12 SEO Tips That Must Get You Results (2022)

August 22, 2022 | Basic SEO

SEO is becoming harder day by day, and it’s hard to find the best SEO strategy for your website.

There are many strategies available online but, believe it or not, the SEO is not only about On-page and Off-page now.

It’s becoming more complicated and, and there’s a lot of competition in the industry now.

The strategies that I’m going to share with you works well as I’ve tried them by myself as well.

Whether you’re reading this in 2022 or 2020 even maybe later, these strategies will work much.

So, let’s don’t waste any time further describing SEO let’s dive into our tip #1.

1. Use Short URL’s

The usage of short URL’s tends to rank better than Long URL’s as you probably might note that most of the search results that show on the first page have short URL’s.

Now, you might be thinking that what I mean by “Short URL’s”.

Back in the old days, the first blog post that I publish at my early 20’s have a URL like this:


Now the question is how to create a short URL and why it’s better than the long one. A study shows that Google ranks better than the long URL’s.

2. Use Amazon for Keyword Research

Well, you really can. First of all, find a popular book in your niche on Amazon and then, find out the book’s table of contents.

Each chapter is an intent topic or keyword idea.

Now, pop that keyword idea into your favorite keyword research tool to see the ideas and their search results for Google.

3. Optimizing Your Title Tag for CTR

I think it’s not probably needed to tell you that you should use your target keyword in your “Title Tag.”

But, you also may not know that you also want to optimize your Title Tag for “Click-Through-Rate.” Here’s why:

First, when you improve your CTR, you’ll get more traffic with needing high rankings.

For example, let’s see you’re ranking in number 5 for your targeted keyword. But, when you double your CTR, you increase your Traffic.

Second, Google recently stated that they use CTR as a ranking factor and it makes sense that you think about it.

If a lot of people click on your result, it sends a clear message to Google that this search is more compelling and better than the first four and this will give you a ranking boost.

4. Publish Content with Enough Words

Do you remember the study I mentioned earlier? Well, if you don’t read that session, don’t worry here’s what that was?

It stated that pages with more than 1800 words tended to rank better than the shorter one. I know it’s a standard tip but, can’t be ignored.

As many websites are still publishing content with fewer words.

And believe me or not, I’ve personally analyzed them, and 80% of their webpages don’t even seem on Google Top 20 results.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to create long content. You’ve to create long content with engagement and proves which compel your readers to read that.

The fact is, when you create a high-value resource, people will want to read it…

Even if it’s long. So, the pages with long content rank better than the shorter one.

5. Use Title Tag Modifiers

Most of your search result traffic comes from very long and specific searches. For example, if someone is looking for a new t-shirt might search for something like this:

“Best Blue Cotton T-shirt Medium Size with Free Shipping”

As you might expect such long keywords like this aren’t going to show up in any keyword research tool then, how can I optimize them?

It’s super-easy add the Title Tag modifier.

Here are some that I’ve used by myself and that get results;

  • “The Current Year”
  • “Best”
  • “Discount”
  • “Sale”
  • “Free Shipping“
  • “Checklist”

So you want to make your Title Tag like this;

“The Best Blue Cotton T-shirt (Free Shipping)”

For Title Tag like this one, you’re not only going to rank for your targeted keyword (Blue Cotton T-shirt) but, also for other long keywords as well.

6. Use Keyword Rich URL’s

This is the simple one. Whenever you’re creating a URL for your webpage, include your targeted keyword. For example, if your webpage is about “SEO Strategies” you’re URL will be like;

http://yourwebsite.com/seo- strategies/

As you can see it pretty simple and take a few seconds to make your webpage ranks higher.

7. Use Numbers in Your Title Tag to Boost CTR

Remember, that I’ve mentioned earlier that Google uses your website’s Click-Through-Rate (CTR) as a ranking factor.

If you didn’t remember that, then go back started again from Tip #3. The Question is how to improve your CTR?

Still, the more clicks you get to your webpage, the higher your webpage will be rank. It’s simple to add numbers to your Title Tag.

According to this recent study, titles with numbers get 36% more results than those without a number.

As you can see most of the magazines and famous studies contains a number on their cover.

Because it gets more attention and gives the readers unconsciously a signal about what precisely inside the magazine or post.

8. Use Two-Step Email Outreach

Everybody knows that ranking on Google; you need to build backlinks.

