Launching Soon: New and Upgraded Competitor Analysis Module

June 21, 2023 | Feature Update

Just having a well-optimized website isn’t enough as there’s always a competitor who is working continuously to hijack your rankings. So, to stop that from happening, RankWatch is here with its upgraded and super advanced Competitor Analysis feature.

What’s New?

We have changed almost everything on the module except for one thing, and that is the comprehensiveness of data. Our competitor data is still detailed and actionable. Moreover, I would say it’s even better!

So, let’s talk about the things we’ve added.

New Interface

We have revamped the entire interface of the competitor module for convenient navigation and quick data analysis.

A real-time line graph

We’ve added a real-time line graph that compares your site with your top 5 competitors.

Competitor Analysis Modules

If you want to compare other competitors in the line graph, you can unpin the current ones and pin those you’d like to compare. RankWatch provides a list of 20 pre-added competitors for you to compare with. On top of that you can manually add competitors as well.

Organic Competitor Analysis

Find additional information right at the dashboard

Now, you can have a quick snapshot of additional data points related to each organic and paid competitor.

Organic Competitor Analysis

Organic Competitor Analysis

  1. KW in Top 10: Know about the number of keywords ranking in the 1st SERP.
  2. Average Rank: Learn about the average SERP ranking of all your keywords ranking in the top 10 search results.
  3. Desktop Speed: Identify how fast your website loads on a desktop.
  4. Indexed Pages: The total number of pages indexed of a domain.
  5. Alexa Rank: Global rank of a website that is calculated based on the traffic and engagement it received over 3 months.
  6. Backlinks: Total number of links pointing to any domain.
  7. Referring Domains: Total number of domains linking to the mentioned domain.

Also, there’s a slight design upgrade in organic competitor analysis. Now, your domain is fixed on top of the report so you can compare it with any of your competitors from the list instantly by scrolling up and down.

Paid Competitor Analysis

Just below the organic comparison list you will find data about your paid competitors. This will show you the number of keywords on which your competitors are running ads. You can see the rankings of these competitors as well.

Paid Comeptitor Analysis

When you scroll down, you will find the ad copies run by each of your paid competitors and the list of keywords that they are targeting. 

Ads Copies in Competitive Analysis

Top competitive keywords in Competitive Analysis

You can click on ‘See All’ to analyze more ad copies.

New Competitor Comparison Metrics

The new Competitor Module allows you to compare your domain with the top 4 competitors of your niche based 2 distinct aspects: Rankings and Backlinks.

Ranking Analysis

Analyze your competitors’ keywords (along with the search volume), Alexa rankings, indexed pages, and page loading speed.

Rank comparison in competitive Analysis  

Also, you can narrow down the analysis to a specific URL and find out the keywords your competitors are ranking on.

Rank comparision in competitive analysis

Backlink Analysis

Examine the backlink profile of each of your competitors based on total links, referring domain, referring IP address, trust and citation score, plus, Government and educational referring domains.

Backlinks analyser in competitive analysis

How is the new competitor module helpful to you?

The New Competitor Analysis makes examining and monitoring your competitor a cakewalk. And it provides you with a massive amount of competitor data that can help you outrank your competition in the SERPs. 

If you want to know how to run a detailed and efficient analysis on your competitors using RankWatch Competitor Module, then refer to this article 

Also, if you still have any queries regarding the new upgrades to the Competitor Analysis module, feel free to drop a line at [email protected].

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