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Sweet simple ways to write a Blog Post!

Before talking about Blog posts, a blog is defined as an online personal diary or a journal. Blog is a way to express yourself out to the world. A medium where you can scribble your thoughts in written. A blog is a writing which can be personal, professional, formal, informal, short or may be some general information you want to share.

Did you know that your blog posts captures somewhere around 75% of the screen space on your website!

But what is blog post.? Here is your answer.  
On a website, any content you see on the website is a form of blog post. The blog posts are the most crucial part of the blog. Blog posts is the content which you post every now and then to make your website fresh and updated. The fresh content helps the readers to come back to your site again and again to get the latest information.

Essential elements not to forget!

There are some elements of Blog posts which should not forgotten:

  • Blog post title : The blog post title is one of the basic and important elements when you write a blog. This is so because the blog title is written in such a way so that the readers get attracted to the title and they read the whole of it.
    With the SEO perspective, Blog titles is a trick to rank well on search engines by using relevant keywords in the titles.
  • Blog post publication date : Another important element is to update your blog frequently and timely. Readers love latest information. Most of the readers read the blogs which are the latest ones, as obsolete information is of no use to themBlog posts which are updated regularly are given more value than the ones which are not done regularly.
  • Blog post author byline : It’s important to have author’s byline which helps in identifying who wrote the blog as, there are multiple bloggers who are writing. Moreover, the author information gives you more information about him leading to promoting you and your blog.
  • Images in blog post : Using images in your blog post will give relief to the user’s eyes. Nobody wants to read only text. Images acts as a breakpoint to heavy text and helps the reader get engaged with the content. It also helps in driving traffic to your blogs; apply alt texts to your images and you are done from the Seo perspective.
  • Blog post comment section : When we talk about comment section in blogs, it is a very important element to start a conversation with the readers. Comments section gives an opportunity to the readers to join the conversation. Let the conversation be a dialogue rather than a monologue and see how easily you drive traffic.
  • Links and trackbacks in blog post : There are many blogs in which the links are given. Those links are either an original source of information or may be creating a backlink or say a trackback (creating a link on the blog you are linking to in the blog), which plays a role to drive additional traffic to your blog.

How to write a great blog post?

Thinking how to write a blog post? 
Writing blog posts may not involve much time but definitely has a way to write it. Some of the ways are:

  • Understand your audience : Before you even think of writing a blog post, it is essential to understand what is your target audience. Understanding the perception of the target audience about what do they want to know. Writing about what interests your audience will make the blog more readable.
  • Begin with a topic and working title : It is not that you pick your laptop and you start writing. Before you do that, you think about the topic on which you are going to write. To start with, the topic can be very general or too specific, the choice is yours.
    Once you start writing, I am sure you will end up having many alterations in it. Same goes with the title of the blog. When you choose a title for your blog, you will end up having many titles, thinking which one is the best. So make sure, you choose the best one.
  • Interesting Intro : It is said that first impression is the last impression. Starting your blog with an interesting introduction creates an impact on the user. If the introduction is interesting, the user will go on reading the blog, but if the user loses interest in your introduction, the whole point of writing a blog goes waste. The user won’t read the complete blog. Try to make the blog interesting and provide complete information rather making it a fluff.
  • Organise your Content : When you are writing a blog, make sure you are not just adding words to it. If you have great piece of information to share, organize your content. Do not add on paragraphs to it. Use words like tips and tricks, some secrets, sections, list to make the content more organised.
  • Write : Start writing the content. Make sure you concentrate more on quality and not on quantity.
  • Finalise your Content : I am 100% sure, that you will make many alterations within the content. You will proof read it many a times, doing changes every time. The editing part will take time, i.e. proof reading the blog, checking the grammar, its visual appearance, featured image, topics or tags etc. Finalise the content and move to create a call to action.
  • Create a CTA : Remember, do not miss out on creating call to action. You should have a CTA indicating what should be the next step taken by the reader. Do you want the user to subscribe to your blog or register himself to your website or blog or may be just read that article. Whatever it is, don’t leave the user in a puzzle state.
  • Optimize of onpage SEO : When you have finished writing a blog, it’s time to optimise it. Optimise your blog post by using various on page SEO factors such as putting meta description, writing interesting page title, applying anchor text in content, etc.  
  • Catchy Title : Putting a catchy title is very necessary. Don’t lose out the attention you deserve by putting simple statements. The more catchy and tempting title would be, the more will be the click drawn to the blog.


Tips to write SEO friendly blog post!

Only the tips to make sure you are going the right way:

  • Do proper research about the topic. Use the keywords which are related to your blog.
  • Utilize your keywords throughout your blog post by including them in title , meta description, content, concluding paragraph anchor text and title tags.
  • Do not forget to optimize your images by applying alt tags to it.
  • Try to refer others with link. This will help in making backlinks and in return will get authority from trusted websites.
  • Use Social Media as a weapon to outreach your blog posts
  • Also, give readers an opportunity to subscribe to your blog.

Writing Blog posts is not that difficult. Just follow the above mentioned tips and you are done!


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