6 Non-Conventional Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rates

September 18, 2023 | Digital Marketing

When you make a website, you need to design several web pages. But do you put the same effort into designing each of them?

The answer is a “NO” for most of the website owners. 

They always put more effort and care into designing their landing pages than the others.



Because they are the lifeblood of a website.

Landing pages are the guns that target conversion rate optimization.

“Call to Action” buttons on the landing pages are the triggers that convert a visitor to a user. 

And as we know, ladies and gentlemen, that is the ULTIMATE goal of any website or campaign.

We believe you have optimized your landing pages to rank higher on the search results to increase conversions. Otherwise, you can go through this

However, this article will discuss a few non-conventional yet straightforward methods to help you further enhance your conversion rate optimization.

How To Increase Conversion Rates Using Non-Conventional Methods?

Following are the six non-conventional ways to achieve conversion rate optimisation.

Ensure A Faster Page Loading Speed

When you browse the internet and click on a web page link in search results, you expect that page to open immediately.

If you have to wait longer to open that page, the next most obvious thing you can do is to leave that web page and click on the next available option on the SERP.

That is why slow page loading speed is considered as a bad conversion marketing practice as it significantly increases the bounce rate for any website.

You must ensure a faster page loading speed to offer a smooth user experience and a higher website conversion rate.

And the first step towards it is to check the size of your web pages. They should be within the average size of 3 MB to ensure a rapid loading.

RankWatch website page size checker tool

You can use fRankWatch’s website page size checker tool for FREE to measure the size of your web pages accurately.

If any of your landing pages exceeds 3 MB, you can eliminate unnecessary elements to reduce size.

That, in turn, shall improve conversion rates.

Create Compelling Landing Pages

Creating compelling landing pages is one of the most essential parts of conversion rate marketing.

The content of your landing pages needs to be top-notch and include keywords naturally. It is advisable not to use repetitive keywords that may look spammy to search bots.

You can create unique combinations of your primary and secondary keywords using RankWatch’s Word Combiner and Generator tool for free.

RankWatch Word Combiner and Generator tool

Including these keyword combinations will enhance the SEO of your landing page content.

Once you have developed your landing page content, you must check for further provisions of improvements to ensure high conversion rates.

You must use a reliable tool for this purpose.

The SEO IQ feature of RankWatch can make this task a cakewalk. The feature offers improvement ideas for your landing page content in detail.

SEO IQ improvement ideas

You can get suggestions on keyword usage by clicking the content recommendations tab. That also measures the relevancy of the keywords to the context of your landing page content.

SEO IQ content recommendations

You can find the optimization status of your landing page content by clicking on the “Content Editor” tab. The tool also provides you with keywords for better landing page optimization.

SEO IQ optimization ideas

Clicking on the “Questions” tab of the content editor will provide you with the most popular search queries often used by searchers.

SEO IQ users’ query

It would help if you created a “FAQ” section at the end of your landing page using these search queries.

That will make your landing pages more informative, significantly improve the ranking of your landing pages, and boost conversion rates.

Showcase Social Proofs

When we look for a product or service using a search engine, it offers many available options.

We check out a few of them, if not all, and finally make our buying decisions.

A brand that showcases social proof in favor of its product or service creates more confidence and assurance within us.

Hence, citing social proof plays a vital role in conversion rate optimization.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the loudest social proofs that would-be buyers look for.

Customer reviews

Positive reviews by previous customers can boost their confidence in your brand in many folds. That, in turn, helps in conversion rate optimisation. 

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials work as attestation to your product or service.

Client testimonials

The testimonials validate the quality and effectiveness of your product or service. It helps you to boost conversions.

Cite Solid Partnerships

If you have partnerships with reputed brands, citing them can help you create your brand image and ethos.


That will help searchers to gauge how reliable your product or service is. 

Once they feel confident about your brand, it makes conversion rate optimisation a way easier task.

Offer Free Trial Period

Every visitor feels skeptical while choosing a product or service for the first time, even if the brand offers positive reviews and testimonials.

Offering free trial period

Offering a free trial period can make your visitors feel comfortable, which can drastically enhance your conversion rate optimisation.

Include Clear And Simple CTAs on Landing pages

When visitors land on your conversion page, they should never find any difficulties finding the call to action. Otherwise, it can seriously damage your conversion rate optimization process.

Prominent, simple, and clearly visible call-to-action buttons on the landing pages are an essential part of conversion rate marketing.

Simple and clear CTAs

For example, if your landing page offers multiple subscription plans, then each should be described in detail with individual CTA buttons for subscribing.  

That can significantly boost your website conversion rates.

Make The Conversion Form Concise 

When you design the conversion form, try to think from a visitor’s point of view. 

As a visitor, will you be comfortable filling up a lengthy form?

The answer is obviously “No.”


That is why you must eliminate unnecessary fields from your conversion form to ensure visitors are not irritated and your website conversion rate increases.

Otherwise, they can leave the form, and you may lose a sure conversion.

If your brand wants to know or follow up with a visitor, isn’t it enough to know the contact number or the email address?

Simple conversion form

Do you really need to know the visitor’s job details like the designation, name of the company, etc.?

Or, why do you need to know their complete postal address, like the city, state, zip code, etc.?

Moreover, the zip code itself reflects the city and state; hence, asking all three of them is stupidity at its best.


Conversion rate optimisation plays a vital role in a website’s success.

Every website owner optimizes their website for a higher ranking on the search results to improve conversion rates.

That is a basic thing of conversion rate marketing.

However, there is no harm in trying some non-conventional methods and further increasing your website conversion rates.

You need to ensure that your web pages load fast, your landing pages hook the visitors, your website offers authentic social proofs, you offer a trial period to use your product for free, your landing pages contain clear CTAs, and the conversion form asks for the minimum essential details.

That will help you boost your website conversion rates significantly.

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