Know the 10 Best Practices for Local SEO

November 24, 2023 | Basic SEO

Local search is a powerful digital marketing approach for small start-ups and businesses. A brand not optimizing itself with local SEO may miss the potential buyers at their close geographical location. 

Thus, local search engine optimization has a phenomenal thrust to convert your local leads into potential customers. 

Let’s get to know HOW!

What is Local SEO? What is the Significance of Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is a procedure of improving the search engine visibility of your brand for a targeted audience across a specific location. Unlike organic SEO, which is done for global reach, here you target a local pack with precise optimization plans and strategies. 

Any business that thrives on a certain physical location across a specific geographic latitude can fetch an extensive benefit from local search marketing campaigns. 

Now, knowing the dynamic functionality, it’s important to have an elaborate discussion on the significance of local SEO. 

8 Significance of local search engine optimization are:

Better Visibility 

The local search engine optimization strategies predominantly help you in improving your online visibility in SERP. This includes the constant mention of physical addresses with the ZIP code, listing phone numbers in local directories, and engaging with local social media profiles and online review platforms.

RankWatch’s rank tracking feature

Now, the website ranking checker section of RankWatch can also help you with this. It offers you multiple insights that could strengthen the local search engine marketing campaign of your brand. These insights include country-wise share of voice, keyword distribution, top-ranking keywords, top landing pages, high-ranking SERP snippets, and tags. 

All these data can be well analyzed to draft a local SEO strategy that is very beneficial for your business.

More Foot Traffic

In the business world, foot traffic is the number of customers that enter your physical store at a time. Understandably, higher local visibility leads to a high foot traffic ratio for the brand. A local SEO campaign drafted for your brand would boost the scale of regional traffic, and consequently, a large mass of foot customers would be routed to your store. 

Local Customer Boom

With the growing influence of local brands over customer’s buying priorities, you can confidently invest in any feasible local search marketing campaign. Why? Because it would certainly come up with a good return on investment. So, the customer boom from the neighborhood is a very significant benefit for local search engine marketing.  

More Inquiry Calls

Optimizing the profile with a local SEO strategy would enhance the visibility of your brand across Google maps. This will lead to an improved number of inquiry calls from potential customers looking for your products and services. 

Better Trust & Accountability

A campaign offering SEO at the local level indirectly heightens the brand awareness and reputation management of your company. The online reviews given to your brand are the major reason for broad consumer trust in your accountability. It eventually manufactures more sales and profit margin for your company. 

The website analyzer of RankWatch can also help you with SEO analysis online. Website analysis is basically the process of evaluating your website to improve its SEO performance. The report generated by this tool would give you data like loading time, speed, on-page SEO factors, meta tags, etc., which can help improve your SERP rankings.

RankWatch’s website analyzer

And do you know what’s the best part? It comes for FREE. Yes, you heard it right. It’s high time to get a custom-made report on your website performance and fix all the issues that are causing hurdles against your website’s local SEO performance. 

More Sales

As we discussed above, the better the online accountability of your brand, the higher the percentage of sales. Thus, you can note that a high sales drive is a positive result of local SEO. The rate of conversion is directly related to the effectiveness of the local SEO campaigns, and local digital marketing companies can take full-fledged advantage of this. 

What Are the 3 Major Elements of Local Search Engine Optimization? 

The functionality of local search engine optimization stands on three fundamental pillars. 

They are: 


The closeness or proximity of the user’s search keywords with your Google business profile defines the relevance factor of SEO at the local level. 


How far the user is from the current business location is the distance factor of local search SEO.


How crucial is your services and product for the potential customer determines the prominence factor of the local SEO approach. 

How to do Local SEO: 10 Best Practices For Modern Marketers

There are an infinite number of hacks and techniques of SEO for local search that modern digital marketers randomly play with. However, a few of them are proven to bring success and prosperity to your brand. 

Let’s learn the best SEO for local search.

Optimize Google My Business

Optimizing “Google My Business” is the best measure that you can formulate for your local SEO campaign. Create an elegant Google My Business page, use Google post for your account, ask the customers to share online reviews, and give proper responses to the reviews. Update the correct NAP (name, address, and phone number) so that people can find you easily on Google. 

Uplift Social Media Engagement

Social media has always been a good connective platform for any business, and it is one of the best local SEO practices. Sharing content on social media and engaging with local profiles will make Google understand your business. 

Perform Website SEO Audit 

There couldn’t be anything better than a website SEO audit for an effective local SEO guide. And if you want to know how to get it done, RankWatch is here to assist you.

Just log in to RankWatch or take a 14-day free subscription. Set your domain as the new project and click on the site audit section for website auditor. The tool will crawl over your website and give all necessary insights, including HTTP status code distribution, issues from high to low, page depth, page response time distribution, non-indexable pages, and much more.

RankWatch’s site auditor

The more you fix these issues, the more will be the strength of your website’s local SEO. 

Improve Internal-Linking

The better the structure of internal linking, the higher the success possibility of your local search SEO.

RankWatch’s website analyzer report

The website analyzer of RankWatch also gives you insights on the total percentage of internal links present in your website. Using this data, you can make plans to improve the internal linking of your website. 

Optimize H1, H2, Title, Meta tags, and URLs

Optimizing the heading, title, and meta tags is also an essential step to strengthen the local SEO campaign. 

The on page SEO checker online given by RankWatch would help you with this. The content recommendation section offers you insights like body tags, heading tags, meta keywords, their relevance, suggested range, competition, and closely related keywords.

RankWatch’s SEO IQ

So, now you can optimize the headings, title, and meta tags in order to elevate the local SEO guide of your website. 

Ensure Mobile-Friendliness

In today’s mobile-centric era, a mobile-friendly application is much required for the success of any business. Thus, a keen strategy of local SEO demands the brand to have a mobile-friendly website and application as well. 

And then there is some good news for you!

RankWatch’s mobile friendly checker

RankWatch offers you this mobile responsive test. That too for FREE! You just have to feed the website URL email address and click on run test. The AI-driven tool will crawl over your website and generate a report of this test.

Engage with Local Communities

As the name suggests, engagement with local communities is understandably a good step to accelerate local SEO marketing. To target local audiences, you can set up online sales and conduct webinars, events, meet-ups, and other virtual engagements. This will drive a large volume of local audiences towards your website. 

Incorporate Right Keywords 

Keywords define a significant element of any SEO campaign. Whether it’s organic or local SEO marketing, the right set of keywords is the foremost demand.  

Don’t worry! This won’t be a hectic task with the free SEO keyword research tool of RankWatch.

RankWatch’s free keyword research tool

You just have to enter the respective keyword in the given column and click on the submit option. The tool will automatically generate insights like keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, search volume, organic keyword suggestions, paid keyword suggestions, question-based keywords, keyword grouping, and much more. 

Using all these insights, you can choose the right keywords for your local SEO campaign. 


So, that’s all about local SEO, its utility, thriving factors, and best practices for perfection and growth. Also, if you want to execute your local SEO in a picture-perfect way, an internet marketing platform like RankWatch can help you out in all possible ways. 

Hope this article helped you with all the insights on local SEO that you were looking for!

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