Why & How to Use Sky Scraping Technique to Strategize Content Marketing?

August 3, 2023 | Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers these days are adopting all hacks and tricks to get their website rank higher in Google algorithm. Be it formulating exclusive link building strategy or analysing the trending content of the competitors; everything is being viably embraced by the digital agencies at a broad scale. 

The skyscraper method is another such technique that is phenomenally uplifting the performance of a website and getting an outstanding organic search volume to its content. 

So, in this blog we will understand in detail: Skyscraping method, its competitive advantages, how to initiate it, and its impact on content marketing at a global scale. 

What is the Skyscraper Technique?

Image Sky Scraping Technique

With the evolution of Digital Marketing, Google and similar search engines target niche audiences and thus, drive several ranking strategies like natural link building and producing informative inbound content. Here Skyscraper Technique creates magic!

The Skyscraper Technique is a link-building formula that relies on finding high-ranking content with many backlinks, capitalising its loopholes, and finally producing a much better content. In other words, it’s a method of harnessing the relevancy of a better content to develop the best one. 

Competitive Advantages of Sky Scraping Technique on Content Marketing

As discussed above, the Skyscraper method emerges with innumerable competitive benefits. So, let’s put down the holistic advantages of the Skyscraper technique SEO. 

Better Audience Reach

Better audience reach

A significant benefit of the skyscraper method is that it enables you to reach the target audiences. Keeping the focus converged on interest and preference of the audience, Sky Scraping technique definitely helps marketers reach a better base of audiences. So, it’s time for you to switch to skyscraper content.

Drive Organic Traffic

Organic growth of website

With the optimum number of backlinks involved in the content, you get a full-fledged opportunity to drive an organic volume of audience. As the domain authority of your website goes up, there is a high possibility that you add value to the search visibility and google ranking.

Produce Better Content

Better content production

The fundamental strategy of the skyscraper technique SEO is to make the content better. Although you can incorporate images, illustrators, infographics, or video captions; the link building strategy via Sky Scraping technique makes the most sense.

Target Right Users

Target the right audience

Formulating better content is not sufficient enough, you need to make it reach the right and target audience. The skyscraper method gets it done. 

Trending & Relevant

Images of trending and relevant content

With the passage of time, the relevancy of a content is certain to decline. New content will get published, Industry will update and Google algorithm will change. Thus, it’s too important to use the Sky Scraping technique and sustain the relevancy of the content. 

How to Use the Sky Scraping Method?

Now, we have discussed the potential benefits of the skyscraper technique SEO. Further, we need to analyse how to execute it and most importantly how can RankWatch assist to get it done. 

Let’s put down the steps. 

Find Content with Relevant Backlinks

Content with relevant backlinks

Before writing your skyscraper content, analyse other website’s top-notch content that are performing well. Figure out content that is Ranking via keyword, topic, or other authoritative source. 

The content you produce should have a high search volume. There’s no point of sticking to a niche that is no use to the users. To check out the best content, you can go through its ranking, organic search volume, social media involvement, quality backlinks, and required information.

How can RankWatch help you?

Just click on the “backlink” section of RankWatch and you will find the details of top landing pages, number of active links, lost links, top anchors and much more.

Screenshot of RankWatch’s link centre

Screenshot of RankWatch’s Link Centre analysis

The next feature that can work as an absolute magic for this purpose is “Backlink Analyzer”. It also gives you the details of active links, deleted links, link acquisition trend, top referring domain and anchor text of URLs.

Screenshot of RankWatch’s Backlink Analyzer

Another great news for you. The Backlink Analyzer comes with a Free SEO Tools with RankWatch. 

Make a Better Performing Content

The second step of Sky Scraping technique is to outplay your competition. Once you understand the context of the existing content, you are ready to make it even better. Your aim should be to figure out the missing information and add data value to it. 

Include what’s already informative over there, add your own insight, valuable overview and research for icing the cake. Elaborate the length and volume of content to make it more visually engaging. 

The SEO IQ section of RankWatch comes with improvement ideas, content recommendation, and editing requirements. 

You get suggestions like, word count, readability factor, optimization status, page elements, page size, speed, and finally an SEO IQ score of the respective URL; everything at door-step.

Screenshot of RankWatch’s SEO IQ

Reach Out to Target Audiences

Simply producing quality content is not sufficient enough. Getting noticed in SERP and reaching the target audience finally makes you win the battle. 

Try to reach those groups of audiences who liked the previous content. Connect with the user base who already had a bridge with it. Make sure to widen up the relevancy as it is an essential segment of Sky Scraping. 

The “Rank Tracking” section of rankWatch could help you in this. It offers you details of actionable insights like top landing pages, top tags, keyword distribution, landing URLs, low hanging pages, visitors and much more.

Screenshot of RankWatch’s ranking dashboard

All these overviews could conventionally make you reach the correct base of audiences. 

Constant Monitoring and Content Update

To analyse the strength of your skyscraper technique, you need to monitor and track the SEO metrics of your website. Also you need to make sure that the content has to be updated and the relevancy of the information must connect with the user’s needs. 

RankWatch, with its feature called “Website Analyser” (again available as a free tool), can help you in this action.

Screenshot of RankWatch’s Website Analyzer

With this free RankWatch tool, you can measure your website’s SEO performance and get an instant report of multiple site metrics like loading time, speed, on-page SEO factors, meta tags, etc., that can help improve your SERP rankings.

An updated Skyscraper content can help you to elevate all these metrics, and RankWatch is a preferred SEO tool that comes with every possible Skyscraper technique SEO. 

Can Web Traffic Rely on Sky Scraping Methodology?

Web Traffic by virtue of Sky Scraping methodology

YES, web traffic can definitely rely on Sky Scraping methodology. Some major aspects that brings high volume of organic traffic are:

  1. Proper research and unveil new opportunities
  2. Proper SERP analysis
  3. Figure out the potential distribution partners
  4. Produce better content that stands out visually
  5. Focus on detail
  6. Promote it to the right audience
  7. Reach out the target users & relevant prospect
  8. Stay relevant and trending in market
  9. Constant monitoring and content updation

By virtue of these beneficial metrics of Skyscraping methodology, you are able to witness significant organic traffic on your website. 

Summing Up…..

So, this is all about the Sky Scraping technique and the possible turn around that it can bring to your website. Although this method has gained unbelievable popularity and rapid acceleration among the digital marketers, you need to have a proper SEO tool for channelizing the virtue of Sky Scraping method. 

RankWatch is undoubtedly the best among all that conveniently enables you to develop Skyscraper content.  

Happy Reading!

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