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March 8, 2024 | Digital Marketing

You are in a dilemma! 

Your website is getting tons of views, clicks, and impressions, but when it comes to conversions, only a handful of the visitors convert.

And the worst part is that you don’t even know what mistake you are making or where you went wrong!

Sounds terrifying, right?

Well, you can avoid such situations easily. 


By designing an effective content marketing funnel for each of your campaigns!

Now, being in the digital marketing industry, you must have heard about the term “funnel marketing” and might have used it while creating reports and presentations as well.

But have you ever paid attention to these funnel marketing strategies, or did you ignore them and focus on other aspects of your marketing campaign?

We understand how busy and tiresome it can be designing a market campaign, but you also need to curate the perfect digital market funnel that will yield maximum results for your business.

That’s why we are here to help you understand the various norms of digital marketing funnels, how they work, and tips and tricks for creating the perfect funnel.

Hop on!

What is a Marketing Funnel?

Marketing funnel model

Before we proceed to the bigger picture, let’s brush up our foundation, shall we?

So, the question arises: what exactly is a marketing funnel?

As the name states, a digital funnels marketing is basically a visual representation of customers’ journey throughout the campaign, depicting the various funnels marketing stages they cross and the percentage of customers that remain till the end.

It portrays a customer’s journey from learning about the product or service to the final stage of purchasing the same.

Similar to a funnel, at the beginning a large percentage of users enter, and throughout the process, the percentage decreases, depicting the actual users who made the purchase.

Now, why is a marketing funnel important? 

A purchase funnel helps a business in various ways, such as:

  1. Identifying the actual target audience
  2. Insights on upcoming hurdles and risks
  3. Discovering pain points in the campaign for resolving and future analysis

Apart from this, an advertising funnel helps you narrow down the main problems of your target audience and design better campaigns to showcase your products and services as the ultimate solution.

How Does A Marketing Funnel Work?

But how does a marketing funnel actually work?

Well, a basic advertising funnel model has four particular marketing funnel stages: Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action, which is popularly known as the AIDA model.

The entire digital marketing funnel works on the AIDA model. However, there are certain industries that might have some additional components.

Here, we are going to discuss the basic AIDA model to understand the entire process:


Awareness phase

The first amongst the sales funnel stages of a marketing funnel is “Awareness,” where the customer learns about your business and services.

Let’s say a customer is looking for an all-in-one digital marketing tool that can help their business, and they stumble upon an Ad on RankWatch showcasing its various USPs and unique features.

This is where the customer understands that there is a tool called RankWatch that can help them.


Interest phase

The next phase of the purchase funnel is when the customer shows interest in your products and services and wants to know more about your business and how it can help them.

In the “Interest” phase, the customer also starts engaging with your content. 

For example, a user who stumbled upon RankWatch is now going through its latest blog posts, trying to understand their viewpoint on different digital marketing news.

Whenever a customer goes through your website content, be it blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, or any other format, it shows that the customer is interested.


Desire phase

The Desire phase is the trickiest amongst all marketing funnel stages, as this is where a majority of customers opt out of the funnel.

In this phase, the customers know about your brand and your various services, but you are not their final choice.

Here, they consider various options, look into different brands, calculate ROI, and speculate whether your service is the ultimate answer to their problem.

The “Desire” phase is where you literally have to market your brand at its peak. You need to show the various perks that your services can bring to the table, apart from solving the customer’s problem.


Action phase

The final phase of the sales funnel stages is the “Action” phase, where the customer finally decides to sign up for your services and is ready to make the purchase. 

You can also say that this is the ultimate “Conversion” phase, where your prospects are converting into clients.

However, the sad truth is that only a small percentage of the visitors reach the final sales funnel stages. 

But we are here to help you increase your conversion rates.

How To Create A Successful Marketing Funnel?

Now, let’s dive into the highlight of the show, shall we?

It might seem that creating funnel marketing is the easiest job in the world, but it’s not.

A basic AIDA marketing funnel model is grouped into three major parts for better understanding and implementation of the strategies:

  1. Top of the funnel (ToFu), which includes the Awareness phase,
  2. Middle of the funnel (MoFu), which includes the Interest phase and
  3. Bottom of the funnel (BoFu), which includes both Desire and Action phases

Top Of The Funnel (ToFu) Stage

Top of the funnel stage

As the saying goes, “First impression is the last impression.” You need to create the perfect impression to attract customers at the top of funnel marketing.

To ensure that, first, you need to identify the customers’ search intent, the problems they are facing, and where they are searching for solutions.

And, what can be better than to spy on your competitors to see how they are attracting customers?

Our competitor analysis is here to make it simple for you.

Once you enter your domain URL in the tool, it analyzes your website and presents your top competitors on the dashboard.

