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May 2, 2023 | Feature Update

RankWatch is delighted to bring forth to you our newly launched affiliate program with a carefully penned commission structure, which is likely to interest you all.

Having known and worked with us over the last couple of years you are well acquainted with our services and the value we offer to your business processes. Having over 29,000+ users worldwide in 119 countries, our focus will always remain on providing a 360-degree solution to all your SEO requirements.

We are looking for powerful influencers who have the ability to refer RankWatch on a large scale through blogs, websites or any traditional and non-traditional means or to a community of consultants who are working directly with our target customer base.

The program is free to join, easy to register and enables you not only to gain incredible profits while you practice your business but also allows you to enter into one of the most powerful upcoming online marketing communities.

Some of the key figures you should consider before:

  1.   We have a strong conversion rate from our website with 6 out of every 10 people who sign up for the Free Trial.
  2.    We have all the marketing material you need from Email Content, Banner Ads, and Multiple Landing Pages and much more.
  3.     We are scaling to even greater heights with ever increasing products and features.

Every person who signs up to RankWatch through the affiliate link (which will be automatically generated once you register), will earn a commission of 70% for the first Month and 15% on recurring payments of the total cost of the package signed up by the person as a monetary reward although the commissions can be tailored by the sales volume achieved for super affiliates.

First Time % Commission Return


% on Recurring Payments



Sign up now to our Affiliate Program


Our flagship features Include:

100% White Label solution for Clients

The 100% White Label interface allows clients to access their Ranking information at any time of the day by using their own unique login credentials to generate unlimited reports, which in turn increases transparency and creates better relations with clients.

White Label

Sales Prospecting

RankWatch has always been known as a complete SEO Management Platform, providing a 360-degree solution to all your SEO requirements. However, it has been proven to be an effective Sales Prospecting tool as well, where sales representatives use its various USP’s to their advantage, such as Website Analysis, Competitor Analysis and most importantly, Research to create an extensive sales pitch.



One of RankWatch’s strongest areas is its Reporting structure, which can be accessed from almost every page on the tool and can be exported in multiple formats such as the basic Excel, CSV and PDF that can be customized completely to match your requirements. These reports can also be scheduled to be delivered at a certain date and time in the future depending on your choice and can be scheduled for delivery on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

  1. Schedule Reports to be sent
  2. CSV, Excel and PDF
  3. Fully Customisable


City Based Rank Tracking

Get your rankings as precise as possible with location-based tracking and see what results your customer sees. Choose the search engine along with the specific city on which you want to monitor your keyword rankings.

  1. Geo-Specific Results
  2. Thousands of Cities can be added

City Based Rank Tracking

Email Alerts

Don’t waste time in searching for position fluctuations of your keywords. Get automated E-mail notifications of any change in your rankings by setting specific conditions on when you want to be notified of such changes through RankWatch Email Triggers.

  1. Instant notification of Rank Fluctuations
  2. Unlimited Email Addresses of Recipients
  3. Notifications as soon as your keyword enters or leaves top 1/10/100 ranks.

Email Triggers


SEO is all about going above your competitors website. RankWatch will assist you in doing just that by keeping a close eye on their online activities, organic or paid and report to you on a timely basis. We find out who your toughest competitor is and what ads they are running and how many keywords of yours they are ranking on. On top of that, we will give you a trend of what their online presence has been like and suggest you keywords that will give you an edge over them.

  1. Organic Competition
  2. Paid Competiton
  3. Ad Copies
  4. Keyword by Keyword comparison


Integrate with Google Analytics

RankWatch is fully integrated with Google Analytics, with the sole purpose to provide our users with inbound marketing data to make better strategically sound and informed decisions to improve their online performance.

  1. Page Views
  2. Time on Site
  3. Bounce Rate
  4. New Visitors
  5. Returning Visitors
  6. Pages Per Visit
  7. Traffic Details


Website Analyser

Get your website audited and evaluated by RankWatch with a comprehensive in-depth analysis on what you are doing right and wrong with your website.

RankWatch has just introduced its new version of Website Analyzer, a module that focuses on conducting research into what makes a website stand out or makes it unnoticeable. It neatly informs and tests a website on extensive parameters ranging from Technology, Social Media and Mobile which are essential to score in order to get ranked and become more visible to users.

  1. SEO
  2. Traffic
  3. Local
  4. Mobile
  5. Technology
  6. Speed
  7. Social

Website Analyser


On RankWatch, Backlinks are calculated in seconds and are displayed according to different parameters such as Newly Added Backlinks, Most Frequently Used Links to the Top Linking Domains.

  1. Deep Link Ratio
  2. Site Wide Vs. Non Site Wide
  3. Do Follow Vs. No Follow
  4. Image Vs. Text
  5. TLD Distribution
  6. Strongest Page

Backlinks on RankWatch

Keyword Suggestions

On RankWatch, you are not restricted to a certain number of keywords that you can track. But rather, we encourage you to track as many as you can, as it will not only allow you to identify but also provide you with more actionable data to carry on a successful SEO Campaign.

Having an array of keywords will also allow you to monitor their performance over a period of time and optimize them instantly when the time is right.

  1. Long Tailed Keywords
  2. Similar Phrases
  3. City- Specific Results

KW Suggestion

Keyword Archive

Go back to any past date and check what the Google Page looked like. RankWatch through Keyword Archive gives you access to historical data for your keywords by keeping a screenshot of the Google SERP for you to refer to when you need it. This allows you to re-confirm your rankings and also enquire into whom else was ranking on that specific day.

Keyword Archive

Low Hanging Fruits (LHF): Being associated with the SEO community, you can understand that by working on 5 keywords, leads to other potential keywords getting affected. The only way you can perhaps track those 20-30 other keywords is via Google analytics, checking the traffic sources for your website.



So, to save you all the time RankWatch has an awesome feature, which helps you identify hidden opportunities i.e. it will suggest those keywords, which you are not optimising, however are ranking well & should be suggested to your clients to consider tracking them as well. These will show up under the LHF page along with their broad-match search volume, their trend over a period of 6 months and their respected CPC’s.

To know more about the Affiliate Program, follow the link here to our relevant web page.

Sign up now to our Affiliate Program





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