Not any backlinks; “The White-Hat Backlinks” from authority websites in your industry. Now the question that comes up is how do you do that?

I know many people say that email outreach is the old-fashioned way, but in my experience it’s wrong. There are both ways to outreach.

Right and Wrong. You probably see that people send hundreds of spam emails begging for links.

Don’t worry I also do that back in the old days. But, do you know what it works today. That’s why I’ve mentioned this tip. Let me explain how it works.

First, you need to send an email to the website where you want to get a link.

In your first email, ask the editor or the contact person to see your post, infographic or what it may be and give an opinion on it.

Second, when they say yes, here’s your chance to get a link.

Send them a link pitch having your backlink (your landing page) and then ask for to share them on their social platform or to give you a link.

And, do you know what this simple strategy gives me a 46% boost as sending those direct emails.

9. Broken Link Building (Memory of Old Days)

Broken Link Building is a white hat link building strategy and works super-amazing. Here’s how it works;

First, find a website that you want to get a link. Next, find a broken link on that website. Now the question is, how to find broken links?

Well, the easiest way to find a broken link on a webpage is using an extension called “Check My Links.”

When you find a broken link, look for a piece of content on your website that will be a suitable replacement for that dead link.

If you don’t find a replacement for that dead link, don’t worry, feel free to create a new one?

Finally, send an email to the editor and let them know about the broken link on their website.

And when they get back to you pitch them your link as a replacement. That’s all. Pretty Simple Right!

Let’s move on to our next tip.

10. Delete Underperforming Pages

Away back, a webmaster analyzer Googler said something very interesting; not create low-quality and low intent pages, we think that it’s a waste of resources.

The other thing is that you won’t get quality traffic. If you don’t get quality traffic then why you are burning resources on it.”

Having a lot of excess pages on your website is terrible for SEO. And, that’s deleting pages on your website that don’t bring any traffic.

Proven.com recently mentioned that they’d removed 10,000 pages from there site that is not bringing in something.

And that’s why they get a boost in organic traffic by 88.39% in six weeks.

11. Optimize Your Videos around “Video Keywords.”

Now, it finally becomes a Video SEO session. As there’s much news coming out that in 2020 half of the readership will be video based. Some say it’s 70% etc.

But, I don’t mean that this is wrong.

As you probably noticed that YouTube sticks Google’s first page for so many different keywords. Studies show that 45% of Google’s results contains a video.

But, the remarkable thing is that 55% of Google’s result is don’t include a video. Why is this important?

Well, if you want to make your video rank your videos in Google, You need to make sure that the video your going to make has results for that keyword.

Otherwise, your video is super unlikely, not to rank on Google.

For deciding a video for your webpage search your targeted keyword in Google, and if you see a video on the first page, then it’s great. You’ve found your video keyword.

But, if you don’t see a video out there then, you must change your keyword.

12. Use Outbound Links in Your Content

Okay, it’s time for second last tip. An SEO agency in the UK recently ran an SEO experiment.

They created ten brand new websites, all optimized for the main run keyword “phylandosic” Really hard to pronounce. Right!

Anyway, the ten websites were all set-up correctly, the same way. Perhaps, five of them have a significant difference. They contain outbound links to authority website.

In result, the five websites with outbound links rank above the sites, that didn’t have any.

That’s the value of adding outbound links so, link out to authority websites in every time you publish an article.

Bonus Tip: Use Reddit for Keyword Research

Reddit is a great place for finding an untapped keyword that most people aren’t using whereas you’ve seen a website where people discussed everything about every industry under the same place.

Reddit has an entire section of the website dedicated to otters. Otters, seriously, they have that.

Let me give an example.

If you run a website that sells multi-vitamin tablets, you search for multi-vitamin tablets in Reddit. Then check the subreddits and threads for your search.

If, you see a keyword covered again and again later, congratulations! You’ve found your keyword.

Now, pop that keyword in your favorite keyword research tool to see how many people search for that keyword in Google.

Use this strategy until you’ve found a bunch of keywords for your posts.


SEO is becoming harder day by day, and all the old-school strategies aren’t working out anymore.

But, don’t worry about my self-tests all the SEO strategies that I’ve shared with you. And believe me, they work well.

All these strategies are great to use and help you get the results you want. I wish you the best and have a  day.

If you love reading this post, then let me know which SEO strategy inspire you most and which one you’re already using. Let me know all your thoughts in the comment down below.

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