Top 5 Visual Content Marketing Techniques to Increase Engagement

September 26, 2022 | Content Marketing

Visual Content Marketing

One study analyzed infographics outreach of 30,000 social media accounts interactions. The research was focused on the influence of content marketing over the networks by using visuals. It showed that 87% of Facebook user interactions occurred in posts that used visual content as a marketing aid. A further increase on engagement was also noted in Twitter ratings at 150% on posts containing visuals.

However, visual content marketing techniques can never replace high-quality writing at any given time. But they have significantly changed the virtual marketing strategies as evidenced by the increase of virtual users. More and more people are now making use of these techniques to up their engagement. Here are some essential visual techniques to use to upscale your SEO score virtually. These techniques consequently improve your SEO score online.

How to enhance visual marketing techniques to drive engagement virtually

1. Creating catchy posts that are unique

When utilizing any social media, you have to focus on creating posts that catch the attention of your brand target users. To achieve this, you want to use tasteful images that are in line with different social media sites. Artistic visual presentation varies with social media accounts. When creating a post, having a distinctive style should be coupled up with coordinated patterns. These colorful images must match the patterns of different social media platforms. Strategizing on the target bloggers outreach is of course enough to lure the eyes of a multitude of users. To increase engagement, you are required to use line breaks, unique fonts, emojis thus adding taste to your post without overdoing it. Considering the platform you are using, the post should be tasteful enough not to sound promotional, or otherwise, you risk losing your target infographic outreach.

2. Creating a connection between the SEO analyzer and your post

You have to be aware of your users and what makes them happy. As a sales manager, you have developed several personas reflected upon your customers’ desires, their upbringing and what they frequently buy. Different personas on the bloggers’ outreach can help you make an authentic connection with your target consumers and offer them your products in awesome effective ways.
To create a positive persona is not difficult at all, but it will require some work. You have to keep in contact with your customers at all times to investigate how they utilize your brand, and how they came to find out about the awesomeness of your product. Try to investigate what gap your brand fills to your consumers. Observe your users keenly on the engagement of your products on how they use it and their feedback on the outcome.  Use these testimonies to create a story or persona to improve your SEO score. Consequently, well-crafted images in form of messages ignite the SEO analyzer and other online marketing strategies.

3. Taking maximum advantage of Bloggers Outreach

Strategic brand marketing techniques can boost up the number of truthful customers who see your product as something dear to them. They may even send you customers directly to you. This gesture if rewarded accordingly can encourage users to retweet, share, repost your brand in the infographic outreach.

You can also come up with giveaway goodies and special discounted rates as an incentive to target users. Not only will you improve your SEO score but you will also increase engagement in the bloggers’ outreach. Your brand profile will go viral in virtual social media.

4. Adding videos on your post

We have been narrowing down the visual content marketing technique to images only. Let us not forget that videos play a very vital role in visual content marketing techniques. Engagement is increased once videos become a part of your post. This marketing strategy can have a big impact on your articles or posts. Your users can recall a video advertisement on a website better than just plain images.

Making use of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google will help create a connection of your brand hence enhanced audience engagement. Short informational clips of your brand provide users with a self-training tutorial. By doing this, it will increase the value of the marketing technique.

5. Easy engagement of social media users to love your brand

To capitalize on offering bite-sized pieces of information to your target users is more thoughtful. Adding images into your bloggers’ outreach posts is a sure bet that it will grab the attention of users and creates a rapport. Your SEO analyzer dream grows as you captivate your users with catchy posts. Improvement of your SEO score is achieved if tips, pictures or statistics are weaved into your brand posts.

How to manipulate images to create a powerful content advertisement

1. Color

Based on the transformation of the digital content marketing technique from analog, color plays a vital role. According to the number of the most clicked on brand posts, it has been found that color is the reason. Most people use color nowadays to accentuate their brand posts. The more attractive the color of your logo is coupled up by unique styles and fonts; sky-rockets the post ratings.

2. Alignment of the images on your post

Make sure the used images on your post are placed right at the beginning of your post. You can place the image right under your headline or across the entire blog post or article. Depending on the choice of image distribution, making short images or videos makes the article easier to read. A better understanding of the brand post is also made crystal on infographic outreach targets. Spreading images across the SEO article allows readers some breathing room, which makes reading the article fun.

3. Unique yet powerful defined visual content marketing style

Using the same color, patterns and artistic choices will make instant cementing of your content to the mind of the target audience. Using the same theme constantly throughout your post will convey warmth, serenity, and calmness in the mind of your target users. Increased engagement of your brand is improved as a result of authentic visual style coordination.

4. Incorporating varied image shapes in your brand post

You have the freedom to choose a variety of image shapes which will spice up your post to unimaginable levels. You have everything to choose from graphs, charts, and screenshots, custom, and stock images. Cartoons and infographic memes if they are well constructed, they will improve your SEO score faster. Since some images convey different information. Some can be used to make a point and some can be used to ignite interest.

  • Your logo should symbolic to your brand
  • Investing in experienced logo branding, marketing of the product will automatically reach out to more infographic outreach users without lifting a finger.


Relevancy is so important in marrying these tips to your visual content marketing techniques. There is a need for conducting proper research on what your users need, and how they want it delivered. A systemic formula has to be implemented to make the marketing strategy successful. Ideally, most marketers contract branding agencies to deal with brand marketing so as to improve their SEO score over time.

However, getting the best brand marketing company is not so easy. But once you get a hold of the right partnership, the rest of the journey is achievable. Adding random images is highly discouraged as it may rank the brand as fake. Any visual content marketing aids should be added order of relevancy. The visual content should reinforce the message and convince the user that it is what they really need. Always use an image that adds value to the brand message. In case of a video, the length of the content is paramount as it is becoming a beneficial communication medium.

User engagement virtually especially when marketing content using images and videos in your posts coupled up with brilliant text is a ticket to adding value to your post.

What are your thoughts on multiplying user engagement via these Content Marketing Techniques? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you have some tips to add, do share them with us.

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