you must learn to adjust to the different roles that the profession comes with today. Arming yourself with the latest data, tools, and tactics can improve your marketing efforts. Take the time to up your marketing game and pick up new skills.

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