RankWatch Competitor Analysis dashboard

Additionally, the tool also discloses the top URLs, ranking keywords, presence of keywords in the top 10, and various other important metrics of each competitor that you can export and use to your advantage.

RankWatch competitor analysis insights table

Our competitor analysis also discloses the various Ads that each of your competitors is running to help you understand their methods of approaching the audience.

RankWatch competitor analysis “Ad Copies” section

After getting the essential information, you need to design effective ad copies, social media posts, web content, posters, and other promotional materials to enable customer entry into the top of funnel marketing.

Here, RankWatch’s keyword researcher can be of great help as it is the best free keyword research tool in the market that provides AI-powered keywords that are popular and relevant to your funnel marketing motto.

RankWatch keyword researcher dashboard

Along with that, you will also get the CPC and difficult level of individual keywords to understand which ones will be able to garner traffic. 

Middle Of The Funnel (MoFu) Stage

Middle of the funnel

The middle of funnel marketing is the stage where customers will explore your website, social media posts, landing pages, etc., to understand your services and your viewpoint on different industry-related norms.

In this funnel marketing stage, you need to create structured content that provides detailed information to the viewers, satisfies their search intent, and keeps them engaged.

And, let’s be honest here: the middle of the funnel marketing stage is where your SEO game needs to be top-notch.

To help you out, RankWatch has several tools in its bag.

First, let’s go on-page SEO optimization, for which our SEO IQ will be your best friend.

Our patented on page SEO checker analyzes your web page based on several online factors and compares it with your competitors.

RankWatch SEO IQ dashboard

Based on this detailed analysis, it gives your web page a score out of 100; the higher the score, the better your website’s on-page optimization.

Additionally, our SEO analyzer also provides suggestions on how to improve your on-page SEO, like including exact keywords in meta tags, keeping your URLs short and crisp, maintaining the length of your meta tags, ensuring that the content is skimmable through enough paragraphs, etc.

RankWatch SEO IQ meta tags and URL suggestions

RankWatch SEO IQ H1 and H2 suggestions

RankWatch SEO IQ speed of the website suggestions

RankWatch SEO IQ word count suggestions

Apart from that, the “Content Editor” section provides you with several suggestions on how to optimize the web content of your page. Implementing those suggestions not only improves your SEO IQ score but also makes your web content readable.

RankWatch SEO IQ Content Editor Suggestions section

Now, coming to the technical aspect of SEO optimization, RankWatch’s website analyzer can be a great guide in this section.

RankWatch website analyzer dashboard

Our site checker, as the name suggests, analyzes your web page based on several technical aspects, like mobile rendering, the presence of robots.txt files, canonical URLs, etc., based on which it provides a score.

RankWatch website analyzer “mobile rendering” section

Based on the information provided, you can make necessary changes to your web pages and recheck to see if the changes are implemented properly.

RankWatch website analyzer suggestions section

Another thing that you need to remember while designing middle of the funnel marketing content is to maintain proper internal linking.


RankWatch website analyzer “page links” section

That’s because internal linking ensures that link juice is spread properly throughout your website, and customers get to visit other sections of your website that seem relevant to the current page they are viewing.

Bottom Of The Funnel (BoFu) Stage

Bottom of the funnel

The final stage of the marketing funnel is the bottom of the funnel or BoFu stage, which comprises both Desire and Action phases.

As stated above, this is the funnel marketing stage where most visitors opt out of the funnel, and to avoid that, you need to showcase your USPs to them.

The best way to keep the viewers engaged in the bottom of the funnel marketing stage is by curating optimum landing pages that show your product’s main points. 

Apart from that, we also suggest you optimize your website content for featured snippets, FAQ schema markup, and Google passage ranking.


That’s because most viewers type question-based search queries, and the sites that provide crisp answers become the ultimate choice and hence appear on Google first page..

And who provides crisp answers?

The sites that have achieved zeroth position or are present in the Google featured snippets section.

RankWatch’s Ranking Overview dashboard has a special section depicting the presence of your website content in various formats of featured snippets, comparing it with that of your rivals.

RankWatch Ranking Overview “SERP Snippets” section

Clicking on each format will give you a detailed analysis of how your competitors are performing as compared to your own.

RankWatch Ranking Overview “SERP snippets” insights section

Based on this analysis, you can formulate content that would later benefit you in the bottom of the funnel marketing stage.

Once the comparison phase is over, the viewers will happily become your clients and make the purchase.

However, make sure that the last marketing funnel phase is as smooth as the previous ones.

Summing Up…

Hence, we can clearly sum up that marketing funnels are extremely important as they give proper clarity while designing marketing campaigns and help in accurate task delegation as well.

Since each stage of a marketing sales funnel has different aims and objectives, it is important to have a tool that helps in achieving them without any hassle. This is where RankWatch comes into play.

Each feature of RankWatch is designed to help you curate the perfect sales funnel marketing that will yield maximum conversions and profit.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up now!

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