How can RankWatch’s Website Analyser serve as a prospecting tool?

May 18, 2023 | Feature Update

In a perfect world, all your prospective clients would be running to you, knocking at your proverbial agency gate, asking you to help them with their SEO. Money would be flying all around you. You would be having the choice to pick out the highest paying client.

You might even be invited for an occasional lunch with the CEO of Google to have a friendly chat over the upcoming algorithms.

But unfortunately, this perfect world will remain forever lost in the realms of fiction. The same place where Harry Potter, Gandalf or Leonardo Dicaprio’s character in Inception exists.

Client acquisition is a tedious exercise and requires a lot of effort. Instead of applying conventional sales methods it would be easier if a product could help you prospect not only by suggesting what improvements your targeted customer can make on his website but also send a white labeled report to them. With all the work, you can’t spend a day, going around checking each of your customers’ websites to find what’s wrong with them and communicating the prospects.

This is when RankWatch’s Website Analyser Tool comes into the picture. With this tool, you can analyze all the parameters of the website (categorized under 6 modules) which are important for rankings. The best part is that once you have the complete report, you can export it in PDF format with the option of creating it on 100% white label platform. You can then send this report to your prospective clients, telling them what is wrong with their website and why they need your help to fix it.

Now, let me walk you through the features of the tool and how to extract the report that will suit your needs.

The Website Analyser tool has 6 modules including SEO, Mobile, Social, Speed, Visitors and Technology.


RankWatch also gives an overall score to the website (which is 46 in this case). This score is out of 100; the higher the better.

Let’s say, an optimized website will be scoring anything above 80.


This element checks the various aspects related to SEO including:

  1. Whether your website redirects to the same page with or without WWW

  2. Which pages have robots.txt

  3. Whether the sitemap of your website has been created

  4. How does the Google preview of your site look like

  5. Whether your titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, images are optimized

  6. What is the keyword density

  7. Whether there are any spelling mistakes, etc.

In short, it gives you a complete report on your on-page optimization. You can use this data to tell your prospects about the loopholes in their websites.



This module tells you whether your website is compatible with a mobile screen. Given the number of increased mobile users today, it is really important for a website to be mobile optimized. This feature gives you details about :

  1. Mobile Rendering
  2. View Port Tag
  3. Flash Content
  4. Apple Icon



This feature basically is sub-categorized into 4 other features.

  1. Social Sharing and Social Distribution: Social sharing and all of your social media activities and their progress, i.e the percentage distribution on each social network. This is depicted in actual numbers as well as a pie chart. Social Distribution digs in a little deeper and tells you which social media posts redirects to which URL/page of the website.


  1. Combined Social: This shows the various posts of the website on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Rankwatch website-analyzer-combined-social

  1. Social Wall: Social Wall lets you read into every ‘share’, ‘re-tweet’ and ‘like. This data is presented in the form of circle. The bigger the circle, the more viral is the post.

  1. World Distribution: This section displays the percentage of activities in every country on the world.


RankWatch gives a grade to the websites for their speed loading times (‘A+’ being the best and ‘C’ being the worst). Along with this, it also gives you detailed information about how much time does each component (individually) takes to load in the first time as well as when the page is cached.


Also, after analyzing the problems which are causing slow loading, it also gives the recommendations to fix them.



Through this feature you could inform your client prospects about the current traffic their website is getting and their current rankings in their country, which is given by Country Rank and in the world, which is given by Global Rank (both in terms of traffic).

It also displays the bounce rate of the website.



This feature displays the technology behind the functioning and building of your website.




Once you have all the data of the report to be sent to the prospective client, you can click on the PDF icon (on the top-right corner of the page) and customize your reports according to your needs.



After clicking on “Create New Template”, you would be redirected to the following Introduction Page:

  1. You can enter the name of your report in “Template Name”.

  2. You can choose whether you want the report to show the total score of the website or not.

  3. Upload the logo of your company or website.

  4. Choose if your URL or Logo should be displayed in the footer of the page.

  5. Choose to write a small introduction to your report with the subtle intent, “Hey, I just ran your website through a few tests. Here is what I found! Would you be interested in taking my company’s help in fixing these problems?”


Going ahead, under “Details” you have the option of choosing the parameters you would want to display results for.


Similarly, In the ‘Closing Page’, you chose to add the logo of your website or company accompanied by a closing message.


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